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Deer hunting year round


Successful deer hunters understand deer hunting is a year round project

Many hunters hunt up to Feb. then it is about time to do a little scouting on some areas for next season. I like to scout for old rubs, look for antler sheds and move some game cameras around. As Mar. rolls in so do turkeys, we use this as an excuse to do a little more scouting, check for some sheds and of course check are game cams, relocating them possibly. Once turkey season ends, I mean the last day, it's time to break up your food plots, fill some feeders (we don't hunt with food in feeders during hunting season, it's legal but we don't), they need some food to hold them over til things green back up and of course the game cams again!

Deer hunting is 85% work and 15% hunting, if you want to keep deer on your property year round, you have to have established food sources, water and cover. They will only come to these areas when it's something in the diet they need for that time of season. The right combination of food plots, feeders and mineral beds will keep these wildlife visitors stopping by. All this takes is a little hard work and some real dedication.

Whitetail deer sign post

Now that's a nice mature buck rub!

Now that's a nice mature buck rub!

Time to get serious

June is the time to refresh those mineral beds, do some serious scouting, prep your stands and equipment, refill feeders and start working on a game plan for the upcoming season. It's hard to tell what deer are going to be hunted this season because the antlers are just getting started. July and Aug. are the best months for antler growth so you're trying to make sure they have proper nutrition by keeping up feeders and mineral beds. It's also when you need to be scouting, trimming trails and shooting lanes, checking your rifle and practicing with your bow and getting physically ready.

This may also be the time year when water gets harder to come by. We've been trying to put some 25 gallon buckets spread in a couple areas thru the woods, that we fill with water at the driest point in the season. Once they have been placed in the woods hopefully mother nature will help fill these every couple weeks or so.

Mineral beds attract trophy deer

We typically put a mineral bed in for every fourty acres.

We typically put a mineral bed in for every fourty acres.

Let the fun begin

Around the first of September we begin getting some good pictures of bucks and does, visiting our food sources and mineral beds, allowing us to decide what should be removed from the herd. You get to learn what mature bucks are still out there, also which does are getting to old to breed. You'll get a chance to see what your buck to doe ratio is an a your thinking for the upcoming season.

There's nothing more exciting than seeing fawns come to the feeders for the first time or getting a good picture of a trophy deer standing at your mineral bed. It makes the hard work all worth it and gives you a better understanding of wildlife. It's a great time to slip off with your bow for some time in the stand and a first hand look at some deer.

You no sooner get done with all the work and it seems like hunting season comes and goes quickly, then it's time to do it all again. If you want to be a successful hunter it truly is a year round effort but, to a deer hunter it's just a way of life.

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