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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Chances of Staying at Manchester United Next Season Are Fading Away

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Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably one of the greatest players of all time might be leaving Manchester United at the end of this season for the second time. As a Man Utd fan, for me, the club is my priority. However, watching my favourite footballer leave the club once again will be hard.

But, after watching his interview on MUTV yesterday, I am mentally prepared to swallow that hard pill. Yesterday’s interview was a clear indication of how desperate Ronaldo is to leave the club. You can hide your emotions with words, but facial expressions won’t lie and it was evident.

It was a fairy tale when Cristiano returned to our club. Yes, we created the greatest player of all time and he came back to us to take us to the next level at the request of his footballing father, Sir Alex Ferguson. The stage was set for the GOAT and he was playing his part, scoring goals as usual.

But, football is a team game and his team members are on a different stage performing a striptease for other clubs and their supporters whereas Cristiano is doing his usual ballet and mesmerising everyone. It also pains him to see how low the standards have dropped in the club he also loves.

Cristiano Ronaldo Returned to Man United for a Reason

When Cristiano Ronaldo came to Manchester United for the very first time, we were a European footballing powerhouse then. And, now we are nowhere. Cristiano Ronaldo loves Manchester United because he has so many great memories at Old Trafford.

Even Real Madrid fans booed him at Bernabéu. However, when Cristiano came to Old Trafford to play against Man United, our fans sang, “VIVA Ronaldo” for him. Even Juventus fans turned on him later during his stay at Turin. But, he will never get that at Old Trafford. Here, we worship him.

The one thing that drives Cristiano Ronaldo on is the love from the supporters. And, he knew that he will get a lot of it here at Old Trafford. He also wanted to take Manchester United where we truly belong, at the summit of English, European, and world football.

Ronaldo Wants Ballon d'Or

The rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is quite evident. Ronaldo has five Ballon d'Ors and Messi has seven. So, Ronaldo wants to win the next Ballon d'Or for sure. But, with his individual and team performance, it looks like a far cry.

He knows that staying at Manchester United will not help him on his quest of winning the Ballon d'Or again. His team is not good enough to provide him good service so that he can score more goals. That is why at the end of the summer, he will look to find a new club, maybe PSG.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Wants to Play UEFA Champions League Football

Can you imagine a season of Champions League football without the greatest player to have ever played the tournament when he is not retired and playing at the highest level? I can’t imagine that and Cristiano Ronaldo also knows how important Champions League is for his career.

At the time of writing this article, Manchester United is seventh in the Premier League table and knocked out of the Champions League. So, the chances of Man United qualifying for the Champions League are very slim and Ronaldo knows that. Thus, he would leave the club to play UCL next year.


Ronaldo’s Indication of Leaving the Club

Now, you will be wondering how I am so sure that CR7 will leave the club next year if we fail to qualify for the Champions League. Cristiano recently won the Manchester United Player of the Month award and Goal of the Month award. It was voted by the fans of the club.

His first goal against Tottenham at Old Trafford won the Goal of the Month award. When the interviewer asked where he would rank the goal that won him the Goal of the Month award, he told, “Maybe in the first 20 or 10.” It told me that Ronaldo was pissed off with the question.

After that, when he was asked to thank the supporters of the club for giving him the Player of the Month award, he said that he will do everything to make the fans happy till the end of the season. He didn’t mention anything about the next season and it was a clear indication for me.


Ronaldo Is Tired of the Financial Attitude of the Club

Whether you believe it or not, since the Glazers took over our club, we have become a financial institution and not a footballing institution. We keep on spinning stories to keep our fan base happy even though the performances of the club on the field are going down each season.

When you have the greatest player of all time back in your club, he will see through those spinning stories on social media. He wants to make sure that the club is playing the best football. But, the attitude of our players, management, board, and everyone around the club is pissing him off.

The Bottom Line

What I saw in that interview was a clear indication to me that Ronaldo is planning to leave the club. Yes, it will hurt badly for Man United fans. But, no matter what, the club comes first. Manchester United is not just a football club; it’s an identity for many fans like me.

No matter whether Cristiano Ronaldo is playing for us or not, Manchester United will remain his home. And, when the CR7 leaves, I will tell him from the bottom of my heart, “THANK YOU, RONNIE, and best of luck with your new club.”

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