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Coaching High School and Youth Football dealing with Parents

My name is Jerome Johnson II, I am a former collegiate and professional athlete in the sport of football. HS/Youth football coach for 8 yrs.

Playing Time

This is a dialogue between a parent and the Head coach on the high school level

  • Parent: "I think my child should start on this team because he is a good player!"
  • Coach: "I understand where you are coming from but this is an evaluation before the season starts. No one has a starting position yet. We have 8 more weeks before the first game."
  • Parent: Ok! its not going to take him 8 weeks to get reps with the 1st team. He had 1900 yards rushing and 22 touchdowns in the 8th grade!
  • Coach: Don't mean to be rude sir, but all the running backs in front of him that had the same type or even better stats in the 8th grade. So since you took it there he has to show me like everyone else has to!
  • Parent: He will!

8 weeks later...

  • Parent: "Why is my son on JV instead of varsity? I know he is better than that! Are you punishing my son because I had that conversation with you 8 weeks ago?"
  • Coach: "No I am not punishing your son! Have you asked your son why he is on JV? Look. Your son is a great athlete but has trouble remembering the plays. Remember he is only a freshman he has a lot of time to grow."
  • Parent: "He called me crying, so I had to find out what was going on. My baby momma been tripping she hasn't let me come see him or talk to him."
  • Coach: "I need you to come to his practices and evaluate for yourself. Give him the support he needs. Remember that I am here everyday to make sure that all my players are doing the right thing."
  • Parent: "Is he starting on JV at least?
  • Coach: "Yes he is the starting running back."

Coaches has to deal with outside influence which could be good or bad. The good coaches know how to find a solution to every problem. When asked questions they usually stick to the facts about a player and share what that player can improve on to be better as an athlete, which makes all parties happy. The bad coaches usually entertain the problem with the parent and never play the kid because of emotional dislike for that parent.

Position Change

Changing positions for parents is harder to stomach when their child has been playing the same position since pop warner. When the player reaches high school they will see their true position. When you look at the parents of the child. Coaches can pretty much see what that kids max could be. I played OL/DL throughout pop warner and became a LB/TE and was really good at it. With that being said, if i were you I would teach my child how to play every position when he is young so it would be second nature when he grows into his true position. It all depends on diet. Nutrition is a big part of the position you want your child to play. But if the parent are not above 5'5'' dont let your child continue to OL/DL.

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Why parent should not coach?

Parent-coaches tend to be harder on their own kids and forget that its a whole team not just their kid. If the coaches kid is good or the best player on the team get ready for daddy ball. The coaches kid gets away with more as far as playing around in practices not being focused or the coaches kid is the vocal point for discipline. It could be a bad situation. the coaches kid could either love the game of football more or hate it. It is a slippery slope. This is an example of a coach the played the game. It gets even worst for a parent to coach and they have never put a pair of football pads and a helmet on. Now if the coach has a kid on the team that is a 4 play player you will see the structure of how he runs his practice. There are key terms in football that are universal and if the coach doesnt know the key terms of the game he is coaching please pull your child from that team immediately.

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