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Cheap Coleman Camp Stoves: Coleman 533 and Coleman 442

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camping scene

camping scene

Joy of Camping

Looking for cheap Coleman camp stoves for your camping, hiking or fishing expedition?

If you are not sure about the ideal stove for this purpose, worry no more. Either Coleman 533 or Coleman 442 can be the ideal one for your needs. For campers that love to catch a fish and cook them right away, these stoves are a delight. These stoves are durable and will last for many years with out any fuel clogging problem.

Camping is great fun for both men, women and children. Reasons? The man cooks and the woman enjoys a relaxed day free from the boredom of routine. What is the excitement for the man? At least on the day his wife will eat what ever he cooks! For the children it is a day of participation in a process of home making – camping, cooking and after all adventure.

Importance of proper camping gear

We all plan weekend outdoor activities for a change from routine indoor life. When we plan it, we expect it to be adventurous, exciting or relaxing. To keep it that way, all outdoor activities need meticulous planning, purchasing and packing. You must carry all your gear or the camping experience, which would have been a refreshing experience, becomes a pain where you don't want it. Sometimes lack of proper gear even may become hazardous or life threatening.

The gears you will need depend upon the type of trip you plan and the size of your group or family,but the most important piece of equipment you need is a reliable and light weight stove.

Types of camping stoves

There are two major type of camping stoves.

Liquid Fuel Type

Some liquid fuel stoves use alcohol and some use liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline as fuel.

Alcohol need not to be pressurized to burn, so these stoves are not pressurized and very simple. Some campers, mostly beginners prefer these type of stoves. The advantage of these stoves are: light weight, simplicity, reliability and safety. The disadvantages include, it is slow in heat production, the increasing chance of fire, the invisible flame in open day light, and difficulty in refueling . These stoves are not very popular with the camping community. I think, it is more of personal preference of the camper.

The other type liquid fuel stove, which uses liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline, requires vaporized fuel to operate. So this needs a pump and the metallic fuel tube is routed through the burner to vaporize the fuel. Coleman 533 and Coleman 442 like most other Coleman stoves are liquid fuel type. Initially when pumped and ignited, the burner gives a yellow flame till the fuel is sufficiently vaporized. This type of stoves are very popular among the camping community

Alcohol Stove

Alcohol Stove

Cartridge Type

Cartridge type camping stoves mostly use a mixture of pressurized propane and butane as fuel which comes in interchangeable metal cartridges. The advantage of the mixture is that it burns hot and maintains pressure without being too volatile. The stoves using Butane are very safe but are only effective in normal temperature. These don’t perform satisfactorily in cold weather and you have to use a heating pad to warm the cartridges before they can be used.

How to choose and buy your camping stove


Most important point in selecting a camping stove is the size of the burner. The common 10,000-BTU burner available, is enough for a group of 2 to 4, depending upon their need and use. For a group with more members than that you either need a stove with two or more burners or a stove with a bigger burner. Bigger the burner, heavier the stove and more fuel you have to carry.

I have seen families cutting short their camping duration because the fuel they carried was not sufficient. If you are planning to camp at very high altitude, choose a bigger burner and carry twice the fuel. Also, choose a stove with adjustable legs so that you can level your stove before lighting it. When you light a stove in an unstable position, it may not function properly or it may leak out fuel. In worst case it may even tumble over and catch fire. You lose food, water and time.


The old adage, "Less baggage more comfort" is perfectly applicable to all camping activities. A stove which feels lighter while buying, feels comparatively heavier while carrying. You must choose the lightest stove without compromising with the quality and reliability.


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An unreliable stove is a "dead weight on a hungry stomach." Not only you will go hungry, you may have to face safety hazards. So, always choose reliable brands, read reviews online before buying. If your stove is not reliable, it is better to beg and borrow your neighbor's reliable stove.

Buy it cheap:

Spring and summer are the camping seasons. The sellers are smart and they increase the price during the season. Be smarter, buy it off season or on sale.

Why I prefer coleman stoves

People who buy a lot of outdoor gear are familiar with Coleman products. Coleman has a wide range of products and their products cater to every type of need. As an assurance to reliability, we can trust Coleman’s 100 years’ experience in this field. They manufacture many types of Camping Stoves to fit everyone’s needs. Propane stoves, liquid fuel stoves, backpacking stoves, and portable grills are some of the types of stoves they offer. These stoves are reasonably priced and anyone can find one suiting his/her need and budget. The higher end models feature all sorts of bells and whistles so if you prefer higher end features you can also select one of those. In addition to that, these stoves can come handy for outdoor gourmet cooking or weekend barbecues.

Coleman 533 One Burner Dual Fuel Sporter II

Coleman 533 One Burner Dual Fuel Sporter II

Coleman 533: One Burner Dual Fuel Sporter II Liquid Fuel Stove

Coleman 533 stove is the cheapest camping stove available in the market. This is very small so ideal for carrying in backpacks and for most outdoor cooking needs. It is a tough one and you will never have any problem with this one even if you keep giving them to friends. When comes to heat delivery, it is no ordinary one; it can easily cater to the needs of any family of average size. Equipped with a 10,500 BTU burner, this stove can boil a quart of water in just three to four minutes. It is great to have the option of running white gas or unleaded gas through it. A single tank of fuel will typically last 3 to 4 days of camping.
This stove works great in the wind also.

Coleman 442 Exponent Feather Dual Fuel Stove

Coleman 442 Exponent Feather Dual Fuel Stove

Coleman 442: Exponent Feather Dual Fuel Stove

It is another cheap stove from Coleman. This is a good lightweight stove which weighs 24 ounces, with an integrated fuel tank. The fold-out legs keep the stove stable; while burner bowl and pot supports help protect the flame even in windy conditions. Precise flame control allows you to go from simmer to boil and it can be fully adjustable to 7,500 BTUs of power and is designed to burn unleaded gasoline or Coleman liquid fuel.

It shares many parts with other dual-fuel Coleman 533 Sportster stoves and operates in a similar fashion.

Lighting a Coleman Stove

Lighting a Coleman Stove

How to light a Coleman stove

For best performance use fresh Coleman fuel, preferably less than one year old.
Some people report of problems getting it to simmer, but it will simmer well if you try approaching the simmer setting from the "OFF" direction and not from the full on direction. Otherwise, turn the control lever fully to off and quickly back to on; you will find the stove simmer very stably, but will flame out if you approach simmer from the full on direction.

If you still find problem, then just do all the pumping and hot burning for about 2 min till you get the blue flame. This would be enough to pre heat the generator. Then switch off the stove and release all the pressure through the tank refill hole, re-tighten the cap, then pump it two to tree times and ignite the stove. Now try approaching the simmer setting from the "OFF" direction and you are done. TO cook in high flame, turn the fuel lever to light high and light the burner and you are ready to cook.

Buy Coleman Stoves

Light a Coleman Stove with Youtube Tips

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