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Opinion: Carmelo Anthony is too talented to not be in the NBA

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Many agree that Carmelo Anthony should still be playing in the NBA

There is a place for Carmelo Anthony in the NBA. However, recently there has been substantial negativity surrounding his potential return to the sport.

Carmelo has experienced high expectations such he started playing basketball. And he was expected to be a star in the NBA since high school. These expectations only increased after he won an NCAA title in his first season with Syracuse University and was selected as NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player.

He was met with immediate success in the NBA and did not disappoint fans. When Carmelo joined the Denver Nuggets his rookie season, the Nuggets quickly became a formidable team in the Western Conference. In Carmelo's rookie season he was able to galvanize the Nuggets to the 8th seed in the Western Conference. The previous season the Nuggets had only won 17 games.

By his sixth season, he had led the Nuggets to the second seed in the Western Conference and took them to the 2008 Western Conference finals.

Every season that Carmelo played with the Nuggets, they made it to the NBA playoffs. This included 8 straight playoff appearances. Prior to Carmelo joining the Nuggets, the Nuggets went 8 straight years without making the playoffs.

However, in 2011, the Nuggets traded Carmelo to the New York Knicks. The deal involved the Nuggets getting Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov, and a first-round pick. Many agree that the Knicks were the beneficiaries of the deal.

The Knicks had previously not made the playoffs in six seasons and with Carmelo, they immediately move into the playoff picture. Carmelo would lead the Knicks to three straight playoff appearances. In total, he made 11 straight playoff appearances at that time.

However, after those three seasons, the Knicks remained out of playoff contention for the rest of his stay with the organization.

While controversial, I think Carmelo tried to leave the Knicks too late in his career, and that he should have retired with the Knicks. When he left the Knicks, he was only able to service NBA teams as a role player. However, this was not a role he was used to taking on as a player. This is arguably why his playing time with the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder did not work.

However, Carmelo is one of the most elite isolation scores in NBA history.

Before leaving the Knicks, he averaged an impressive 34.91 PPG Per 100 possessions and 24.65 PPG per 36 minutes for his career. He is still the United States Olympic men's national basketball team's career leader in points, games played, and rebounds.

However, what separates good players from great players is how their play impacts their teammates. Carmelo consistently made it easier for his teammates to score because of his ability to draw double teams.

For the 2019-20 season, I think Carmelo would be a perfect sixth-man on an NBA team to help provide scoring off the bench or an excellent reserve player on a team with an already deep roster. However, please, keep him away from my Lakers.


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