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Can Tyron Woodley Beat Jake Paul?

Tyron Woodley is scheduled to fight Jake Paul on August 28 in a Showtime boxing match. Many fans are saying that Woodley is an excellent striker and that he could be the “chosen one” to beat Paul. On the other end of the spectrum, people are saying that Woodley is washed and that he is a former shadow of himself coming off of a four fight losing streak. Can Tyron Woodley finally win a fight or will he tarnish his legacy?

Jake Paul has been training in boxing for the past few years and many people have argued that he is not a real boxer. Paul started his career in boxing by starting boxing fights with other YouTubers such as Deji Olatunji and AnEsonGib. He won both of those fights, which propelled Paul to a step-up in competition.

Instead of fighting YouTubers, he decided to fight famous athletes. Paul fought NBA player Nate Robinson on November 28, 2020 and scored a vicious KO. After that night, fans realized that Paul can actually box and that athleticism was not going to be enough to beat him. Paul’s next match was Ben Askren, an MMA fighter who was known for his wrestling. Many thought Askren was going to give Paul his toughest fight, but it ended in one round with Paul scoring another KO.

After Jake Paul won the Ben Askren match, which was his most recent bout, people realized that it will take more than just a special athlete or a tough wrestler. Tyron Woodley is a proper match-up for Jake Paul because Tyron is not just any MMA fighter, he is a former UFC champion with vicious punching power. He is a big name in MMA and he is not an easy fighter to beat by any means. This is the one matchup that fans may say is a fair match up.

There has been a lot of criticism toward Jake Paul’s choice in opponents due to most of them lacking in any boxing experience. Ben Askren was Paul’s most combat-experienced opponent and he is arguably the worst striker that ever graced the octagon. I know some might say that is a stretch, but even Askren acknowledged it himself on the Teddy Atlas Podcast. Paul is inching towards real opponents and Tyron seems to be the first boss that he has to beat.

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What does he need to do to secure the win?

The short answer is yes, but the sport of boxing can be unpredictable and Jake Paul is no slouch for anyone’s first boxing match. Unlike Paul’s past opponents, Tyron Woodley has actually trained in striking for a long time and has prepared himself against the best strikers in the welterweight division. Woodley was able to knock out Robbie Lawler for the championship belt within one round. He successfully defended his championship title against elite strikers like Stephen Thompson and Darrent Till. Woodley was able to drop both of them with sheer explosive power.

Tyron Woodley is not only by far the most experienced opponent Jake Paul has ever had, but he is also the most athletic combat athlete. Growing up in Ferguson, Missouri, Woodley competed in American football and wrestling in highschool. He was a state champion in high school wrestling and was able to carry that pedigree to become a two-time All-American in 2003 and 2005. On top of his wrestling experience, Woodley is also a black-belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Din Thomas.

Now I know how this sounds, another wrestler from the UFC that was cherry picked by Jake Paul. After all, Woodley is 39 years old and seems to be on the tail-end of his career, but by no means is he any less dangerous as an individual. The way I see it is that his last four losses were to the top elite fighters of the welterweight division and Paul is not as big of a threat to Woodley compared to fighters like Colby Covington or Gilbert Burns. Sure Woodley also is aging, but he still has the power in his hands and the explosive ability to lunge.

Tyron Woodley can win if he explodes at fighters like he did against Josh Koshcheck and Jay Hieron. Woodley seems to also be a good counter puncher, which is the key to beating Jake Paul because of his pressure. Woodley likes to back up and let guys pressure him. When his opponent thinks that he is vulnerable, he normally explodes with power shots to counter. I think Woodley’s experience in the octagon will translate well in the ring and that his chances are pretty good in this upcoming fight.

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