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Camping Tent - The Weird, Unique and Innovative Tent Designs

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If you're looking for more than just the normal camping tent, you've come to the right place. Some of these tents are just ideas or just in the development stage.



MyHab was created by designer James Dunlop who hopes that it will replace cheap tents that are usually left behind at festivals. It's a two-person tent made up of mostly recycled waterproof material that ensures that you stay dry and doesn't look anything like your normal tent.

You can't actually own this unique tent (not that we tried to buy one) but you can personalize it with your own festival character so that you can easily identify it as yours during a festival. A comfy double sleeping pad is provided together with two sleeping bags for each tent.

There's even a locker inside the tent for storing your valuables and a dry area for keeping your wet shoes and clothing. The tent can be accessed at both ends.


Tent Dresses

I don't see anyone using this one anytime anywhere. It's purely for amusement in the fashion industry and not for sale to the general public.

Created by artists Adrienne Pao and Robin Lasser, these super-sized dresses come in different designs which corresponds to different environments and different scenarios as imagined. In other words, these tent dresses portray their settings.

Most high quality tents are about strength and function but these ones are about fashion and seduction.


Abri Socio

Just when you thought that nothing could be better than a huge cabin tent for family car camping you find something that really is. A few two-man tents connected by a storage container forming a circle creates the perfect environment for family camping giving you a sense of community without compromising privacy.

The connecting storage container was created by Becky Greenwood, whose designs earned her the nickname 'Mad Scientist'.



Outrigger kayak by day and camping tent by night, the Kahuna is a highly maneuverable kayak that converts into a tent to be used onshore. Some people might consider using it on water but I don't recommend it because the tent would act like a sail making it unstable.

The weight of the kayak might make it stable on land but the hulls might get damaged from resting on the beach.



Supported by a single pole, the easy-to-set-up Nyamuk tent converts to a hammock  with an integrated mosquito net. It is made of super light polyester, perfect for a relaxing summer afternoon in your yard but may not bode well in harsher conditions.


Respite Tent

Another tent/hammock convertible but unlike the Nyamuk, the Respite Tent doesn't require anything to hang the hammock. The strong steel frame can support the the hammock with you on it.

Even without the mosquito net, I still prefer this one over the Nyamuk because it's much more versatile. It also folds into a backpack making it easy to transport.


Lightweight Emergency Tent

What's great about this tent is that it's only one piece so there are no parts to worry about. Winner of Design 21's ShelterMe competition, the Lightweight Emergency Shelter, which can accommodate 6-8 people, is a proven solution as an emergency shelter in the first few days after a disaster.

The Emergency Shelter is lightweight, easy to transport and easy to mass produce thanks to the one-piece construction and the use of recycled polyester mesh and aluminum.

To set up this tent, all you need to do is pull the framework until it locks into place. Packing the tent for storage or transport is as easy as pushing the pop locks at each joint and folding it up.



Kids love the Treepee. It's a tent suspended off the ground hanging from a tree. It's like a treehouse but much safer and lower.

When not secured by the tethers at the four corners of the tent, the tent can be used as a swing. It would be nice to have something like this in your backyard.

Tree Tent

If you've got $50,000 to spare, why not get the Treetent by the famous Dutch designer Dré Wapenaar. It's not something you lug around in your backpack though.

It has got hardwood floor and a round mattress inside so it's more of a permanent structure than a portable one. It's about 13 feet tall and can fit the whole family.

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Orange Solar Tent

When people become totally dependent on electronic equipment, the Orange Solar Tent will be a standard tent for camping. You won't see the normal solar panels here because solar threads are weaved into the fabric.

One great feature of this futuristic tent is that you can locate it with your mobile phone by making it glow from the inside with a distinctive glow so you can identify it from a distance. They call it 'glocation' technology. It also has wireless internet connection and a heated groundsheet.

It's still in the concept stage but if it ever gets released, I predict a huge increase in high tech campers.


amandascott1 on May 08, 2017:

Cool stuff! How about a camping hammock too?

Jonsky (author) on November 21, 2010:

Thank you Christina

Christina A from Australia on November 20, 2010:

that was a fascinating hub! I could go one of those solar tents should they ever be produced. And the Treepee would be great for my kids!

Jonsky (author) on September 07, 2010:

Thank you, Luxury Camping.

luxury camping on September 07, 2010:

What a great hub! Fascinating new concepts. Love the high tech and the tree tents. Thanks for bringing all this latest info to us.

Jonsky (author) on January 19, 2010:

You're welcome martycraigs. The tree tent is pretty cool but that kind of money can buy me a decent car or feed a lot of poor people. lol.

martycraigs on January 19, 2010:

Haha, the tree tent is very cool looking. Definitely not your generic, portable camping tent though. Got some other really interesting tents written up here.

I'm always on the lookout for something cool and new, even though my current tent is more than fine...

Thanks for sharing!

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