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Cake's Takes on WWE Money in the Bank (WWE PPV), (2021)

Caila has been a wrestling/WWE/WWF fan for as long as she can remember, growing up during the infamous Attitude Era and watching ever since

The promotional poster for the PPV this year, with the champion, Bianca Bel-Air on the cover.

The promotional poster for the PPV this year, with the champion, Bianca Bel-Air on the cover.

Money in the Bank

I have always loved the concept of the Money in the Bank pay per view! It is a great concept for a theme for a show. A contract, that guarantees you a match with whichever WWE Champion you want, whenever you want, hangs above the ring and the first person to get a ladder and safely retrieve it is the winner of the contract! Really cool, no? It's usually 6-7 men or women in the ring at once and the matches can end up being really good sometimes. Legend, Chris Jericho, was one of the people who came up with the idea back in 2010, which is something else cool to add to his ledger.

However, the concept for the pay per view has become more drab over the years, as opposed to being one of the most exciting shows of the year. Winners have ranged from the undeserving, to champions, and to immediate losers of the contract championship match. Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers have touched that briefcase and won it! The briefcase winners who lose their contract match have tainted the prestige of the Money in the Bank to me a bit. As before, it was a promise to win if you were strategic enough to time your cash in of the contract well enough, but the losers have stained that guarantee. So with that being said, how was this year's show? Let's get into my thoughts on the matches!

The Ladies

The ladies who competed in the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder match!

The ladies who competed in the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder match!

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

To keep this shorter, I won't be saying exactly what happened in the matches, just quickly glossing over how I felt while watching each match. The Women's Money in the Bank was conceived only a few years ago and we have had some pretty good moments from each match since then. With this match, I thought it had its highs and lows, however I do not think it was everything it could have been. Nothing really stood out to me about it honestly, except for the finish of the match. Nikki (Cross) A.S.H. winning the match was a big shocker for me! As big of a shock as it was, it would be foolish of the WWE to allow Nikki to have a new gimmick that is different from most of the other women, only to have her fall down the card immediately. Because it is such a gimmick character, it was surprising to see her win and eventually cash in the very next night for the Championship! We love to see surprises in the WWE! The good ones anyway.

Tag Team War

Tag Team Championships are on the line

Tag Team Championships are on the line

Viking Raiders vs AJ Styles and Omos for the RAW Tag Team Championships

Before this match began, we saw Roman Reigns backstage with his twin cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso! I do like the heel turn for both Jimmy and Jey Uso, as they are a more effective team as heels. I like this for them, as much as I like this role of Tribal Chief for Roman Reigns. I did see the seeds being sown that Jimmy is more or less in between on how he feels about Roman being "Head of the Table". It brings on suspense for when/if he will turn on family one day.

It honestly does not matter what match AJ Styles is in or what kind of character he is portraying, he is going to be cheered. He is so well loved in the wrestling/WWE community! When you are just that damn good, you are just THAT damn good! AJ and Omos are misfit, but are pretty good together. You can also tell that Omos has taken his time to get a certain move set and try to work better with people in the ring, instead of simply being an immovable brick in the ring. The match was not the best, but it was not the worst either.

The Squash

Kofi Kingston vs Bobby Lashley for the RAW WWE Championship

This was not a match. This was a squash. Simple as that! For Kofi Kingston, this was a worse squash match than when he faced Brock Lesnar for the championship. It was almost sad to watch, for Kofi's character anyway. Bobby looks amazing, but I feel bad that Kofi has to be the scapegoat for these things sometimes, especially when he hasn't had a proper run as a champion for a long time to prove himself. That is all...

The Rematch

The rematch from last PPV.

The rematch from last PPV.

Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley for the WWE RAW Women's Championship

First and foremost, a champion entering the arena and ring first does not sit right with me and never will. I do not care who they are facing, legend or not, the champion should always come to the ring last! It is a matter of prestige for the champion! I was excited to see this rematch. These two ladies have good in ring chemistry in this particular match and the feud and build up for it was pretty good from what I saw online and in the last PPV. Charlotte Flair can be such a good heel and an amazing in ring worker. She can have a good match with a book if she wanted to. She is just that good in the ring. Rhea Ripley is an interesting character, she has a good look and is decent in the ring, but they really knocked her down a peg by having her lose the championship so early into her reign. It really makes her look less than.

Her becoming a 14-time champion this night was out of pocket to me honestly. There was no need for it, especially when they took it off of her the very next night during Nikki A.S.H.'s cash in with her Money in the Bank win the night of the PPV. It's like the WWE is on a mission to get Charlotte as many championships as humanly possible before her tenure with the company ends one day. It is all to simply compete with the legacy of her father, Ric Flair and all of his championship wins with the company back in the day. I think she would be just as much of a threat to the Women's Division of wrestling if they did not shove her down people's throats so much! It is the same Roman Reigns syndrome where they force things upon the fans without thought and not letting it happen organically.

Separate the Men from the Boys

The Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships

My first question for this match was "Who is Rick?"! Why is he a knockoff Elias?! Also, how long have I not been watching weekly that I don't know who this character is?! Interruption of the match for one person is the best and worst way to ruin somebody's chances at the Money in the Bank. This match did have some great spots in it! The ending was pretty good. Seth Rollins cut a promo after the match stating that it was time for a change for him since he lost the match, after promising to himself and everyone in the WWE Universe, that he would win. The match was not the most special, but it was pretty good though. I was very happy with Big E's win at the end of the day. He deserves it right now. He's actually deserved it for years, really! He's BEEN over with the crowd!

Main Event

The main event of the night

The main event of the night

Roman Reigns vs Edge for the WWE Smackdown Universal Championship

I can't lie, I like Edge but I wanted Roman to win this match only because I hate when people randomly come in and get a championship shot, or win, and I especially hate it when it's a part time legend who does it. I like for them to be taken seriously as a veteran, but by putting main eventers over in the ring, but still being stiff competition for them. Edge is the perfect person to continue Roman's legitimacy in the ring and as a heel! I think Roman's new entrance music helps his character seem more serious than the old Shield music. We associate that with the Shield as a whole, who had two other active members in the WWE a few years back in Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Having his own music helps to separate him from the other members of the old team as he was simply the muscle of the group back in the day when they first came into the WWE scene from NXT call-ups.

Roman was very dominant in this match and Edge did well putting him over with the crowd and in the match. Roman is an amazing heel and an imposing figure to anyone with his sheer massiveness and power! This match felt really slow to me at some point, although it did have its high points like crashing through the barricade, even causing announcers to jump out of their seats for certain spots, which added amazing effect to the match. By the end of the match, I was wondering how they were going to continue this feud or if this was the end of it. We soon see that this is the end of their feud more than likely, as Seth Rollins attacks Edge from behind during the end of the match and Roman wins. Seth and Edge run away fighting and no one could have guessed, but John Cena comes out! (After, I might add, countless interviews saying he did not know when he would come back but it would be sometime soon.) I was even shocked and surprisingly happy to see him back at home, away from Hollywood! He received a well deserved Standing Ovation!

Now we look to the future of the feuds in Roman Reigns vs John Cena for the championship, which should be good to see! John did not look as strong and at his physical peak as he normally does, but he still looked good in the ring enough to stand next to Roman and have me think for a split second on if he could be a good contender for the match between the two. This ending, and Roman's promo on John being like "missionary position every night" on Smackdown the following week, made me excited for this feud and this match! Great ending for the show!

My Final Thoughts...

The show this year was not the best in the world, but it was definitely something to watch. It had a lot of good moments and surprises that made the show come across as being better than what it actually was. The show was pretty good this year! We already got a successful cash-in and this made the PPV even better to me honestly, because it wasn't for nothing really. I liked it this year! Having fans back really set the atmosphere up higher, which was good overall for the show! I'm actually excited for the next show!

Money in the Bank 2021 Card

The card for the 2021 WWE Money in the Bank PPV.


WWE Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Nikki Cross A.S.H. (contract winner)

Naomi, Zelina Vega, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Natalya, and Tamina

Tag Team Match for WWE RAW Tag Team Championships

AJ Styles and Omos (Smackdown Tag Team Championships)

The Viking Raiders

Singles Match for the WWE RAW Championship

Bobby Lashley (champion)

Kofi Kingston

Singles Match for the WWE RAW Women's Championship

Charlotte Flair (new champion)

Rhea Ripley (former champion)

WWE Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Big E (contract winner)

Matt Riddle, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, Ricochet, John Morrison, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre

Singles Match for the WWE Smackdown Universal Championship

Roman Reigns (retained)


WWE Money in the Bank 2021 Poll

This PPV was.... Diamond in the Rough!

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