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Cakes Takes on WWE Clash of Champions 2020 (PPV Review)

Caila has been a wrestling/WWE/WWF fan for as long as she can remember, growing up during the infamous Attitude Era and watching ever since


WWE Clash of Champions PPV

The Clash of Champions is a great concept for a pay per view! Every championship that is on the card for a match that night is on the line and most of them always have stipulations! This time should not be any different especially seeing as how ratings need to be at their best right now! This PPV was set up to be a pretty decent one from the start however, as a few of the matches I was actually looking forward to on the card. When the PPV first started, it had pyrotechnics! We have not seen this in a while and it made the shows have more pizzazz and production to them! It was exciting to see them come back. It seems like WWE has hit a nice stride of balancing what they can do to entertain the WWE Universe while in a pandemic and not having an audience and that is good to see.

High flying action for the IC Championship.

High flying action for the IC Championship.

AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn vs Jeff Hardy (Intercontinental Champion) in a Triple Threat Ladder match for the IC Championship

The first match on the card and this match I was not really aware of much, so it took me off guard that Sami was even competing in the ring again, let alone for championships, that I can remember, and that he was in a Triple Threat Ladder match! His character is starting to look homeless and crazed and I honestly do not hate it for his heel persona! I figured this would be a good match, as all three opponents seem to have good in ring chemistry with one another and are all great competitors. During this match, something that was brought to my attention like never before in any other PPV was that we cannot see the entire bottom layer of the screens of the people in the ThunderDome. This made me question what they could see on the other end and how you were ever supposed to really "see yourself on TV" like promotions for the Dome says.

Some of the falls in this match were actually really loud and nasty from the tops of ladders and everywhere else that they took their destruction. I was never sure on Sami Zayn as a character, not even when he first got called up and became injury prone. I was never sold on his character even though I recognized his talent, but I think he found a good thing in being a heel and being a grease ball kind of character. Sami Zayn bringing handcuffs to the ring and cuffing Jeff Hardy, who already had put his body through enough turmoil in this match by Swanton Bombing and jumping from the tops of ladders and taking some ugly falls, to a ladder by his earlobe was gross but I loved how different it was! When he backed that up with a second pair of handcuffs and cuffed AJ Styles to himself and then to the support of the ladder he was climbing on, it was perfect! Sami became an evil genius and sold me on just that alone by being crafty and smart. I'm not even mad at him for winning that way either.

During a backstage segment after the first match of the night, I found out that Lil Jimmy is back! R-Truth's imaginary, invisible pal is causing all sorts of trouble again, but this time for Truth himself, as he caused him to get distracted and lose the 24/7 Championship to Drew Gulak. Sometimes I wish they would stop this gimmick belt, but then sometimes it does entertain me, so I'm always torn in between how I feel about those segments because ever so often they do get a good chuckle out of me, especially with R-Truth!

R-Truth during an interview.

R-Truth during an interview.

Zelina on the losing end of the night.

Zelina on the losing end of the night.

Zelina Vega vs Asuka (RAW Women's Champion) for the RAW Women's Championship

I did know of the storyline of Zelina Vega leaving the management position and the constant bickering and fighting between Angel and Andrade to pursue a singles career of her own. I like Zelina Vega a lot! I really do. However, I do wish she had a bit more of her own identity outside of some of the things I see her try to incorporate from outside the ring on social media into her gimmick as a character. She cosplays, which I love and I believe that she should focus on that sometimes when it is appropriate, but she should definitely have her own character aside from being an Aaliyah fan/lookalike that does snakelike movements because she loves the character of Akasha that Aaliyah played from the movie, Queen of the Damned. Zelina honestly does not need a gimmick really because she should just stick to what she actually is: a bad girl from Queens, New York! She really should have had a similar start to what Carmella had in her character, but with it being more legitimate because Zelina sells it better.

I do think that this match between the two is a random chance feud though because Vega has not had much steam that I've seen in the past few months building her up to be the contender for a championship, but I was willing to set that feeling aside because I do like Zelina! These two were a good match to watch but it's like the match never picked up the pace though. It just felt like a bunch of reversals one after another, and failed submissions until the abrupt submission finish from Asuka. That for me only highlighted something else that I noticed about Zelina's in ring work. She needs to work on gaining more moves in her skill set if she wants to stand out in the ring and not just be another pretty face.


Apollo Crews (with Ricochet) vs Bobby Lashley (US Champion) (with The Hurt Business (MVP and Shelton Benjamin)) for the United States Championship

Even as a child when I watched wrestling, I thought that Bobby Lashley was a bore and terrible on the mic. I have never been interested in him as a character or in most of his feuds unless they've involved someone else that I actually did like to watch on camera. He has never exuded any star power to me, although I cannot doubt his athleticism and contributions to the company of WWE and to wrestling, as a whole, from the work he's put in at other companies, but he is just not my cup of tea as far as what I want to watch every week in a feud or even in a match, really.

Apollo Crews is in the same boat as Bobby Lashley is to me. I cannot deny his talent as a wrestler and his athleticism that he clearly has, but he is just not interesting to me as a character. I can only look at a person smile so much before that starts to look goofy to me. I want to see depth and character in him and there is none besides smiling or looking angry when he's supposed to be mad. He is not the best talker on the mic either, nor is Ricochet, so their teaming up does next to nothing for the both of them besides putting them in positions for flashy spots. This match was over before I blinked really. I hate the name of The Hurt Business, it sounds corny and laid on pretty thick, but they seem pretty effective as a team, as they helped Bobby retain his United States Championship. It's also pretty cool to see an all black faction in WWE again!

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Angel Garza and Andrade vs The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) (RAW Tag Team Champions) for the RAW Tag Team Championships

Ever since the last few WWE pay per views I have been trying to keep my eye on Angelo Dawkins because Montez Ford shines bright as a star even if he is standing on the outside of the ring or on the apron of the ring, waiting to be tagged into the match. Montez is always doing something or working for your attention, especially in one of the last PPV's where Angelo almost did not even get a chance to get into the ring because his tag team partner took so much of the time they had for the match in the ring alone. I was happy that Angelo got to be in the match more and that he even got the "technical win". His finisher, The Anointment, into a pin where Andrade seemed to actually kick out before the three count but the referee of the match failed to see it and still counted the win. It was so blatant, I don't really know how the ref could have missed it but this just allows the feud to go on further because it was an honest kickout.

By the end of this match, Drew Gulak lost his brand new WWE 24/7 Championship back to its former owner, R-Truth, in a quick scene from the locker room.

Asuka running through Bayley in a Champion vs Champion match for Bayley’s precious championship.

Asuka running through Bayley in a Champion vs Champion match for Bayley’s precious championship.

Asuka (RAW Women's Champion) vs Bayley (Smackdown Women's Champion) for the Smackdown Women's Championship

Now THIS match got me excited! I was expecting Bayley to come out to face Nikki Cross, but since Nikki could not make the match because she was not medically cleared, Bayley offered whoever to come on out and face her for her championship! When I heard Asuka's music hit, I almost did not realize who it was at first, but I recognized the music and that I had just heard it earlier in the night, so when I saw Asuka, I marked out a little bit at seeing her dance her way down the ramp again! I mean how cool is it of her to be woman enough to come back down to the ring again for a second championship match in the night! It was so dope of her to me to come out and compete again and start off the match doing really good and handling business! I think it was such a cool moment for Asuka because it was not like she was competing for her championship, as her match was already earlier, but she came out for a chance to become an undisputed champion! Great sportswoman and opportunist!

Bayley probably thought that she was getting off scotch free with no match and ending the night without being touched, but she and Asuka went at it for a minute really scrappy like before Bayley decided to lose the match via DQ by hitting her opponent with a chair. Asuka wins via disqualification and Bayley retains her Smackdown Women's Championship, but it got even more lit right after the match was over. Sasha Banks came out and attacked Bayley, taking some of her vengeance out on her former tag team partner for almost breaking her neck with a chair and tearing apart their friendship again. Sasha got the better of Bayley, even with the neckbrace around her neck! She looked good in her Aaliyah "Try Again" inspired outfit standing tall at the end of the night in the ring. I can't wait for their feud and upcoming matches!

Sasha Banks coming into the arena and attacking her former best friend, Bayley.

Sasha Banks coming into the arena and attacking her former best friend, Bayley.


Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) in an Ambulance match for the WWE Championship

The promo package for this match before the match started was really great! It got me excited for the match based solely off of that alone and I did not even realize that it was happening in the first place, because Randy and Drew's last bout at one of last month's PPV's was not that exciting. This is the Randy Orton that I think everybody, including myself, likes. The slow, slimy, slithering, psycho Randy that will do next to anything to his opponents to see them in pain. Seeing in the video package that Randy got 3 Claymores back to back to back in one night all within the span of 3 hours after breaking Drew McIntyre's jaw, I knew this would be a pretty good brawl for the both of them.

Big Show coming out and putting Orton through an announce table for me was random but probably meant something to those who watch weekly on RAW and Smackdown, even though he flip flops between heel and face characters all the time, so a lot of his random attacks never feel like they mean much, but before the match was over, I knew what it meant. Randy sells so well. He really is one of the better technical wrestlers ever! Drew gave him a big headbutt from Drew and then the spit up from Randy was awesome afterwards. That was a great way to sell the impact! Once the pair of them took the match toward the ambulance so fast I thought the match would be over sooner than it was. However, they subverted my expectations by taking it further in the back and it got brutal. Christian even came in too to attack Randy too, for revenge for himself and his best friend Edge for the past few weeks. I remembered that part of this whole feud!

Once they came back out to the arena and took the fight to the top of the ambulance and Shawn Michaels came out of nowhere and gave Randy a Sweet Chin Music and then pushed him off the top of the ambulance! THAT was an awesome moment! I remember that part of this feud as well where Randy attacked Shawn with an RKO and a Punt and he hardly sold for it, even though he's older now and should have. I thought it was going to be a Claymore for the win, but Drew pulled Randy back out of the ambulance halfway to took a page out of his book and gave Randy a Punt to the head, that sealed the feud for good, I think. Ric Flair even got to drive the ambulance away, which I thought this was classic!

Roman absolutely dominating over the entire match.

Roman absolutely dominating over the entire match.

Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Champion) for the WWE Universal Championship

The main event of the night was actually something I was looking forward to. I had seen a few of the promos and weekly moments on social media. Knowing their family line in wrestling and having watched a lot of people in their family for years wrestle, makes me feel like I have a formed personal connection and obligated to watch this match. I thought the whole time that Jey looked nervous and not ready for this match. His mannerisms screamed that his nerves were active and getting the better of him for that match, as up to this point, it was the most important match in his career. Roman, who is now more of a seasoned veteran at main eventing for main championships than his actual veteran cousin, looked good! He is no longer wearing his vest and he now calls himself the Tribal Chief and he looks good! He even wanted Jey to call him Chief from the beginning of this championship match. I never figured that Jey would win, but I did think that this would be a good match, because Jey gives good matches and was a good selection for an opponent for Roman to look good in the ring and strong. Perfect match-up all around. Roman was able to exude his dominance and sexiness like never before for this new persona!

This match quickly turned into a squash match and almost got a little bit boring as far as watching Roman beat up on his cousin without him doing much about it to defend himself or fight back. Jey hardly ever got any offense out and only got a couple of spots in the match where he got to look good. This was definitely a match to make Roman look better. By the end, Roman got what he wanted. Jey's twin brother, Jimmy, came out and threw in a white towel for him. I am not sure why that works in sports entertainment wrestling as there are other ways to give up if a competitor wants to quit, like tapping out, saying "I Quit", or passing out and being unable to respond, or just having the ref call it quits out of humanity, but throwing in the towel seems weird to me whenever they use that as a means of quitting or stopping a match. Jey wanted to keep getting his butt kicked until he couldn't any longer, but against his brother's wishes, calls Roman "The Tribal Chief" and quits the match for him ending the PPV.

My Final Thoughts!

I thought Clash of Champions was more memorable this year than it has been for the past few years! These matches were mostly all decent! Great in ring work, good storylines and other things that drew me in to each of the matches for some reason or another! I think that they did a better job with this PPV than the two they tried to push out so quickly last month! This was a great job on WWE's part!

Winners, Losers and Card of the Night

The winners and losers of Clash of Champions 2020.

WinnersLosersChampionships and Matches

Sami Zayn VS

AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy (former IC Champion)

Triple Threat Ladder IC Title match

Asuka (RAW Women's Champion) VS

Zelina Vega

Singles RAW Women's Title match

Bobby Lashley (US Champion) VS

Apollo Crews

Singles US Title match

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins (RAW Tag Team Champions) VS

Andrade and Angel Garza

RAW Tag Team Title match

Asuka (RAW Women's Champion) VS

Bayley (Smackdown Women's Champion)

Impromptu Smackdown Women's Title match

Drew McIntyre (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) VS

Randy Orton

Ambulance WWE Title match

Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Champion) VS

Jey Uso

Singles WWE Universal Title match

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