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CP3 Appreciation

Chris Paul


Hey guys!!! It's half of your favorite duo Baller Central here. That's right, this article is by me, Akeem! Now I know my last solo article was about the awesomeness that is the Phoenix Suns. I'm going to continue with that team but this time I'll focus on a specific player: Chris Paul. Now I've always been a fan of CP3. I remember having NBA Live 06 (Dwyane Wade on cover)... Chris Paul was on the Hornets at the time (they were in New Orleans at the time).

CP3 is no stranger to accomplishments. He's been breaking records essentially his whole career, including back in college. He set the record at Wake Forest for three-point percentage, free throws, free throw percentage, assists, and steals all in his freshman year. While during his rookie season in the league he continued his tear and record breaking performances. He finished the season leading all rookies in points, assists, steals, and double-doubles. He also became only the second rookie in NBA history to lead the league in total steals. He then set a Rookie Challenge record with 17 assists and 9 steals.

Now let's not pretend that his career has come with no setbacks. Chris has definitely been injured a few times within his tenure. He only played 45 games in the 2010 season after he tore cartilage in his knee which caused him to miss the All-Star game. He's also been traded to a few teams which may lead some people to think he can't find stability. But I would say the complete opposite. He's such a well rounded guard that he can literally fit in anywhere.

Now I could continue with how he's been traded to the Clippers in 2011 and became the first player since the franchise has been moved to LA to be named to the ALL-NBA First Team. He had a brief stint with the Thunder and again with the Rockets. He may not have broken multiple records, but he did pass a few people on the all time assists and steals list.

In present time, he's on the Phoenix Suns. They are having arguably one of their best seasons, despite some ups and downs. Paul got named an all-star again this year, along with Devin Booker. They became the first duo since Steve Nash and Amar'e Stoudamire to do this. With Paul and Booker leading that team, I feel like they are on pace to do dangerous things now and in the foreseeable future.

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