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When will Mayfield be traded? And where to? Seattle? Carolina? Texas?

Memorial Day is fast approaching and Mayfield is yet to be traded. And when he's traded and he will, to what team? Carolina? Seattle? Texas? Giants?

Memorial Day is fast approaching and Mayfield is yet to be traded. And when he's traded and he will, to what team? Carolina? Seattle? Texas? Giants?

The NFL Draft is long over and Baker Mayfield is still with the Browns as of Thursday (5/19). Many of us thought he would be traded to Carolina but they selected a QB late in the draft and already have Sam Darnold who will earn the same salary as Mayfield in 2022; $18.8 million. Seattle didn't select a QB and they have two QBs in Drew Locke and Geno Smith. And Pete Carroll said he didn't see them trading for a QB.

Now if a starting QB gets hurt early, prior to the start of the season GM Andrew Berry of the Browns phone will ring more often. I just can't see Mayfield on Browns then or after the season starts.

So where and when will be traded to? Still a possible location is Seattle or Carolina. Maybe to Tampa? Maybe the Giants considering they didn't pick up Daniel Jones's 5th-year option. Maybe to the Lions even though they have Jared Goff which they are not all that happy with? However, Goff makes about $26 million which includes a $15.5 million roster bonus. Maybe the fact that former Browns GM John Dorsey works in the Lions organization makes it a possibility considering it was Dorsey who selected him #1 overall when he was the Browns GM in 2018.

Believe or not there's a slim chance Baker could start for the Browns if Watson gets a multiple-game suspension to start the season. I say maybe. He's under contract to play for the Browns until traded or less likely released.

Baker Mayfield plays best with a chip on his shoulder and now that chip is larger than ever before after his former team of four years, the Browns gave Deshaun Watson an NFL record-breaking $230 million guaranteed over 5 years. They also gave up three 1st round picks to the Houston Texans.

What's the reason Baker hasn't been moved? Many insiders say it's his guaranteed $18.86 million salary. Or is it his inconsistent play? Is it his attitude or as some say lack of maturity?

Mayfield's stats over four seasons are actually pretty good with his best year being 2020 when he threw 26 TDs and threw just 8 picks while throwing for 3,563 leading Cleveland to an 11-5 season and helping them win their first playoff win in 26 years when they beat the Steelers in a wild-card game in Pittsburgh.

This past season Cleveland went sour and finished a disappointing 8-9. Mayfield was part of the problem. In Week 2, he hurt his shoulder trying to make a tackle after throwing an interception. He then proceeded to play a majority of the season with a torn labrum of his non-throwing shoulder which also was fractured. He had surgery on that shoulder in January.

Mayfield's NFL debut with the Browns was on September 20, 2018, was even more memorable. He relieved Tyrod Taylor in a game vs. Jets just before halftime on Thursday Night Football and dazzled leading the Browns from a come-from-behind victory which turned out to be one of his few come-from-behind wins. That win over the Jets snapped the Browns' long losing streak of 19 games.

Another memorable moment, leading Cleveland to their first playoff win in 26 years after they beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh in 2020 in a wild card game.

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Then there are the ugly memories. Watching him play poorly on Christmas Day this past season vs. the Packers in Green Bay. Mayfield threw four picks in that game.

Prior to that, there was his breakup with OBJ who forced his way out of Cleveland and went on to win a ring with the Rams. Despite being friends, they never had chemistry on the field.

In 2021 Mayfield ranked 27th out of 32 QBs in QBR. Commentators often commented how he held on to the ball too long and couldn't find the open receiver. In one game vs. the Steelers, he was sacked nine times.

Baker Mayfield will soon be another name to add to that long list of QBs that have come and gone in Cleveland. However, he was nowhere near a bust. A tough Texan who had swag, gave Browns fans hope for four seasons and ends his time in Cleveland with a 29-30 record, 1-0 in the playoffs. Mayfield threw more TDs than INTs; 92 to 56 to go along with 14,125 passing yards which ranks 4th best in the history of Browns QBs just below Bernie Kosar who threw for 21,904 yards.

He's been a great story thus far; a walk-on at Texas Tech and also at Oklahoma. He goes on to win a Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma and got drafted #1 overall by the Browns in 2018. Mayfield brought hope to the playoff-starved Browns. Helped them break their long losing streak after going 0-16 in 2017 under then Head Coach Hue Jackson.

However, his story is far from over as he is just 27 and usually plays best when there is a chip on his shoulder. There may be more glory days to come as a humbler Mayfield may mature and improve especially if he gets cut and feels even more unwanted.

I said maybe, as he might have already reached his peak. He's overachieved for a somewhat undersized QB at 6' 0 1/2" who's not nearly as athletic as QBs such as Lamar Jackson, Tyler Murray, and Russell Wilson.

In the end, will Mayfield be known more for his play on the field than all those Progressive commercials he's done when his career ends? We will see. As for Watson, that's a massive amount of money to pay a talented QB who's still facing 22 civil suits and a likely multiple-game suspension in 2022.

The Watson deal proves that in a QB-driven league, how far teams are willing to go, to pay, to win that coveted Super Bowl, especially those teams that have never won one like the Browns.

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