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Bungee Jumping, Indoor And Outdoor

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Bungee jumping: one of the world’s most thrilling sporting activities. It’s a sport of jumping from a very high place for about more than 100 feet high. This is the sport that is not advised for weak hearted people.

It is such a sport that many people decide to try it out yet most of them back out just a moment before jumping off the place. This is thought to be a nightmare by many people as it’s not an easy job to jump from such a high place and see gravity force working against you.

It’s a free fall from such a height. But there’s one thing: if you succeed in overcoming that first feeling of fear and you jump, you taste such a nice experience, a physically exhilarating situation.


And once done mean you will have a craving for doing it again and again. Bungee jumping is done both on in door and outdoor platforms. The basic idea to go at both places is same. Firstly a strong and very stretchable rope is tied around the ankle of the jumper.

The jumper will than jump off the jumping point. Once the rope has reached its maximum level of stretchiness, he will be bounced back up. This will keep on going until the jumper stops bouncing and find himself hung in mid air.

This up and down bouncing some times causes nauseating feeling but yet the thrill and exhilaration you feel during it is valuable. 


Requirements for Bungee Jumping

There are no skills or experience required for bungee jumping. All you should have is courage and spirit to enjoy and scream your heads off while you jump and head down.There is least risk involved in bungee jumping although it is thought to be a risky sport.

People have different kind of fears when they are thinking to go for bungee jumping. Like, that rope might break.

This fear is a little useless one because the ropes used by all commercial bungee jumping operators are strictly quality checked. There is no point of such a fluke that it may break.

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Some Hazards With Bungee Jumping

Second fear that people have is that they may hit the wall or cliff behind them. This is again not very much possible as this care is already taken by bungee jumping operators by pulling out the platform far away from wall or cliff.

Bungee jumping can be a little hazardous even after being taking all precautions. Although there are very few chances of equipment failure but there may be other problems that may come.

This may include injuries like if a person is not supple enough they my end up having a muscle pulled up or dislocation of any joint may also be experienced due o bouncing after first fall. Some incidents of eye injury have also been accounted while bungee jumping.


Famous Bungee Jumping Places

There are number of bungee jumping platforms that you may find throughout the world. The BungeeTower in Cairns, the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland and the highest one of all, the MacauTower in China are some of the most renowned bungee jumping peaks in the world.

Every one who decides to go for bungee jumping has a right to be assured of all precautionary measures and research for all safety measures. You should do it because bungee jumping is something that is not part of our daily lives. So we need to take all information regarding safety before we finally go for it.

Some Bungee Jumping Places You Would Like To Visit

  • Bungee Jumping, Bungee Jump - The Bungee Club UK
    The UK Bungee Club, the largest bungee jumping club in the UK offering Nation-Wide bungee jump events. For a bungee jump experience such as a charity bungee jump look no further.
  • Center of Gravity
    This is the Edmonton's only indoor Bungee jump which is located in the climate controlled comfort area of a water park. It has the world's tallest indoor bungee tower!
  • Over the Edge Bungee Inc.
    These people are one of the best in organizing Bungee jumping events through out the western states of U.S.A. But one special thing about them is that these jumps are done via helicopters at incredible height.

Precautionary Measures In Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping companies need to undergo so many regulations if they want to continue their business. So when you choose any company for bungee jumping be sure to opt for the one that is registered and well regulated. Different safety organizations govern these bungee jumping organizations.

Commercial operators check the equipment thrice at least when a person is about to jump. And for safety they record each jump because there is limited life expectancy of rope so it needed to be taken care of strongly.

Same are going to be the precautions and procedures whether it’s outdoor or indoor bungee jumping. Correct safety measures are going to provide you with energizing and incredible experience. So that’s all for the moment, initial information that you may need before going for bungee jumping. Good luck… Have a wonderful experience!!

Outdoor Bungee Jumping

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