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Bowling the Sport for Everyone

3 Year member of the Youth Bowling Association during time in youth league. Now, a member of the Professional Women’s Bowling Association

The History of Bowling

Bowling is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world. In the 1930's, a British anthropologist, Sir Flinders Petrie, discovered a collection of objects in a child's grave in Egypt that looked to be used for a primitive form of bowling. There was a version of a bowling ball and pins that were all child sized and very primitive. This was found along with a couple artifacts that could be dated back to 3200BC. This makes the orgin of bowling more than 5000 years old!

Next, A German historian named William Pehle said that there was evidence of bowling in Germany around 300AD.

England took control about 1366 as bowling was forbidden by King Edward III. The game was taking archery practice away from his troops. However, Henry VIII brought bowling back. Several types of “pin games” were started where balls were hurled towards objects for points. While pin shaped, these objects were only crude models of a modern day bowling pin‘s design and shape. As you know now, bowling has a deep and rich history.

Evidence of Ancient Bowling

Evidence of Ancient Bowling

How to Play

Bowling is rather simple and easy sport to play. The basic mechanics consist of throwing a ball down the lane and knocking down all 10 pins. However, there are rules and etiquette to this game.


• Each frame consists of throwing the ball down the lane twice to knock down all the pins
• If you knock down all the pins with the first ball, it is called a "strike"
• If you knock down all the pins with the second ball, it is called a "spare"
• Each games had ten frames. If you bowl a strike in the tenth frame, you get
two more balls. If you throw a spare, you get one more ball.
Open frames are frames without a strike or spare
• Scoring is based on the number of pins you knock down. However, if you bowl a
spare, you get to add the pins in your next ball to that frame. For strikes, you get
the next two balls.
• An average of three games is played. You determine a 3 game average by adding
all 3 scores and dividing that number by 3.
• Foul line is in effect. If you step over the foul line at the beginning of the lane, any pins knocked down will not count.
• Ramp Bowling is allowed for those athletes that are not physically capable of
rolling a bowling ball. The ramp is for small children or those with physical disabilities and not to be used to just increase a score.
• Bumpers are normally not allowed.

• Every bowler must wear bowling shoes, with the exception of Athletes utilizing a wheel chair. Bowling shoes should not be worn outside designated area or into restrooms.
• Bowl on your own lane
• Don't bowl at the same time as someone else on any lane next to you this can distract the person next to you

Safety and Courtesy

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Professional Bowlers Association History (PBA)


Eddie Elias, an attorney from Akron, Ohio, founded the PBA... there were 33 Founding Members... the first 100 persons in the organization were Charter Members.


The PBA Tour started off with a bang with three tournaments worth $49,500... the first of many television shows is inaugurated with "Jackpot Bowling."


PBA celebrates 60th anniversary season…PBA Tour player Chris Barnes, PBA50 Tour player Ron Mohr and proprietor Don Mitchell are inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame…PBA announces landmark television partnership with Fox Sports for airing of PBA Tour in 2019…Matt O’Grady comes from tournament qualifier to win PBA Tournament of Champions…Tom Smallwood wins Barbasol PBA Players Championship…Andrew Anderson wins USBC Masters…PBA announces deal with FloSports for online streaming of PBA events…PBA Hall of Famers Johnny Guenther and Pete Couture die in June…Rhino Page wins his first Best Bowler ESPY…Michael Haugen Jr. wins PBA50 Player of the Year, Rolando Sebelen Rookie of the Year, Ron Mohr, his third consecutive PBA60 Player of the Year…Rob Stone announced as play-by-play announcer for FOX PBA telecasts in 2019…Walter Ray Williams Jr. wins PBA50 Storm Invitational exhibition event…Xtra Frame on FloBowling streams the entire three-event FloBowling PBA Fall Swing…PBA kicks off television partnership with FOX with PBA Clash…Dom Barrett wins U.S. Open for second career major…Andrew Anderson is Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year, Kamron Doyle is Harry Golden Rookie of the Year and Tom Smallwood earns Steve Nagy Sportsmanship award…Marshall Kent wins PBA Clash in December marking PBA’s first telecast on Fox Sports.

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Bowling Leagues

A bowling league is a event where several teams bowl against each other over the course of a season. Most leagues consist of four member teams that meet up once a week or once every other week, usually at the same day and time. Teams of three or five players are also common. They are 5 different leagues:

  • Kids and Youth League - Ages 5-21 depending on state
  • Adult Men’s League - Ages 18 and Up
  • Adult Women‘s League - Ages 18 and Up
  • Adult Mix League (men and women) - Ages 18 and Up
  • Senior League - Ages 50 and Up

Go Check Out The Leagues In Your Area

My team during Youth League

My team during Youth League

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