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Bodybuilding Terms And What They Mean

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If you're new to bodybuilding you may have heard some terms like shredded or ripped, you may have even had them said to you. What do they mean and why understanding what they mean can help you achieve your goals. Bodybuilders to get a bad rap as not the brightest sparks but let me tell you their knowledge on nutrition and human anatomy is that comparable to someone with a dergee. Pick up any of the bodybuilding mags and read the guest columns written by pro bodybuilders from a time gone by and read what they have to say. Dorian Yates Springs to mind. Althouh he's not competiting anymore the 6 time Mr Olympia winner still has a strong presence in the Pro Bodybuilding World, Did you think Phil Heath Should Have won this years Olympia? Who trained him that's right Yates did. So What does bodybuilding terms have to do with nutrition? Well Each term has its own way of being achieved with nutrition and training.


"Dude Your Pumped

Pumped is when your muscle is full of blood and feels like it is ready to burst, many bodybuilders chase the pumped feeling. Arnie said it felt better than sex. Along with the feeling your muscles will be balloned like you have never seen them before. Getting pumped can be achieved when you have fatigue the muscle, until you can't lift no more no matter how heavy or light your lifting. Bodybuilders competing have a "pump room" backstage so that their muscles are at their fullest before going out on stage. Many use simple elastic cables or towels to achieve the pump rather than lifting heavy weights. Supplements like creatine can help you get fuller pumped muscles literally instantly if you train after taking.


 One of the hardest looks to achieve. Shredded is when your bodyfat is super super low, around the 5% mark. Shredded can not be sustained for very long, many bodybuilders go without drinking anything days before a contest and only eating chicken for up to a week before a competiton. When you pick up a  bodybuilding magazine if any of the top Pro's are in them then the photo's have all been taken around the same time, around September and October. When achieving the shredded look you will actually lose size so the bigger bodybuilders, the one's that compete in the Olympia have to tread a thin line between shredded and mass, they cannot lose their mass but they still have to be defined. Dexter Jackson is the master of the shredded look in the Olympia but he does lack size compared to others, Dexters physique is the most athstetically pleasing but he has only won the Mr Olympia once, the judges looking for size it seems. The Mr Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding event and this means that a handful of the Pro's Will only train for this one competition the whole year! The Arnold classic is the other major bodybuilding competition which is held a month before the Olympia, many that compete in the Arnold Classic and do well ( sometimes even win ) don't do very will in the Olympia due to getting their physique in the best condition possible for the Arnold and then trying to achieve it again a month later, it doesn't work hence why Jay Cutler only competes in the Olympia.


The Vascular look is when your vains are popin out as if they're on the outside of your body. To achieve this look It is a combination of low bodyfat and blood pumpind throuh your veins. Often people who are vascular are referred to having skin that is paper thin. Like being shredded this look is usually only achieved around competition time due to the low bodyfat levels. A lot people love this look and that brought many products on to the market to help you achieve this look without going through the ordeal of stripping away bodyfat. Owner of Metroflex Gym said that when Ronnie Coleman First walked into his gym he said that the veins in his legs were poping through Ronnies lycra trousers, he knew that Ronnie Would be the Mr Olympia.BSN N.O.-Xplode is a great product to get vascular and pumped. It's a great pre work out supplement to get you amped for your work out.

Check My Guns

Guns are your arms, simple as that really and when people are usually asked to show their muscles the first thing that people do is do a bicep flex, you'll rarely see someone do lat spread, or side sweep. This probably due to people being to able have their arms on show throughout the year. Don't fall in to the trap in to just training your arms which many people not only will you look like a fool but you will put strain on your joints due to the imbalance of muscle mass.

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 Grainy Muscles only  apply to seasoned bodybuilders, it is where a muscle has age and gives a grainy appearance grainy muscles can help in competition due to the look giving a muscle a more authentic look rather than a flat look that some of the younger bodybuilders look. Some who looked seriously grainy was 6 time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates. I have not seen a bodybuilder train harder than Dorian Yates he actually won one of his Olympia titles with a torn bicep and tricep hanging on by a thread. Many people that train with Dorian at his gym in England go on to do very very well in their competition they're training for Phil Heath Trained with Dorian Yates for the 2010 Olympia and he looked a winner.


JP993 (author) from England on December 16, 2010:

Thanks Kashmir56,

NO2 is a great supplement, people use NO2 to get their veins popping and achieve the " Vascular " Look.

Thomas Silvia from Massachusetts on December 15, 2010:

A very awesome hub about bodybuilding, i think you covered everything. Another good supplement for bodybuilder is Nitric oxide, also known as NO or NO2, is the body's primary vasodilator, relaxing and opening blood vessels within muscles to enhance blood flow. Nitric oxide can help deliver more nutrients and oxygen to muscle while removing more metabolic waste.

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