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Bob Hall Pier Fishing

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Welcome to Bob Hall Pier Fishing, an article that intends to provide fishermen interested in fishing Bob Hall Pier useful information for planning a trip to North Padre Island (Texas).

Thanks for checking out our article and we greatly appreciate your support. Please comeback periodically as we have included various links that relate to fishing in the area!

Good Luck and Good Fishing!


COAF Field Team

Update as of June 27, 2018...

$3 per person

$4 per fishing pole (max 4 poles)



General Information

Bob Hall Pier is located on North Padre Island, which is just east of Corpus Christi, Texas. It is a concrete pier that extends 1200 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. See Google Map Link.

There is an entrance fee based on the number of rods, and it has a store/grill that offers food, fishing tackle, and bait.

However, don’t let an entrance fee stop you from fishing the pier as the opportunity to hook into a Bruiser Saltwater fish is an offer that should not be passed up.

Moreover, great fishing in both the summer and winter months can be had with July to September providing for a chance at offshore species like King Mackerel of the end of the pier and Spanish Mackerel closer in to the surf.

Catches of Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead and Shark are possible while Piggy Perch, Surf Grunt, Whiting, and Croaker can keep the kids busy with steady action!

Year round many species of shark can be caught including Bull, Tiger, Hammerhead, Bonnethead and others…. most common are the smaller Black Tips that frequent the area!

For those interested in roughing it, Padre Balli Park has public camping and showers available with campsites with RV hooks ups or tent camping.

Else, there are a number of hotels and condos within minutes away if not within walking distance from the pier!

PS: Do checkout the video below, it's a clip of the Texas State Record Tiger Shark being caught and released. It was caught by a fisherman from Bob Hall Pier!

State record Tiger Shark is caught, tagged, and released by BHP Fisherman!




Bob Hall Pier offers great opportunity to catch fish. That said, there is an entrance fee that is based on the number of rods. Specifically, the rates are detailed as follows (as of Year 2010):

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  • $2.00 Per Person Entry Fee
  • $1.00 Per Pole (Limit 4)
  • $2.00 Cast Net
  • $50.00 Annual Walk-In Pass (Does not Include Fishing Poles)
  • $12.00 72 Hour Pass with 2 Poles
  • $400.00 Annual Pass with 2 Poles
  • Seniors Half Price
  • All Passes Expire at 5AM




As things can get hectic when the bite is on, there are pier rules that fishermen should be cognizant of when fishing Bob Hall Pier.

  • Hook and Line Fishing Only
  • No Alcoholic Beverages
  • No Flammables (Lanterns, Heaters, BBQs, etc)
  • No Camping
  • No Overhead Tarps
  • No Diving or Jumping
  • No Surfboards or Flotation Devices
  • No Climbing On Handrails
  • No Profane Language
  • No Pets
  • No Cleaning of Fish On Deck
  • No Bait or Fish On Deck
  • No Unattended Fishing Poles (Persons purchasing pass must be in attendance of poles. If not, poles will be required to be put out of service and stowed properly.

Note: On first glance, it seems like a lot of rules; however, they make sense and ensure the safety of others visiting/fishing the pier.


Suggestions for fishing Bob Hall Pier

  • Bring two poles. A medium-heavy pole for larger fishes and a medium pole for casting lures when fish are actively feed near the surface on baitfish!
  • Include pyramid lead weights in 2oz – 6oz in your tackle box. Strong current and waves may require adjusting weights as conditions change.
  • Use the right size hook for the species being sought with Size 2/0 J Hook or a 4/0 Circle Hook being a good all around sizes to use as a starting point.
  • Suggested dead baits include Mullet, Shrimp, and Squid which are readily purchased from the Pier’s store.
  • Live baits are Mullet and Shrimp, just be sure to bring a means to keep them well aerated.
  • Lures to bring include Jigs, Spoons, and Baitcasting Lures such as Mirrolures and Bombers that simulate baitfish (Mullet and Cigar Minnows)
  • Bring a chair, ice chest, drinks, and food. Have something to haul your gear like a wagon or dolly. The pier is 1200 feet and can make for a tough time carrying bulky/heavy equipment.
  • Bring a Hoop Net. The pier is well over 20 feet from the water’s surface. Don’t lose that Bruiser after a long fight while trying to lift up to the pier.
  • Be ready to move the length of the pier depending on the fish activity – closer to the surf or towards the pier’s end.
  • Bring a flashlight or electric lantern. The pier is well lighted but can get crowded. Lighted areas may be taken. Having a light source makes a difference when retying knots and working with your gear at night. (Remember: No gas lanterns are permitted).
  • Purchase a Beach Parking Permit ($12.00) at the Park Office or nearby convenience stores. There is ample free parking at the pier but purchasing a permit gains access to the beaches on Mustang Island, Padre Island, and the jetties nearby! (See the picture in the sidebar)
  • Start fishing just after 5AM. Pier passes expire at 5AM each morning regardless of when the pass was purchased. For the hardcore fishermen, starting at 5AM enables fishing all day and well into the night.

PS: Do Try a Ghost Shrimp Pump!

Do check out the video below about using a Ghost Shrimp Pump.

The pump used in the video was homemade and used instructions detailed in our partner HubPages article - "Making a Simple Ghost Shrimp Pump".

Ghost Shrimp makes outstanding bait when fishing the surf but can do double duty when fishing from a pier.

Do make note that there are daily limits in Texas for Ghost Shrimp. Before you go to the beach, be sure to read the latest rules and regulations on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website!

Thanks for Stopping By!

We hope this article has been helpful for our Readers.

If you get a chance to fish Bob Hall Pier, we welcome your comments and photos about your trip.

Please feel free to post comments in our Comments section below!

And, do check out the YouTube videos below to get an idea on what fishermen have caught at Bob Hall Pier!

Good Luck and Good Fishing!


COAF Field Team

YouTube Videos

Bob Hall Pier / Near Bob Hall Pier

Nice looking Black Tip Shark caught by a BHP Fisherman!

Good Stuff!

Sharks and King Mackerel are the targeted species by big game pier fishermen.

But, don't forget the occasional Tarpon!

Another shark "caught" by a BHP Fisherman.

This one is a Bull Shark that puts up a hard fight.

Unfortunately, it breaks off as the fisherman and others try to figure out how to land it!

How about some Spanish Mackerel, Drum, Sting Ray, and a King Mackerel (we think at the end)!

No worries... looked like a lot of fun with a mixed bag of fish!

It's not on Bob Hall Pier but is close by... catching sharks from the surf!

Nice sized shark that put up a hard fight!


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