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BlizeTec: Quality Matters! Tactical Survival Knife


The Back-Story

I was looking around on Amazon, earlier this week, looking for a new knife to review.

So far; all of my reviews have been on products that I have already owned for several years; so I wanted to get something new to review.

Something new. Something exciting. Something Tacticool!

This is when I came across the BlizeTec Tactical Survival Knife; the "best 5-in-1 tactical folding pocket knife".

Who could pass up on THAT?

I ordered it; and I waited....

It arrived today!

The Packaging

As soon as I opened the yellow bubble-pack, I started getting excited.

For as cheap as the knife was (I got an extreme discount); I expected it to come in a cheap package.

I was mistaken; as the box that it came in was very sleek and elegant looking.

The box is probably one of it's most thought-out features....


The Features

The BlizeTec Tactical Survival Knife comes with 5 features;

  • Knife (duh)
  • Mini-Flashlight
  • Magnesium Fire Starter Rod
  • Seatbelt/Cord Cutter
  • Glass Breaker

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The First Impression

As I removed the knife from the box, my initial thought was "This is going to be a bad-ass knife; if it does everything it claims it can do."

It does looks pretty Tacticool, doesn't it.

The next thought was "Well damn; it is right-hand only."

That's right. BlizeTec shows us southpaws no love at all.

Neither the pocket clip; nor the thumb stud, are reversible.

It does come with a belt sheath; though I am pretty sure it is made by Kleenex.

The Testing

At this point, the fact that it is not suitable for left-handers had already relegated it to being a back-up blade; but I wanted to test the features; to see where it ranked among my other back-ups.

What kind of knife reviewer would I be, if I didn't test it out; right?

Here are the results:

The Blade

BlizeTec states that their knife is made from 420 stainless steel; and is "ultra sharp".

The paper test determined that "ultra sharp" is a bit of a stretch.

I am not going to say it is "dull"; but I would ALMOST feel comfortable handing it over to my 6 year old son....


The reason that I say I "ALMOST" feel comfortable handing it over to him, is the fact that the liner-lock barely works.

It "locks"; but it would probably fail if I had the bass too low on the radio.

* If you flip the blade out aggressively; the momentum helps the lock snap into place, like it is supposed to do.

The BlizeTec Tactical Survival Knife's liner-lock; if you open it, without an aggressive flick of the wrist

The BlizeTec Tactical Survival Knife's liner-lock; if you open it, without an aggressive flick of the wrist

The Fire Starter

According to the instructions that come with the knife; you are supposed to use the serrated part of the blade to strike the magnesium rod....

We are just going to stop right there.

Do NOT use your blade to strike a ferro/magnesium rod.

First of all: It can dull your blade.

Second: It takes off more of the rod than is necessary.

That being said; I followed their instructions, and it DID throw sparks.

It also put a gouge in the rod; because that is what happens when you strike a ferro-rod with your knife's blade....

I tried using the back of the knife, but it isn't sharp enough, so I decided to go with a tried-and-true method; and used the back of my Swiss Army Knife's saw.

It worked; and it worked well.

The rod is a little shorter than I would like; however, it passed the test.

*on a side note: The rod locks into the handle pretty securely, so it is not likely to accidentally fall out.

After striking the fire starting rod

After striking the fire starting rod

The LED Light

The little LED light is actually pretty cool.

It makes me want to like the knife; even though it is lacking quality on the 'knife" side.

It comes out of the handle; so you do not have to leave it on the knife, when operating it.

When in the handle; it is held in place with a magnet.

The magnet is also useful for attaching the light to other metal objects, where you might need a small light; such as under the hood of a car.

The light also turns out to be pretty bright, for it's size; and BlizeTec claims the it has a 12 hour run-time.

The biggest downside is that it uses 4 very small LR621 batteries.

I guess you cant ask too much out of light this tiny.


The Seat Belt/Cord Cutter

I obviously am not going to cut my own seat belt; but I did test the cutter with some 550 paracord.

It DID cut the cord; but just barely.

It took a pretty decent amount of pressure to get it to break through.

After examining it further, I found that the blade is more akin to a chisel; than to the razor blade you would usually find in a seat belt cutter.

It is better than nothing; but the blade worked better for this than the actual cord cutter did.

* The knife blade was so dull, out of the box, that the paracord actually slid across it; but a little TLC from the knife sharpener fixed this problem.

The Glass Breaker

I did not try this feature out.

It is basically a pointed metal stud; placed at the end of the handle.


Final Thoughts

I really wanted this knife to be everything that it claims to be; however, it just isn't.

As a back-up blade; this guy would fall pretty low in the rankings, because the blade just isn't good.

The one thing I can say about the knife is that it makes a dandy flashlight/fire starter holder; and I'm sure the glass breaker probably works.

If all else fails, you can just through the whole knife at the window.

Just make sure you take out the flashlight and the magnesium rod; you don't want to lose those....

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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