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Top 10 Deadliest Martial Arts for Street Fighting (2022)


Best Martial arts for Self Defense Women Men

Survival is most basic attribute of every living being on planet. While god gave big nails, pointed teeths, poison and rigid body to animals for self defense, we human being were blessed with brain. After all Fighting is not just strength, stamina and reflexes but brain too. Without it we would be on the lowest level of food chain. The biggest threat to human being are human being itself. You're moving on street and suddenly you find yourself cornered around by a bunch of bullies. Worse case would be that these muggers want to kill you for your money, mobile, gold chains, rings or even for your suit. If you're trained martial art fighter you can kick their a$$ in a matter of seconds but if you're not hen you totally depend on their mercy. Martial arts makes you a tough fighter. There are many martial arts but you can not learn each type. Here i have list 10 best martial arts for self defense. I have tried to include easy to learn and most effective martial arts for self defense in the list:

10. Aikido:

Aikido means Unifying with Life energy. It was derived from Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu by great Japanese Martial arts teacher Morihei Ueshiba in the 1920s. The most amazing thing about Aikido is that unlike other martial arts - your main motive on Aikido is not to hurt attacker but to defend yourself. In fact Aikido teaches moves about how to protect your attacker from his injury while defeating him. You may call aikido as a friendly martial arts, as you have to take care of the attacker too. In aikido, the defender save himself from the attackers by redirecting the force. This means that you don't have to use your own energy but you should be fast enough to redirect the force that your attacker developed to attack you. In short aikido is great martial arts for self defense where the defender save himself by shifting momentum and energy of the attacker.

9. Karate:

Karate is very famous martial arts. Thanks to the martial arts movies made in 1960s and 1970s which mainly focused on Karate. Karate means empty hand or bare hand. Karate was developed in Okinawa,Japan in the early 20th century. While it was there in China from the early times, yet it found world wide popularity during the second World War. USA had a military site in Okinawa Japan during that time period and army men become huge fan of Karate. The main focus of Karate is striking and you have to use Kicks, Punches, knee and elbow strikes to defend yourself. Modern Karate also teaches Joint locks. World Karate Federation has claimed that 100 million people in the world practice Karate, which counts to 1/7th of the world population. Karate is not just a martial arts for self defense but it also teaches how to attack. Karate needs a good amount of Physical and mental training. Many people cite Karate asa Spiritual Martial arts.

8. Kung Fu:

Kung fu is the most widely used martial arts in movies. Bruce lee, Jackie chain and Jet li made Kung fu the most popular martial arts in the world. Moreover Kung fu (also known as Chinese martial arts) is one of the oldest martial arts. The history of Kung fu dates back 4000 years ago when the Yellow Emperor of China developed and practiced a martial arts for self protection. Later on Chinese monks learned this martial arts for self defense. Kung fu Got world wide fame in the 20th century. Thanks to Bruce lee. Kung Fu was used by military men too for self defense and attack. Learning Kung Fu is not easy but it is considered as one of the most effective martial arts. Kung fu gives a full control and physical and mental abilities of a person.

7. Aikijutsu

Aikijutsu is the mother of Aikido (said above). Aikijutsu was developed by the famous teacher Takeda Sokaku. His student Morihei Ueshiba developed Aikido from Aikijutsu later. Aikijutsu is popular for close self defense. Aikijutsu mainly focuses on the power of opponent. The basic concept of Aiki in aikijustu is pull when you are pushed and to push when you are pulled. You don't need to be fast but should be effective. Aikijutsu also teached Joint locks. One of the most popular joint lock is Tokimune Takedawhere you can lock attacker while fighting with other incoming attackers. Aikijutsu is sometimes not effective in case of multiple attackers and with weapons.

6. Kick Boxing:

KickBoxing is derived from Muay Thai, Karate and Western Boxing. If you want to attack your opponent while successfully protecting youself from incoming attacks than Kickboxing could be very effective. In fact Kick Boxing is not as hard to learn as its originators. As the name suggest Kick Boxing use Punches and Kicks for attacks. However in Kick Boxing Knees strike and elbow strike are not taught in certain countries. What make Kick Boxing effective is its protection technique. There are multiple positions taught in Kick boxing for self defense.

5. Krav Maga:

Many might say that Krav maga is not an effective martial arts for Self defense. But i must tell you that Krav Maga is more realistic than any other martial arts on the list. Krav Maga is taught in a realistic environment with full contact combat. The techniques used in Krav maga are based on street fighting. Thus one can easily understand the scenario and attack/defense in accordance. Krav Maga teaches some very brutal attacking techniques. Usually these attacks are on the most vulnerable areas of the attacker like eyes, nose, groin and ribs. Moreover Krav maga is about speed, the faster you are the more effective is your attack/defense.

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4. Brazillian Jiu Jitsu:

BJJ was designed in a way that even a weak and relatively small person can protect himself from a bigger or stronger person. BJJ is purely a martial arts for self defense. The techniques used in BJJ are mostly joint locks and choke holds.BJJ focuses on Mechinical strength rather than physical strength. The grappling techniques taught in BJJ are very effective and could be applied by a weak person too. For the fans of wresting, You might remember The Undertaker's Hell's gate. It is a popular grappling position practiced in BJJ. It makes very hard for the opponent to breath.

3. Judo:

Judo was developed in the late 19th century and soon found fans world wide. Judo is very effective martial arts for Self defense. Unlike other martial arts in the list Judo mainly focuses on the graplling and locking techniques making attacker helpless. The choking and holding techniques are very effective on ground and you do not need to be a trained puncher or kicker to attack your opponent. Judo is effective martial arts for self defense for woman too. Judo is also an olympic sport.

2. Boxing:

Boxing is one of the most popular martial arts. Personally i am huge fan of Boxing. Boxing is very old martial arts and have been known in existence since the 700 BC. In Early times Boxing was a popular sport for entertainment. Boxing isn't easy to learn. In fact many cited it as the most difficult sport in the world. But, it is no hidden fact that a trained boxer can make his opponent unconcious in one move. One punch from a trained boxer is enough for the opponent. Boxers usually follows a strict diet along with hard practice and training. Boxers devote basically 4 years of their life to learn how to punch. This may seem easy but an effective punch doesn't come easily without training.

1. Muay Thai:

Muay thai was in existence from the 16th century but it found world wide fame in the 20th century. Muay thai was developed in Thailand .Muay thai is considered a deadly martial arts. It is effective for self defense. The reason for this is that Muay thai uses whole body for protection. From Fists, Knees, elbows and feets to shins every thing is used in muay thai. Punching and kicking are allowed in Muay thai. The blocking techinques are very effective in Muay thai protecting even a weak person from stronger man. Muay thai needs a lot of practice and training. Have you tried any of the above martial arts? Or would you suggest any other martial arts for self defense.

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