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Best Moments of the Royal Rumble 2020

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Everyone’s favorite Pay-Per-View once again delivered, as it was one of the best Pay-Per-View events of all time. It had great moments all around. Both Rumble matches were fantastic. With the men’s match being a strong contender for the best Royal Rumble match ever! We have a lot to cover, so let’s get right into it shall we?

The Kickoff Show - Sheamus vs Shorty G

We had two matches at the kickoff show. We got the obvious one of Sheamus vs Shorty G and then the United States Championship was on the line with Champion Andrade defending it against Humberto.

To my surprise Sheamus vs Shorty G went a lot longer than I expected and G also got in a lot of offense on Sheamus. Shorty G countered 3 Brogue kicks into ankle locks but then the fourth time Sheamus actually connected and got the pinfall victory over Shorty G.

The Kickoff Show - Andrade vs Humberto Carillo (US Championship)

Next we got Andrade versus Humberto Carillo had a fun match which got really heated at the end. Back to back reversals from both these superstars. Humberto nearing the end got a lot off offense in especially with the tope rope hurricane-rana.

Humberto then went for a standing hurricane-rana but Andrade countered it with a roll-up for the 1…2…3. Andrade Retained.

Roman Reigns vs King Corbin

The Main show kicked off with the Falls Count Anywhere match between Roman and Corbin. Everyone knew this match was going to be filled with a lot of smoke and mirrors and that was all that happened. We got a lot of fun spots. The two went to through the entire stadium, they went up to the technical area, beat each other up in the equipment area as well. For a brief moment we got Ziggler and Roode come out and help Corbin. It was then broken up quickly thanks to the Usos. With this entire thing going on, I believe that the best moment of the match was when Roman chugged Corbin into one of the Porter potties and flipped it over. It was awesome to see but then for a brief moment I was thinking that the joke was on Roman because now Roman got to beat and pin Corbin so eventually he was going to get all the human excretion on him as well. But luckily this was early in the night and nobody really used the porter potty so there was nothing in there, so Corbin came out clean.

Eventually the two fought themselves to the dugout and Roman picked the win with one vicious spear.

30-Women Royal Rumble

This was a great match excluding the finish. Alexa Bliss was number 1 and Bianca Belair was number 2. Both Superstars had a great showing with Alexa Bliss lasting 26 minutes and 34 seconds with 3 eliminations until Bianca Belair who lasted for 33 minutes and 20 seconds with a whomping 8 eliminations eliminated her. Bianca now holds the record for the most eliminations in the Women’s Royal Rumble history.

One of the best moments in the Rumble was Mandy Rose being saved by Big Otis. It was awesome to see. Probably the best moment in the entire show. Well at least until we enter the Men’s Rumble.

We got a lot of shocking entrances such as Mighty Molly, Naomi made an epic return, and Shayna Baszler also entered the Rumble at number 30. We also got the return of Beth Phoenix. I have to give immense props to Beth Phoenix. Beth early on in the match got a cut in the back of her head and was bleeding profusely. She was bleeding so much that she turned into a redhead from a blonde.

Naomi got pulled a john Morrison and a Kofi Kingston in one spot when she clung on to the security barricade from being eliminated. Naomi then created a bridge from the announce table to the steps and sprinted across and got back in the ring.

Beth Phoenix teamed up with Natalya to get some eliminations in until we got entry number 29. To everyone’s surprise the Sister of Santino, Santina Marella returned. She was stuck between Beth and Natalya. Beth at this point was on beast mode, she had her terrifying mean face on and that scared Santina as she hit the cobra on herself and eliminated herself.

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Beth eventually got her revenge on Natalya for eliminating her at the 2018 Royal Rumble. Beth eliminated Natalya making her one of the final three.

The final three were Beth Phoenix, Shayna Baszler and Charlotte Flair. Shayna managed to eliminate Beth Phoenix. Shayna looked like she was going to win but then in an attempt to eliminate Charlotte, Flair got the upper hand or upper leg I should say, as she eliminated Shayna to win the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble.

Universal Championship Match

The Fiend and Daniel Bryan went toe to toe in the strap match. Bryan got in a lot of offense against the Fiend and almost got the win on a couple occasions as he is the first person to get the Fiend down for a two-count after hitting his finisher for the first time. As much as offense Bryan got in, he took a lot more punishment as well. The Fiend was whipping Bryan with the strap and after a lot of action for about 17 minutes; Fiend locked in the mandible Claw and hit a Choke Slam or should I say a Claw Slam on Bryan for the pinfall victory.

The RAW Women’s Championship

Is ‘the Man’ Becky Lynch ready for Asuka? That was the story being told building up to this match. It turns out Becky is more than ready. The two worked their rear-ends off to put on a great show off. In my mind this was the best singles match of the night. Becky Suplexed Asuka outside on the mat. A little while later both of them face-planted each other on the outside as well. Kairi played a little trying to distract Becky. I thought the match was coming to an end as Asuka was preparing herself to spit the green mist on Becky. But Becky kicked the mist out of Asuka’s mouth. Then Becky locked in the Dis-arm-her and made Asuka tap out.

30 – Men Royal Rumble Match

As announced earlier Lesnar entered number 1 and we got Elias at number 2. Elias was singing a song just like only Elias can. He was dissing Brock and then went on to diss Heyman and at this point Brock had enough he swiftly got out the ring and caught Elias and brought him back to the ring and threw him right back out. That was the first elimination and everyone was getting in and out until number 5. The guys that were eliminated were Elias, Roode, Rowan and in shockingly quick fashion, the returning John Morrison. Kofi managed to last a little longer; we then got Rey Mysterio and followed by Big E. These three put on a good showing with all three hitting their finishers on Lesnar. But this was not enough as right after that Lesnar eliminated all three one by one. Just like this in very quick fashion Lesnar got to 11 eliminations.

At entry number 13 we got the Limitless Keith Lee. Both had a stare down and it looked like Keith was going to be the one who was going to eliminate the Beast but then Lesnar took out Lee and was beating him up. After which at number 14 came in Braun Strowman. Both Lee and Strowman. Both Lee and Strowman then tried to eliminate each other. Lesnar took advantage of this and eliminated both of them at the same time. Lesnar now got the highest number of eliminations in a 30-men Royal Rumble match with 13 eliminations.

Entry number 14 then was Ricochet and at this point I lost all hope, I was furious with this as Lesnar was just eliminating all one by one then Ricochet got hit by Lesnar and he went out the ring under the second rope. My hopes all got back up when entry number 16 entered. It was the Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre. McIntyre and Lesnar had a stare down with the beast and then out of nowhere and Ricochet kicked Brock in the nuts and Drew hit one fantastic Claymore to take out Brock. It was absolutely phenomenal. Then Drew easily threw out Ricochet.

After sometime at entry number 21 we got a hall of famer return. It was one of the most emotional moments of the night. We got the return of the Rated R Superstar Edge. It was emotional for us and it was emotional for Edge himself as he returned after he had to retire way back in 2011 due to a neck injury. Edge entered and started throwing out spears on everyone. Edge eliminated AJ Styles and then we saw the reunion of team Rated RKO. The Randy was thinking of eliminating Edge but Edge outsmarted him and eliminated Randy. Edge was in the final three with Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. Reigns eliminated Edge and looked like winning the Rumble until Drew McIntyre Claymored Reigns’ head out. It was one of the best Claymores ever. Then Drew eliminated Reigns to win his first ever Royal Rumble. Drew hit the Claymore on two crucial occasions and both were absolutely fantastic. One was the best one of the night eliminating the beast Brock Lesnar and the next one was to eliminate Roman Reigns.

That is all for the best moments. Sorry if this turned out to be a long read because there were a lot of awesome moments. This was a great way to kickoff the new Decade. It was one of the best Pay-Per-Views ever. Thank you guys for reading. Until next time! See ya!!

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