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Best Baby Pools: 8 Models

You know, when I was a kid, I must have spent the better part of every summer begging for a pool. I can still remember (jealously) eyeing up the neighbor kid's pool, wishing for my own. I even shamelessly invited myself to their house so I could splash around in it. (Hey, hippo-shaped baby pools were in back then) Well, I never did talk mom into buying me one, and I still look upon baby pools with great envy. Especially now that they're so much more hip than they were in the 80's when I was small enough to play in one. Ok, I'm probably still small enough to play in one, but I'm too cool for that now. Err, as long as you're looking, anyway. The following baby pools are mostly for toddlers, but some of them will still appeal to your older kids.

If you're here looking for a pool for Fido -- these aren't for you. You want something more durable than these. Take a look at my article on Dog Pools, and don't forget the Doggie Life Jackets!


Rainbow Ring Play Center

Ok, you can't possibly look at that pool and tell me you don't want one for yourself. I'm thirty-something, and even I think that looks pretty cool. The colors are especially nifty, aren't they? What kid doesn't love brightly colored things? And this pool is big enough for at least 3 or 4 kids to splash around in. Maybe even a mom or dad!


Jungle Cruise Canopy Pool

Hello? How cool is this thing? Big enough to fit a few kids, and the thing turns into a rainforest! I love it. I want one. In fact, I might just get me one, if I can find this over here. Perfect for a hot afternoon -- and the shade will keep your kids from getting sun-burnt. What more could you want?


Paradise Lagoon

This is a pretty heavy-duty looking kiddie pool, innit? Long enough to play a little kiddie volleyball, as you can see in the pic. Of course, adults could use it too; it would make a great way to cool off after laying out in the sun.

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iPlay Baby Activity Pool

Your baby is going to love playing in this baby pool. Firstly, look at the colors; gorgeous! Now look at all the neato animals that will catch baby's attention while he's hanging out in the pool. That, and notice it's shaded for extra sun safety.


Mushroom Baby Pool

Every kid loves great big Alice In Wonderland style mushrooms, and this brightly colored play pool will put a smile on your baby's face. It's pretty, it's entertaining, and it's got the shade to keep him from getting too much sun. Mind, it's also quite small; this one's perfect for toddlers.


Intex Baby Pool

Another fabulous baby pool, this one's a bit larger than the previous one, so you could easily have more than one toddler splashing around in here. Additionally, this one has that activity bridge, so there's lots to keep baby busy while he's in the pool.


Hoppy Frog Spray Pool

Right, don't laugh, but this is one of my faves. I would have loved this thing when I was a kid. Heck, I love it now. You think I'm kidding? I'd splash around in that thing, no problem!


Slide N Splash Dolphin Pool

Everyone loves a water slide, don't they? Well, now you can get a kiddie pool that comes with a very cool looking dolphin slide. Whether your children are sliding or splashing, they'll love it.

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