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Beautiful Hot Ping-Pong Girls Rock the Table Tennis World

When you think of the many beautiful female athletes out there and the variety of sports they play, ping-pong may not be the first thing that crosses your mind. In fact, it is probably not the second, third or fourth thing you think of. But ping-pong, or table tennis as it is more often referred to in professional circles, has many lovely ladies playing game. And yes, there are professional circles in the world of ping-po... re, table tennis.

The International Table Tennis Federation was formed in 1926 and is the governing body for professional table tennis worldwide. The Federation has over 200 member associations and publishes a handbook that establishes worldwide rules for the game. Since 1988, table tennis has been an Olympic sport and has been growing in popularity around the globe.

Georgina Pota


Hungarian Georgina Póta is one of the sports loveliest players. She is also a lethal opponent for her foes. Sometimes known as "Perky" Pota because of her sunny disposition, this blue-eyed blond is a joy to watch when she plays. In addition to winning medals in singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles matches in European championship matches, Georgina was also a 2008 Olympic player and was one of the few Europeans to make an impression in a game dominated by Asian athletes. But perhaps her most distinguished title is that of 2010 United States Open Women’s Singles Champion. At only 26 years old, Georgina's future in the sport seems very bright indeed!

Brana Vlasic


There is very little information about table tennis pro Brana Vlasic on the internet. She won the gold medal in the Women Open Singles category at the 2009 California State Games and has won other medals as well in competitions such as the 2009 San Diego Open where she seems to have won two titles. Other than that, I was able to learn that she is very enthusiastic about the sport, once stating, "Table tennis is something that everybody in this world secretly loves. That’s my theory."

She is currently a member of the San Diego Table Tennis Association where she is currently ranked #2 out of around 400 members and is coached by former world champion Stellan Bengtsson, a man that Brana clearly has a lot of respect for. You might think you could find some more information about her on the SDTTA website, but no such luck. However, with Brana's love of the game combined with her obvious ping-pong skills, she will most assuredly be making headlines soon.

Soo Yeon Lee


Soo Yeon Lee is one of the better known table tennis players, currently ranked at #14 by USA Table Tennis. This is impressive considering her last official game was in July 2009 and her last table tennis championship was the 2009 Killerspin Invitational Tournament in Chicago. Throughout her table tennis career she has won titles such as the U.S. Open Champion in 2007 and the New Zealand Women’s Champion in 2004. But these days she is giving more attention to her modeling and acting careers than to her professional ping-pong position.

Though she is a relative newcomer to modeling and acting, Soo Yeon's modeling experience already includes work in publications like Interview Magazine, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, GQ, The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. Additionally, she has appeared on The Jay Leno Show and Entourage as well as networks like ESPN and Fuel TV. But this South Korean beauty has not forsaken the sport which brought her fame, becoming the face of Susan Sarandon’s SPiN franchise. More about that a little later...

Iulia Necula


Iulia Necula is another 2008 Olympian having played for the Romanian team at the games. She also made a calendar with other ladies from the Romanian Olympic team looking very sexy in evening gowns. I really could not find any other information about this beautiful woman other than she is currently ranked 192nd in the world by the International Table Tennis Federation.

Naomi Yotsumoto

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Besides being a top-notch table tennis player, the thing that Naomi Yotsumoto is known for is designing her own outfits. In a sport that is wanting its female players to play up their sexuality, that has made Naomi something of a media darling. She is hip and stylish and oh so sexy. It doesn't hurt that she is also a great player. Many say that if ping-pong is to truly become a popular sport, it will be players like Naomi who lead the way.

Yotsumoto has been called ping-pong's Asian Anna Kournikova, comparing her to the popular tennis player known for her fashion sense as well as her amazing tennis skills. Naomi has no trouble living up to this comparison. As beautiful as she is talented, Naomi Yotsumoto is bringing fans to the sport and leading the way in making table tennis as exciting to watch as it is to play!


Susan... Sarandon?!?


It is not just gorgeous young hotties who are into ping-pong either. Gorgeous older hotties do too! As I mentioned before, actress Susan Sarandon is a backer of a SPiN franchise that opened in New York City in 2009. SPiN is a club that focuses on table tennis with tables available for rental by members as well as the general public. Ping-pong has been growing in popularity year after year and now counts Paris Hilton, Kaley Cuoco, Olivia Munn, Edward Norton and George Clooney among its many enthusiasts. So fellows, pick up a paddle and take a swing at ping-pong. Maybe you will even find the girl of your dreams!


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