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Baseball's All Cookie Team in Memory of Dedicated Texas Fan


This Amos Was Famous For Gold Glove Defense


It was literally a sweet relationship, that of the Texas Rangers and the “Cookie Lady.” For the last two decades Shirley Kost, at no cost by the way, would bake a batch of cookies and deliver them in person to the Texas Rangers before each home game.

Ms. Kost died on May 13 in Arlington, Texas, where she had resided for the past three decades of her 82 years. According to the obituary in The New York Times, the cause was complications from the coronavirus.

The tradition started back in the spring of 2000, Texas All-Star reliever John Wetteland playfully gave Ms. Kost a ride on the back of his motorcycle. She decided to repay his favor by baking him a batch of cookies, which she handed to him from over the stadium seats to the bullpen.

When other relievers teasingly complained about not getting cookies themselves, Ms. Kost decided to bake enough for the entire corps of relievers. From every game thereafter, she would show up at the ball park with several batches of coookies, earning her nickname.

In memory of her, I offer this roster of ball players whose names have associations with cookies.

First Base, Chip Hale

He was a delightful piece of several teams, most notably the Twins and the Dodgers, before getting an opportunity to become a Major League manager.

Second Base, Brent Abernathy

Sharing a surname with a biscuit-like cookie named after a Scottish doctor, Abernathy was an everyday player for the 2002-2 Tampa Rays before spending short stints with the Royals and Twins.

Shortstop, Niko Goodrum

Deliciously similar to the Necco company famous for its wafers, the current Tiger was second in home runs for the 2018 Detroit team.

Third Base, Chone Figgins

Newton perhaps would have made for a sweeter first name than the one pronounced like “Shawn,” but the long-time Angel four times finished as a runner up for the American League Most Valuable Player race.

Left Field, Wally Moon

Half Moons are crescent-shaped butter cookies, and Wally was a full-time slugger for the storied Dodgers of the Fifties and Sixties.

Center Field, Coco Crisp

Cereal is why the long-time Cleveland star is remembered, but his last name also describes small round cookies.

Right Field, Amos Otis

Gold Gloves made Otis a legend of the diamond, even more Famous now than the erstwhile cookie maker.

Catcher Ginger Shinault,

Sandy Alomar would be here instead of this fellow Clevelander from the 1920s, except the former happens to share a first name with our hall of Fame left hander.

Pitcher, Sandy Koufax

Even with a career shortened by injury, this Sandy delighted more than a pecan cookie while hurling his way to the Hall of Fame.

Relief Pitcher, Rollie Fingers

Lady Fingers make for popular sweet snacks, but they are no way as popular as this Cy Young closer for the pennant winning Athletics and Brewers.

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