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Baseball Is NOT Boring

Give Baseball a Chance

Like so many others, you think baseball is boring. However, I don't understand how that is possible. If you actually watched the game, you would understand that it is the ultimate game of strategy, a war between pitchers and hitters, that you get the pleasure of watching hundreds of times from late March to early November. This is why I don't know how it could possibly be seen as boring. However, I would like to try and change your mind by giving you some suggestions for the next time you watch "America's Pastime."

A War Between Jordan Hicks and Luis Guillorme

The Art of Pitching

Moving forward, you should pay close attention to the smaller details. Don't be distracted by the sparsely hit home runs or the highlight reel catches. Watch every pitch, and the sequence of pitches, and try to understand the difficulty behind this. This will hopefully give you a newfound appreciation for the athletes.

Most may think that the most impressive aspect of the great game of baseball is the towering home runs, and while home runs are exciting, I believe that a dominant pitching performance is even better. This is because EVERY pitch serves a purpose, and plays a huge role in the outcome of the game.

To go along with this, you will very rarely see two pitches that are exactly the same. Some pitchers can have an arsenal that includes both a 70-mph curveball and a 103-mph fastball. There are also guys like Yu Darvish, who has 11 different pitches, as well as guys like Mariano Rivera, who typically only used one pitch. Comparing these two numbers you'd think Darvish is better than Rivera, but that is not the case. This is because while Darvish had 11 pitches, where some were effective and others were ineffective, Rivera had one dominant pitch. If a pitcher can perfect one pitch and make it dominant, then they will succeed just as much as someone with a deep arsenal.

Yu Darvish's 11 Pitch Arsenal

Mariano Rivera's 1 Pitch Arsenal

Drama Behind Every Pitch

While pitching is only one aspect of the game, it is by far the most important aspect. Therefore, reevaluating the sport of baseball and starting with pitching is a great way to start. Hopefully, this will make it so that you can eventually become a fan of the game, and no longer think that it is slow and boring. Watching every pitch will make you begin to see baseball for what it really is; The most intense and dramatic sport, where every pitch counts.

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