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Water Skiing Secrets

Barefoot Boom Pictures

Barefoot boom parts

Barefoot boom parts

Barefoot boom Tower Boom

Barefoot boom Tower Boom

learning with a barefoot boom

learning with a barefoot boom

teaching children with a barefoot boom

teaching children with a barefoot boom

learn to slalom ski on a barefoot boom

learn to slalom ski on a barefoot boom

How to Cheat at Water Skiing

The biggest secret in water skiing is that you can learn without falling and progress ten times faster than you thought. It is almost like cheating when you know this little tip. Imagine what it could be like for your family and friends if you could not only learn without taking a single fall, but you culd teach them the same thing. You could be the expert on your lake!

What is a Contour Barefoot Boom

A contour water ski boom is used to teach water skiers, wakeboarders, kneeboarders, slalom skiers, and barefoot water skiers to learn without falling. A contour water ski boom has been bent to fit around side windshield frames and tower bases, and to get the boom clamp down below the taper that exists in a ski pylon.

To understand why there are contour booms, you need to know a little about ski pylon construction. Ski pylons are generally made from high quality aircraft aluminum, and are built into the construction of the boat in order to reinforce the pylon. These are for attaching a ski rope. They are also a great place to attach a boom.

Although there are ski pylons that have a consistent diameter to them, many have been tapered in order to look more appealing. Although it looks good, this tapered area is useless for attaching a boom clamp. In order to have a safe area to mount the boom, the clamp has to be lower than the tapered area in order to be safe.

If anyone ever made the mistake of putting the boom clamp on the tapered section of the ski pylon, it would never hold. Therefore the bend or contour of the boom, puts the clamp down below the taper on the ski pylon where it is safe to mount.

In order for a contour water ski boom to stay strong forever with all the bends and the leverage or water skiing, it must be constructed out of the best material. Years of product testing has shown that only high quality aircraft aluminum will meet these demands.

The same strength and flexibility needed for aircraft wings is needed for a contoured water ski boom. Just as an airplane wing is designed to last forever, so is a properly constructed boom. Although only the highest quality aircraft aluminum passes stress tests, many manufacturers buy aluminum that does not meet aircraft quality.

Fortunately, there is a huge tip I can give you to help determine the construction of your boom. All you have to do is look at the sections that attaches to the boom clamp. It needs to be solid aluminum and not hollowed. Knowledge of this simple fact sets you apart as an expert.

Another easy way to feel secure about getting the right boom is to require a lifetime guarantee. Any manufacturer who offers a lifetime guarantee on all aluminum parts is using the best materials. Having this confidence will ensure that you have a boom that will last forever and protect your family and friends.

Contour water ski booms come in three flavors;

the single straight water ski contour boom, the universal contour boom, and the quad contour boom

A factory trained contour boom specialist can identify the boom that you need for your boat. Never deal with someone who is unfamiliar with the different boom types.

Barefoot Boom Industry Secrets

Barefoot Boom Information

Learning On a Barefoot Boom

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Choosing the Right Barefoot Boom

What Pros Hope You Never Find Out ABout Choosing a Bare Foot Boom

by Lane "Dawg" Bowers

Almost everyone who has ever been water skiing has encountered the frustrations of not being able to learn or teach someone else to learn to get up on water skis. Getting up on combos is only the beginning as you will soon be looking to learn to slalom, knee board, wakeboard, or even barefoot water ski. One thing you will notice among more advanced skiers...they aall have a bare foot boom on their boat.

The bare foot boom is no longer just for barefoot water skiing. It has become an integral part of learning any type of water skiing because it dramatically reduces falling and injuries.

The modern boom is made out of aircraft aluminum and mounts on the boat so that the skier can ride within ear shot of the driver. The round metal boom ads dramatic stability for the beginning skier while they gain confidence. Adjusting the height of the boom makes the skier feel lighter, stronger, and safer. When skiers feel safe they will enjoy water skiing and they will progress quicker.

There are three parts to the boom;

1. the piece that attaches to the boat is called the boom clamp

2. the second piece is an aluminum bar that attaches to the boom clamp and rests on the gunnel of the boat

3. the third piece is a solid aluminum bar that fits into the second piece and has cables that attach to the front of the boat

Figuring out which boom works with your boat can be discouraged unless you understand the three different types of booms. Any boat that has a tower can take advantage of the high-tech tower boom. All water ski boats come standard with a ski pylon which is also the most common place to attach the boom clamp. Contrary to common knowledge, there is a boom to fit any type of boat. The gunnel mount boom is a good option for any other type of boat.

If you have a tower, then the only information you need is your tower tubing's outer diameter. If you are going to use a gunnel mount boom, you only need to decide where on your boat's gunnel you will attach it. Boats designed for water skiing all have ski pylons. The only information you will need is where your windshield ends on the side where your boom will go out.

If your boat's windshield ends in front of the pylon, you will need what is called a "straight boom." If your boom extends less than 8 inches past your pylon, then you need what is called a "contour boom." If your windshield extends more than 8 inches past your ski pylon, then you may need what is called a "quad boom." Since there are an incredible amount of variations in boat types, I recommend buying your boom from a dealer who guarantees that your boom will fit or they will buy it back.

Make sure that you do not let the complexities of figuring out which bare foot boom you need stop you from enjoying the benefits of safety and fun that comes from using one in your water skiing activities. Water skiing is an addictive family activity when you experience the exhilaration of learning without falling.

Imagine the fun of learning as well as teaching others to get up on combo skis at speeds as slow as 12mph, knee boarding at 8 mph, getting up on a slalom ski at 12-15mph, or barefooting at 25 mph. Not using a bare foot boom is probably the single biggest mistake that beginners make. Now that you know the insider secrets to choosing the right bare foot boom, you can jump straight to becoming an armchair expert.

Lane "Dawg" Bowers gives away free water skiing tips and online videos showing you how to buy the right barefoot boom for your boat. Learn what the pros are hoping you do not learn about bare foot booms with this free inside information.


If you have ever wanted to learn get up on water skis, a slalom, ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, or even barefoot, you can learn without falling. They key is stop trying to learn behind the boat where you have already watched dozens of your friends and family members fall over and over again. There is a better way. Why not aim at making water skiing TOO easy until you feel comfortable?

A barefoot boom is the key to helping you and your family enjoy water skiing for your entire life. Don't listen to the pros, you now have the inside scoop.

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Kelly Kline Burnett from Madison, Wisconsin on October 12, 2011:

Wish we had this when I was learning! Great information. Thank you for sharing.

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