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Bands Named After Baseball Terms

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Paul Carrack of Ace Later Pitched For Squeeze and Roxy Music


Cincinnati's brand new soccer stadium is set to open and, even though it sits a half hour from my home, I have no desire to enter the premises. Not a soccer fan to begin with, I certainly would avoid the place with the threat of the virus lingering.

I would, however, elatedly enter the arena if it were to host the Kaiser Chiefs. I am not talking about the popular soccer team from South Africa, who would be unlikely to visit the Queen City.

Kaiser Chiefs are also a British rock band, who happen to be my favorite band that is still current. Their latest album, Duck, was by far the best record of 2019.

While their music is nearly impeccable, the band would be even more endearing to me had they named themselves after a baseball theme rather than soccer. It would not be all that uncommon to pick a band name based on America's pastime, as the following list indicates.

Each of these groups chose to identify itself with a baseball term.

1. Fastball

Tony Scalzo and Miles Zuniga hit a home run with their sophomore album All the Pain Money Can Buy, thanks to smash hits like “The Way” and “Was I Out of My Head.”

2. The Baseball Project

Members of REM, Wilco and Young Fresh Fellows collaborated as this supergroup, who have released three pop-rock albums centered on original songs about America's pastime.

3. The Kentucky Headhunters

Alternate country is the genre for this outfit, whose name is synonymous with pitchers who constantly throw inside to batters.

4. Ace

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Any team's number one starter is assigned this label, also chosen by the Paul Carrack band who asked “How Long?

5. The Outfield

“Your Love” was their biggest hit which, if their name was justified, fell probably somewhere beyond the diamond.

6. Bleachers

After scoring the huge hit “We Are Young” as part of Fun, Jack Antonoff went out on his own as this name to perform to audiences seated in the stands.

7. Ace of Base

Abba and Roxette are the only two Swedish groups to have more success than this Nineties act, who three-word name contains two popular baseball terms.

8. Bat For Lashes

Pakistani performer Natasha Khan put solid wood against the ball to score several indie pop hits under this name.

9.. The Minor Leagues

Cincinnati-based Ben Walpole created some major league indie rock of the 2000s, especially cuts like “Social Club” and “The Love That Never Was.”

10. The Magic Numbers

A self-titled debut immediately brought popularity to the quartet of a pair of brother and sisters, named after the sum of victories needed for a baseball team to claim a championship.

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