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Back Exercises That Help You Build Muscle Fast


Muscle Building Back Workouts


Bodybuilding Tips For Bodybuilders

If your trying to build muscle fast and get a wider physique, the first place you should start is the back, lats, and chest. When you workout these muscles properly and you are eating in a way that is conducive to building muscle fast, you will notice massive gains in strength as well as a wider physique around your chest and back muscles. As you may already know, your protein intake is important and there are plenty of other articles that I have written regarding recipes for protein. One of those articles can be found on hubpages as well - High Protein Recipe Ideas For Bodybuilding and Building Lean Muscle.

In addition to high protein recipes that help you build lean muscle mass, its also important to remember that muscle building supplements like protein powder and creatine can really amplify your muscle growth in a short amount of time, and also save you some money on your grocery bills. Some of my favorite supplements include a pre-workout supplement like NO Xplode which has creatine and nitric oxide in it which will help fuel your workouts, Protein powder like 100% Whey Gold by Optimum Nutrition and a Multi-Vitamin. When you combine these three supplements, you will definitely notice bigger muscle gains, explosive workouts and a huge boost in strength. I have been using 100% whey gold protein powder for over 3 years now and I can tell you from experience, its the best tasting protein powder I've ever tried and its low in calories too. Which means it is a great supplement for building lean muscle mass.

If your looking to save money on bodybuilding supplements like the ones that I mentioned above, I highly recommend this bodybuilding website, they offer articles on training, supplementation and they have great prices on protein powder, pre-workout supplements and tons of other performance supplements. In addition to that website, you can incorporate these back exercises and workout tips into your routine and I'm sure that will help you notice an increase in strength and muscle growth.


Best Lean Protein

Pull Ups

One of the first things I do when I get to the gym is warm up by doing Pull ups. Its an exercise that works the shoulder muscles, biceps and the muscles on the back without excessive strain that could lead to injury. A word of advice for bodybuilders, do not go to the gym and start doing extremely heavy back exercises as this can lead to injury. It is very important to warm up and stretch before doing back exercises, I learned this first hand when my friend suffered a back injury that took him about 8 months to recover from. Back injuries are very painful and its dangerous to do heavy lifting when you are not stretching and warming up properly before your workout.

When you do a pull up, try to really contract your muscles when you reach the peak of the exercise. An example of the peak of your exercise is when your chin is slightly above the bar. If you find it hard to do pull ups at first, you can use one of the pull up machines that allow you to do a pull up without lifting your entire body weight.


Cable Pull Down With V Bar

You will need some type of cable pull down equipment to do this exercise, and if you have a gym membership - you will definitely see one of these machines due to the fact that they are very common. This exercise will primarily work out the center of your back as well as your lats and triceps. You will start the exercise by facing the cable with a V-bar attached, get your grip on the V bar and pull down. When your arms are fully extended toward the bottom, try to hold it for a couple seconds to increase the contraction and burn during this exercise. You can refer to the picture to see what I'm talking about but just know that you will be using a V-bar for this exercise.


Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs

This is one of my favorite exercises for the back because it does a great job of working out the bigger muscles like the lats, as well as the shoulder muscles. This exercise is done using a similar cable machine with a wide grip handle. You will do this exercise by sitting down facing the machine, and pull the bar down toward the top your chest while keeping your back straight and without using your body weight and momentum to complete the motion. I have seen many people use their momentum to do this exercise and its bad form, concentrate on doing smooth and steady reps so that the wide grip bar does not pull your weight up at the end of the motion.

Sample Back Workout Routine

ExerciseMuscles WorkedWorkout Routine

Pull Ups (Warm Up Exercise)

Biceps, Lats, Back

3 Sets of 10 - 20 reps

Cable Pull Down With V Bar

Triceps, Center of Back, Trapezius

3 Sets of 10 - 15 reps

Wide Grip Pull Downs

Entire Back and Shoulders

3 Sets of 12 reps

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