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Bossaball Is Volleyball Played On An Inflatable Court To Latin Music

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Players Going After Ball During Bossaball Match

Players Going After Ball During Bossaball Match

Picture a sport played on an inflatable surface. Stretched across the center of the surface is a volleyball net. Centered below the net are trampolines on both sides. This would be a sport that enables players to hit the volleyball over the net with their feet, while in the air, and land on a soft inflated surface. The trampolines would provide players with commanding height when spiking the ball to their opponent's side. Imagine this sport being played to the sound of fast Brazilian music. You don't have to imagine such a sport, because Bossaball is here. It's a popular sport designed to provide an exciting experience for both players and spectators.


Bossaball is a new sport. It was started around 2004 by a man named Filip Eyckmans. He was a Belgian who was living in Spain at the time. He was an athlete who enjoyed the experience of playing sports to the sound of Brazilian music while he was on the beach. He decided to combine beach volleyball with a trampoline and music. After initially getting people interested, the sport's popularity has grown dramatically. Bossaball tournaments are held all over Europe, Central America, South America, Mexico as well as the Middle East.

Name Origin

The music that is played during a Bossaball tournament is a major part of the game. The first part of the name of the sport is “bossa.” This is often translated into English as having attitude or a flair for style. It's based on the type of Portuguese spoken in Brazil and is associated with the words Bossa Nova. This is a type of Brazilian music that is influenced by the samba dance style. The sports name of Bossaball is a combination of the desire to combine playing a sport with music being part of the game.

Backward Kick During Bossaball Match

Backward Kick During Bossaball Match


The game of Bossaball is played between two teams. Each team can have from three to five players. Once a ball is served, the opposing team can touch it eight times before returning it to the other side. It can be touched one time by a player's hands, or twice with another part of their body. Players are permitted to use their feet, head or hands to return the ball to the opponent's side. Players are not permitted to touch the net. There must always be a minimum of one body part length between teams on both sides of the net.


The inflatable surface of a Bossaball Court is typically fifty yards in length and thirty yards wide. In the middle of each court is a volleyball net. It must be around ten feet high. On both sides of the net, there must be a trampoline section. There also has to be an area of the inflatable surface that is designated as out of bounds.


It is possible for a player to serve during Bossaball using their hands. It's more popular to serve with a backward scissor kick. The defending team tries to direct the ball toward their player on the trampoline. The goal is to set up the ball for a powerful spike down onto the opposing team's side.

Spike During Bossa Ball Match

Spike During Bossa Ball Match

Bossaball Training

Bossaball requires athletic training to develop the techniques necessary to succeed. Each player is constantly moving and must build up fatigue resistance skills. The training is designed to improve the elastic and explosive strength necessary to compete. Players must work to develop their posture and body adjustments to hit the ball and perform defensive moves. Players need to develop bumping and bouncing skills. They must have excellent foot and head control. They must have a sense of timing and rhythm to perform the required acrobatic moves during a match.

Bossaball Moves

The sport provides a soft surface designed for people to fall on after making a move. This enables players to develop spectacular moves that can be performed by many people. It is a physically demanding sport that takes place on an inflated court. This type of court enables the sport to be played in the most diverse locations. It also minimizes risk of injury. Player are able to develop their a variety of amazing techniques for going after the ball.

Bossaball Being Played On A Beach

Bossaball Being Played On A Beach

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The goal for players of Bossaball is to get the ball to the opponent's side of the inflatable court, within the court boundaries, and touches the bottom of the court. If the ball goes past the outer safety zone, it is ruled as out, and the play must be repeated. The safety zone around the trampoline is a boarder designated to be a free zone. The ball may bounce or roll off of the walls of the inflatable court. Should the ball lay still on the bossawall, a point is awarded to the opponent's team. A person can serve the ball any way they desire. Most see this as an opportunity to impress. There can only be eight touches of the ball per possession. A double touch is permitted with any body part, but can only happen once with the hands.


The first team to score a total of 25 points wins the set.

1 point: when the ball land on the floor of the opponents playing area.

3 points: when the ball is played right into an opponent’s trampoline area.


(The ball is touched with any part of the body but the hands)

3 points: when the ball hits directly into the opponents playing area.

5 points: when the ball is played right into opponent’s trampoline area.

Playing bossaball is exciting.


Bossaball is so versatile that players can practice their moves as well as participate in games both inside and outside. The inflatable court can be set up at indoor sports arenas, public squares, parking lots and even in the snow if that is desired. It only requires a flat surface. The inflatable court can be ready to be used after only 46 minutes of preparation.

Bossaball Events

Government tourism departments, as well as many other tourism entities, have held Bossaball events. A number of hotels, bars, beach clubs and more have sponsored Bossaball tournaments. Tourist venues are a place where Bossaball events are very popular. Professional players provide exhibitions as well as interactive clinics. A Bossaball event will attract a variety of media including television, radio, newspapers and more.

Bossaball Move During Match

Bossaball Move During Match

Bossaball International

The one organization recognized around the world as being responsible for the sport is Bossaball International. They provide trainers, demo players, and samba referees. They work with organizations around the world to create training camps and road shows. They also organize all of the national and international Bossaball tournaments.

Bossaball International Website

Brazilian Music

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