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The Atlanta Hawks Have Five Reasons to Avoid Pursuing Ben Simmons

Training camp is less than a week away for the Atlanta Hawks and the rest of the NBA, and the excitement is apparent. In the same boat as expectations. Several newspapers have predicted that the Hawks will finish in the fifth slot, although they remain far behind teams like the Miami Heat and, in particular, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Ben Simmon

Ben Simmon

Because of the Hawks' ascent, the Philadelphia Flyers were pushed out of the playoffs in the second round in six games. The repercussions of Ben Simmons' late dunk pass were at the center of it all.

Surprisingly, many people now believe that Atlanta would benefit from getting Simmons. in their quest to reach the NBA Finals While that would have been an intriguing road to follow at one point, that moment has passed.

Ben Simmons is not a trade candidate for the Atlanta Hawks.


Let me begin by saying that Simmons, who is reportedly refusing to show up unless he is relocated, is still a fantastic player capable of making an impact on both sides of the ball. However, he does have one significant defect. It is so crucial to them that it has taken precedence over everything else throughout the summer. This is why the 76ers always rank higher than the Hawks in our power rankings.

It's also why pursuing Simmons after the Hawks' summer makes little sense. This summer, three factors occurred that made a Simmons trade look to be more of an afterthought based on his name rather than the value he would provide.

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Because a three-time All-Star, two-time All-Defensive Squad member, and former steals champion who is just one year removed from being nominated to the All-NBA team has value.

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