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Bubba Watson: 2012 Master's Golf Champion

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Masters Champion - Bubba Watson

This is the initial installment of a new monthly Hub that I will be publishing dedicated to the athlete, professional or amateur, who has performed above and beyond in their respective sport or in their contribution to their sport and society. Some winners will be very familiar names while others you may have never heard of. As the winner of this prestigious monthly award this athlete will join their other selected colleagues to be forever placed upon the HubPages pedestal of honor. It doesn't get much better than this. The very first recipient of the Athlete of the Month award is golfer Bubba Watson, for his dramatic win at the 2012 Master's Golf Tournament.

Bubba Watson - 2012 Master's Champion

Bubba Watson - 2012 Master's Champion

Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta National Golf Club

For those of you not overly familiar with the game of golf, Bubba Watson is a professional golfer on the PGA Tour. His real name is Gerry Lester Watson Jr., and he was born in Bagdad, Florida. Because of his chubby cheeks when he was born, Bubba Watson's father thought Bubba looked like a football player and gave him the nickname less than an hour after he was born.

Bubba Watson is being selected because of his improbable comeback win at the Masters, one of golf’s premier major championships. At the start of Sundays final round of play Watson was three shots behind the leader, Louis Oosthuizen. Bubba came charging back on Sunday afternoon making four birdies on the back nine at the Augusta National Golf course to tie Oosthuizen and force a playoff. After both players made par on the first playoff hole they proceeded to the 10th hole where Watson’s improbable second shot from the pine trees on the second hole of a sudden death playoff will rank as one of the great clutch shots in the history of the Master’s Championship.

The coveted Green Jacket

The coveted Green Jacket

Bubba Watson turned professional back in 2003 and joined the PGA tour in 2006. Although he did have three wins under his belt on the PGA tour he was by no means considered one of the favorites at the 2012 Master's. Considered one of the longest hitters on the PGA tour he is also known for his big hooks and fades and his ball rarely travels in a straight line. As luck would have it, it would be his ability to put a big hook on the ball that made his shot from the pine trees possible and led to his win. Watch below.

For those of you who follow the game of golf you know that Bubba Watson is somewhat unconventional when compared with your average run of the mill professional golfer. For one thing his is very religious and makes no bones or apologies for his faith. He stands out like a fish out of water when mixed with the assembly line produced vanilla golfers of today. His driver is bright pink and he wears his hair in a somewhat shaggy non-golfer style. He also shuns the spotlight and has repeatedly stated his lack of desire and interest in being famous. He just wants to play golf and be Bubba.

The pink driver

The pink driver

Besides winning the Masters Championship, Bubba and his wife Angie recently adopted a baby boy, Caleb, just two weeks prior to the Masters tournament. So while I’m sure Bubba is delighted that he won, I’m thinking he’s probably just as excited that’s he’s now a father. You get the feeling that Bubba Watson is just a genuinely down to earth guy. After winning the Master's he broke down and cried and hugged pretty much anyone who was within hugging distance including this mother, wife, friends and other golfers. Surely a memorable moment for him.

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Bill De Giulio (author) from Massachusetts on April 24, 2012:

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Thanks adjkp25. I agree with you completely and that is why I chose him.

David from Idaho on April 24, 2012:

I'm not a huge fan of golf and certainly don't normally watch it on TV. My brother however is and we just happen to be in front of his TV when Bubba hit that hook/slice shot out of the woods. That was a great shot.

I too enjoy how he carries himself. He seems like a nice and genuine person, any sport should be happy to have him.

Bill De Giulio (author) from Massachusetts on April 12, 2012:

Thank You Marie. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope to make this a regular monthly thing so you never know who will show up here as my selection. Very much appreciate the comments.

Renee on April 12, 2012:

I really don't know much about golf but am glad I read your hub. Nicely written, I sure hope I do get to read my favorite athlete Raul Gonzales Blanco in your hub one of these days. Voted up and interesting.

Bill De Giulio (author) from Massachusetts on April 11, 2012:

Thanks Doc. I totally agree with you that Bubba is a breath of fresh air. I was overjoyed to see him win and I also hope for his continued success. That shot on the 2nd play-off hole was one for the ages. Very much appreciate the comments.

Doc Wordinger from Manchester, UK on April 11, 2012:

This was one of the greatest Masters Sundays that I can remember. The excitement started with Oosthuizen's albatross/double eagle which was closely followed by Mickelson's disaster hole. From there, about seven or eight players moved into, and dropped out of, contention.

As much as I admire and like Oosthuizen, I'm overjoyed that Bubba won. His shot on the second play-off hole was insanely good. One of the greatest shots to win a major championship.

There are far too many bland golfers these days and Bubba Watson is a much-needed colourful character. I hope he goes on to win several majors. Well done to yourself too, bdegiulio, for selecting him as your Athlete of the Month. Great hub.

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