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Rojas' promotion to manager seems right at the time. However, will he last 2021 if Mets don't make the playoffs?


Luis Rojas got a 2-year deal to manage the Mets after the team parted ways with Carlos Beltran for his involvement in the sign-stealing scandal with the Astros a few years back.

After the Mets were sold to Steve Cohen, somewhat surprisingly, team President and former long-time GM of the Mets Sandy Alderson decided to stick with Rojas.

Thus far, after struggling early on in the 2021 season, have won three straight games. They are current in 1st place in the NL East with a 2-3 record. In his 1st year as Mets manager in a 60-game season his team finished below .500 and drop their last three games.

Rojas was formerly the Mets' quality control coach. However, he's been in the Mets organization for 13 years and was in the running when the Mets initially chose Beltran to be their manager.

In his 13 years he's managed in the minor leagues at various levels for the Mets. One of the players he managed previously was Pete Alonso who applauds the move as does Marcus Stroman.

Robinson Cano is a fan of Rojas, but he's likely a goner after he was suspended for a 2nd time for doing performance enhancing drugs.

Rojas had and still does have the support of some key players that helped his cause to win the job.

His father being Felipe Alou who was a long-time player and MLB manager helped as well. His brother is Moises Alou who had a long career as well and played his last two seasons with the Mets.

Former Mets GM Van Wagenen said at the time of his hiring "He has a good finger on the pulse of this team,"

Rojas took over the reins in 2020 as manager and inherited the existing coaching staff Beltran picked since there was no time allow to hire his own staff.

So the Mets again go young and inexpensive. Let's see if his baseball blood line helps. He's the son of Felipe Alou. Will that translate into wins and he can help propel the Mets into the postseason?

Granted he paid his dues as he's been in the Mets organization for 14 years and has ample minor league and winter ball (DR) managing experience.

If doesn't manage to get the Mets into the playoffs in 2021, it's almost safe to say he's likely a goner.

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