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Are Cheerleaders, Majorettes Really Necessary?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

The New England Patriots Cheerleaders

This Hub is Not a

“you tell me,” answer, pertaining to my headline. This is really not my answer to this perplexing question that I know passes the females each fall when football season begins. Of course I am talking about high school, college, and pro football. I want to include every aspect of my story. This question about pretty cheerleaders really necessary can also be adapted to say, are pretty majorettes really necessary?

The two camps of YES and NO may argue until someone’s blood is shed and still, not a clear answer to be heard. This is “that” type of question that I do not want to be involved. This, friends, is a volatile area of football life in every direction of our country. Even the sensitive, non-confrontal people who do not watch sports because they say that the sport is way too brutal and that is fine. I respect that opinion. Shoot! When I was a junior in high school, my head coach asked me to try-out for the Varsity Football Team and I was up in the air excited as I could be. That was before the coach lectured me and other would-be football jocks about having to stay on a stern diet, and well, that was the end of my football career. Fact is, I did not stick around to listen to the rest of the coach’s motivating lecture.

Cheerleaders in a group photo.

Cheerleaders in a group photo.

So Let’s Get Down to

the real nitty gritty and get real honest with ourselves. First let me ask myself, are pretty cheerleaders and majorettes really necessary? Honestly, no. What I mean is, no, NOT having these pretty sideline attractions will not hamper the football game whatsoever. Football is a game to be played on a football field 100 yards long and the linemen hit each other, linebackers “sack” the opposing quarterbacks and the wide receivers and tight ends catch the football that their quarterback is able to throw them. So by each player’s degree of attention, this factor is the only thing that might hamper one or both of the teams’ performance. But not because there are NO pretty majorettes or cheerleaders.

But to be sincere about the fans of majorettes and cheerleaders, they do add something to the game. Cheerleaders yell positive phrases such as “Go, Team, Go!” and “Hit That Line,” and other things, so now another question has arisen: do these phrases chanted by pretty cheerleaders add a certain amount of winning edge to help their team reach “that” certain level of energy so they can excel and take home a victory? I have to say, NO.

When halftime rolls around, the bevy of pretty majorettes jump, tumble, twirl shiny batons, smile from ear-to-ear and wear perfect make-up and hairdo’s all in the name of providing a great halftime show to go with the school bands which is enjoyed by each school’s fans. Do guys like the pretty majorettes? Talk about a stupid question. Sure they do. I would too if I were at a game where attractive cheerleaders and majorettes performed during the game and at halftime. The answer, I think why the pretty majorettes run out and do their theatrics is simple: they do not want the fans of the team they are cheering for to go home. Well, would that bring a team down if the team witnessed their fans walking to the exits? Probably. No, sure it would. Who are we kidding?

The cheerleader must keep smiling in good or bad football games.

The cheerleader must keep smiling in good or bad football games.

Now, Let’s Take a Look at

how the female football population feels toward pretty cheerleaders and majorettes. I would give you a definitive answer, but one, this question is too tricky for me to voice my opinion. But I am sure that most females whose husband is a football fan, and of course, loves the pretty cheerleaders and majorettes, but that is as far as his appreciation goes. Actually, there are not many old geezers (55 through 67) who are ignorant enough to leave their wife and go running after a gorgeous cheerleader of 17. It just won’t work. It is a direct-violation of Mother Nature.

If the wife has a daughter who is a pretty cheerleader and majorette, she loves the girl with all of her heart. The same for her husband and the cheerleader and majorette’s dad. This coupling works better if both parents have girls in any of the two female-based cheering squads and majorette troupes. All in all, and in all honesty, even with the best of parents, even those with girl cheerleaders or majorettes, have the occasional squabble, but that is to be expected.

A good cheerleader must be able to master the pom pons.

A good cheerleader must be able to master the pom pons.

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Bring on The Flag Corp

so I can make this hub complete. To review, you have the pretty cheerleaders and majorettes, so now, you have the Flag Corp, which, if you think about it, does make the Friday night of high school football complete.

Flag Corp consists of six or more attractive girls who hold a very important place in the Great Scheme of football, cheerleaders and majorettes. What is the job of the Flag Corp? Easy. As the high school team runs (either) onto the gridiron or blasts through a huge piece of white paper with the team name as well as their motto of “Take The Cats to Feed,” or something like that, the Flag Corp dressed in the school colors and frankly, these girls are not the uppity uptown gals, but they are pretty. Flag Corp members do extremely-tough routines such as waving two flags while the other flags are draped onto the grassy field and so it goes.

Now to seal the deal, only the cheerleaders and majorettes go to their respective camps to do jumping, falling in unison and clapping while chanting cute phrases while their cheerleader sponsor looks on and grades them on each performance.

The majorettes have their own training camp and they know that their training is tough. Having to wear scantily-designed costumes out in the broiling sun to not only look good, but keep a wide smile on their faces while their Baton Instructor (a retired college majorette) gives them special training on the art of being a top-notch majorette. Now you have all three of the intricate performance troupes that enhance high school and college football. But in professional football, there is only highly-trained cheerleaders and majorettes. No Flag Corp is needed at the professional football level.

But to throw a wrench into the gears, the situation where the handsome quarterback, 18, with great grades and major universities have recruited him, there is that rare happening when the wife of a football husband is more attracted to this 18-year-old athlete than she is the husband. So what happens? Well, mostly, Mother Nature steps in and Common Sense rules the day. When the wayward wife, who does look very pretty and has kept her figure (even with two kids), has tasted the “forbidden fruit,” given by the young athlete, he will find the ending of this road quickly, because no male kid, 18, with a perfect athletic body, is going to build a lasting-relationship with his spicy aunt. Case closed.

Cheerleaders must perform intricate routines to please the crowd.

Cheerleaders must perform intricate routines to please the crowd.


of this particular piece is not easy. But is very understandable with the ingredients of young athletes, pretty cheerleaders and majorettes and how this mixture has been running for many years. Some years and encounters will not be happy ones and some encounters will come out with a sparkle or two of happiness.

Of course it depends of the individuals.

So are pretty cheerleaders and majorettes really needed? I can answer that only the cheerleaders and majorettes can know for sure . . .but take it from me. The Flag Corp has nothing to worry about.

July 28, 2019______________________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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