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An Autumn Day Trip to Mount Spokane

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Kimberly enjoys sharing her love of camping and outdoor adventures. Spending time in nature is her all-time favorite, happy place!

A Beautiful Fall Day


"Today is your

day! Your

Mountain is


So...get on your way!"

— Dr. Seuss

Autumn Colors of Orange and Yellow

A visit to the beautiful Mount Spokane State Park had been on my bucket list of things to experience for quite a while. My dear husband (my adventure partner) and I finally carved out some time to make the drive on a windy October day. I had grand visions of seeing a stately mountain view colored in golden orange and yellows with the autumn season in full bloom.

Road-Side View


Mount Spokane

An Ominous Fog Stole My View

The drive to Mount Spokane through the countryside was very pleasurable. The colors were vibrant and kept drawing my attention to their natural splendor. The excitement and anticipation were mounting as we progressed upward toward the 5883-foot elevation.

Suddenly without warning, a blanket of thick fog spread out across the mountainscape. The views were obscured from us as everything was shrouded in a mist of grey cloud coverage. My high hopes of seeing a landscape of radiant fall colors spread vastly across the dense forest of the Selkirk Mountains were dashed entirely.

"The mountains




— John Muir


I was determined to make something extraordinary of this trip. Even though the fog robbed me of my desired visual experience of the day, I decided to embrace the moment and cherish it for what it was.

The fog was heavy and cast a shadow of darkness upon the mountainscape. We could barely see what was right in front of us. We continued up the mountain to the deserted snow park area. We took in the sights of fog for as far as we could see.

With the great fog against us, we decided to turn around and descend the mountain in hopes of a clearing for sightseeing. We left the fog at higher elevations and came upon the Kit Carson Trail Head. Here we decided to park and venture for a bit of a hike.

Kit Carson Trail Head

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"If the path

be so beautiful,

let us not

ask where

it leads."

— Anatole France

What a Beautiful Day for a Fall Hike Amongst the Forest

It was a chilly 41 degrees with a strong breeze in the air. We wished we had been more prepared for the weather. Perhaps more layers of clothing and winter gloves would have been beneficial. Nonetheless, it didn't stop us from embracing the trail wholeheartedly before us.

The forest air smelled crisp and earthy. The wooded landscape drew us onward and upward and around another bend in the trail. I felt fully immersed in its canvas of autumn colors. If it hadn't been for the frigid weather biting at our noses and sending a wicked chill down our spines, we would have continued to forge our way up the trail.

We spent ample time taking in the sights and the sounds of nature. When the whispering wind that swept through our clothes sent a shivering chill that made our teeth chatter, we knew it was time to turn back and call it a day.

Reminiscent of Our Day

Sweet relief swept over us as we made our way back to the parking lot, where warmth was just a few moments away. We soaked in the experience of our nature adventure over a picnic of snacks we had brought along. It was a unanimous decision to come back during better weather to take in all the missed views.

"Life is a Journey,

and if you fall in

LOVE with the

Journey, You will be

in love FOREVER"

— Peter Hagerty

Images of Snow

On our way down the mountainside, we stopped for a quick view of the snow sledding park and snapped a few photos. With enough imagination, I could envision the onslaught of wintertime fun; Sledding, snow angels, snowmen making, and the laughter and excitement from families and friends during a wintertime extravaganza. I was sure that this little gem was a magical winter paradise waiting for its due season.

A Bridge to the Snow Sledding Park


Appreciating the Journey

Though the day did not go as I had planned, with bright sunny skies and awe-inspiring views to gaze upon, it was an adventure all of its own making. The bone-chilling air, the unfavorable fog, and the shortened hike created a story of its very own.

Part of the gratification is in the journey itself, allowing the experiences to unfold as they will and embracing them in their mighty richness. So while I still yearn to return to see the mountainscapes in all their glory, I do not grieve the experience of the inauspicious fog-centered day.

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