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An All-Religion Roster of Baseball names

The Thor Nickname Harkens Norse Mythology, the Given Name the Bible


Instead of dedicating his column to the nice, red tangy fruit, columnist Bill Ladsen on National Strawberry day decided to write about a baseball player. Thus, on February 27 Ladsen caught up with former All-Star Darryl Strawberry, an outfielder who played for both the Mets and the Yankees, as well as crying in an episode of The Simpsons.

For those who have not kept up with Strawberry, we found out in Ladsen's column that the lefthanded slugger is now a man of the church. Strawberry has been working as a traveling minister for the past ten years, sharing personal stories of how he overcame drug addiction and other plights during his life.

Even though he has found employment in the field of religion, Strawberry because of his name excludes him from the following roster of former Major Leaguers. This team is composed of players whose names have associations with some aspect of organized religion but, unfortunately because of their crucial role in the Catholic Church, does not happen to have any Cardinals. Nor are there any players from another team with a religious-associated name, the San Diego Padres.

Jesus Alou, Left Field

As a member of the San Francisco Giants, he made history when joining Matty and Felipe as the only three brothers to start in the outfield for the same team.

Angel Pagan, Center Field

The slick fielding Pagan covered a lot of ground during his career, mostly as a member of the New York Mets.

Ryan Church, Right field

He held his home services in Washington, DC, where he was a regular in the first decade of the current century.

Howie “Steeple” Schultz, First Base

His nickname arose from his 6'6” lanky frame and, in spite of spending the bulk of his career with the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Steeple never reached the postseason.

Johnny Temple, Second Base

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Cincinnati fans who were praying for clutch hits in the Sixties usually had them answered, especially when Temple stepped up.

Chris Speier, Shortstop

All-Star selections were frequent whether he was with the Giants or the Expos, as Speier climbed his way to a distinguished career as a bench coach.

Edwin Encarnacion, Third Base

Several times a home run champion as the designated hitter for the Blue Jays, Double E started his career on the hot corner for the Reds.

Yogi Berra, Catcher

When asked about the Hindu religion his name stems from, the oft-quoted Yankee legend would probably quip, “They lay eggs.”

Preacher Roe, and Jim Abbott Left handed Pitchers

Roe found smooth sailing in Brooklyn after four mediocre years in Pittsburgh, while Abbott found fame as the only one-handed pitcher to hurl a no-hitter.

Noah Syndergaard, Right Handed Pitcher

Thor was a key part of the rotation that helped the Mets win the 2015 National League pennant, staying on with New York until entering free agency over the past winter.

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