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An All- Car Baseball Team

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Rustic Ford Model Shares Name With Feared Left-Handed Slugger


Were Major League Baseball to designate a company as its official automaker based on names alone, one corporation would win hands down. More players with the last name of Ford have suited up in the Big Leagues, including a Hall of Fame pitcher.

Yankee legend Whitey Ford is of course the most well-known, and he was recently joined on the team's long list of members by first baseman Michael Ford. Had Disco Dan Ford played outfield in the Bronx instead of Minnesota and Baltimore, he could have been listed alongside Whitey and Michael.

American rival GMC would have no chance, since baseball history has zero players named Chevrolet. Its best chance of overtaking Ford would be in one of its popular models, even though the spelling of the car is different from the last name.

The Chevy Cruze with out the last letter would clearly allow GMC to top Ford, when one considers all of the players in baseball who have been named Cruz. Among them are All-Stars such as Jose, Nelson, and the player I have chosen for a position on my all-car baseball team.

Other than the Cruz I was forced to insert because of lack of alternatives, I have omitted that last name and all the Fords.

Catcher, Kurt Suzuki

His heroics helped Washington capture the most recent World Series Championship, yet he is still not the most well-known player sharing his name with the Japanese automaker.

First Base, Paul Sorrento

Only an additional R keeps this veteran first baseman from being an exact match for the KIA sedan.

Second Base, Nellie Fox

A nineteen year career ended in enshrinement at Cooperstown, it included highlights for the White Sox with whom he won his only MVP in 1959. As for the vehicle, it was a model developed by Volkswagen.

Shortstop, Deive Cruz

Colorado was the long-time home of this middle infielder, who would need to add an E to be a perfect fit for the Ford model.

Third Base, Martin Prado

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Most of his career was spent with N.L. East teams Atlanta and Miami, cities where someone would likely see the similarly-named Toyota land cruiser.

Left Field, Alex Rios

Kia has been manufacturing its Rio since its inception, dating somewhere around the time this talented Tornto and New York star retired.

Center Field, Ichiro Suzuki

Destined for the Hall of Fame is this singles machine whose career began in Japan, the same country from which this auto maker hails.

Right Field, Ruben Sierra

GMC designated a truck as rugged a mountain range, while the player still holds several records for switch-hitters.

Pitcher, Ivan Nova

He has lasted longer than many of the same-named Chevy models, a still active career that as already spanned eleven seasons.

Pitcher, Tim Hudson

Sharing a name with the makers of the Hornet, Hudson enjoyed a lengthy career that began with the Oakland Athletics.

Pitcher, Rich Dotson

Although he is not spelled with the first vowel like the Seventies car, the right hander was a main gear in the rotation of the Chicago White Sox.

Designated Hitter, Eric Thames

Ford produced the Thames model for a few years in the Fifties, five decades before the slugger served as a model of power while playing first base for the Milwaukee Brewers.

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