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Am I a Fool for Liking Girls Who Play Football?

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

Yes, the sport of football does include girls.

Yes, the sport of football does include girls.

Be forewarned. If you guys are traditionalists, of a mindset that teaches that girls belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, then look at this piece. I am not playing here. Even if I have to stand alone for all of the girls in the U.S.A. and world for that matter, so be it.

I for one am all for a girl who wants to play football. Nothing fancy about that. Nothing up my sleeve. I shooting straight with you. Thank God and our forefathers and foremothers for the First Amendment. Sue me if you like, but I am not here to slander anyone pro or con about girls playing football. You have the Constitutional right to disagree with me as I have the same right to agree with girls playing football.

For years I have heard the arguments right and left. And I have heard the statement, no girl belongs in a guys’ locker room. We will talk about this one a bit later. Sure, at the first of girls who wanted to go out for football, high school football, that is, there was such an uproar that could be heard clear around the world. And if you think that I am stretching the truth, I am sorry. Truth is truth.

Girls Can Play Football as Good as Any Guy.

We can take the argument for and against girls who love football should be allowed to try out for football, and we can arrive at the same conclusions. Therein is where progressive thinking meets with “Horse and Buggy Thinking,” and both arguments will be in deadlock for years. Unless the open-minded head coaches, assistant coaches of high school football, the same for college football as well as the NFL, right now, not even in the Congress of 2022, did not pass a law that guaranteed that girls can try out and play football on the three known, male-dominated areas of football, but girls can hold positions on teams on the sidelines. Personally, this is a small concession. What many girls and their supporters, are still adamant about playing football with and against the guys.

Lets look at one reason what, not whom, prevents girls to play in football: Many girls do not play football since there are no female teams in their region, and all the girls do see are boys or men competing for football games from every level. And it's more difficult to form a team than it is to join one that already exists. When it comes to and teams, there exists a dearth of exposure. The few women who have become stars have competed so primarily due to their ability rather than their gender.

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The most-common reason given for excluding women from football is that it is a "man's game". And this is nothing short of sexist. Many studies have shown that women are able to handle some of the rougher aspects of football very well. There have been several attempts over the years to start female-only football teams, but none have survived since it is a very hard sport to find partners for.

When girls first said that they not only did not allow them to try out for football teams, but on came a railroad car full of the lame excuses such as:

  • A female doesn’t belong in a male locker room. Why? The men can make certain adjustments in order to accommodate girls players. But if the men players allow women sports photojournalists and newspaper sportswriters in their area, then let the girls be allowed in a male locker room. The “male only” is lame, and if that sounds harsh, I cannot help it. I hate it and dislike using the Gay Card, but how to the men player act around gay football players? Think of it. Think about fair is fair.
  • Females are more prone to receive injuries when playing on a male-dominated team. What a crock. What about the field goal kickers who are always in fear of charging linebackers who can take the kicker’s head off? And gentlemen, take a good look. There are some females, even in real life, who could hold their own with Mike Tyson. Now do you see?
  • The redeeming argument goes like this: in 1993, Goldie Hawn, played the role of a woman who was going to coach a boys’ football team. The film was Wildcats. I won’t tell you the ending if you have forgotten, but I think that one film did some things to support the area of females in other sports beside football . . .baseball, (in war-time film, A League of Their Own, with Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan, a team manager for a girls’ baseball team), hockey, and other sports that only the males can try out and participate.

Quite frankly, and I am not a sportswriter, as you can see, but in this man’s viewpoint, why not allow girls to play men-dominated sports. I mean we already have the WNBA, Women’s Soccer, etc. So why can’t the wall be torn down (the late former Gov. Ronald Reagan), and just let men and women participate without any confusion government legislation.

If I am a fool for liking and supporting girls who play college football in any area, then I am a fool.

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