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All About Fan Zhendong, Table Tennis Champion and Superstar!

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Fan Zhendong's Background

Fan's family is from Hunan province of China. Due to work, his parents moved to Guangdong province. On January 22, 1997, Fan Zhendong was born in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. That makes him an Aquarius. When he was a little boy, Fan was absolutely adorable. With a slightly chubby face and body, he was given the nickname "Little Fatty". Many fans speculated about his family. Some say that he is from a migrant worker's family. But others say that his parents are highly educated and they are solid middle class. No one knows for sure. But, let's try to keep his private life and family members out of the spotlight.


Fan Zhendong's Younger Days

When Fan Zhendong was a child, he was a very good student and consistently got high grades in school. His teachers also commented that Fan was smart, obedient, and dedicated to learning. This is not surprising because Fan is such a brilliant table tennis player that shows so much tenacity to reach and stay at the very top. Fan Zhendong started playing table tennis because his family was able to get a huge discount on the school fees. Initially, Fan was only practicing table tennis part time. However, Fan's incredible talent in table tennis was soon discovered by his coaches. They saw huge potential in the young Fan and thought that he might reach the top eventually. In 2008, the 11 years old Fan Zhendong already won several championships in the youth world table tennis matches.


Fan Zhendong's Nicknames

This popular athlete has several nicknames. He is affectionally known as "Little Fatty" or "Xiao Pang" in Chinese. Due to his slightly larger build, he has been teased by many as fat in an affectionate way. Fan's teammate, Zhang Jike, gave him another nickname ,"World's Number 1 Cutest Boy". Nowadays, most people refer to Fan Zhendong as "Dong Ge" or "Dong Big Brother" because of his dominance in table tennis. Fan has earned respect through his hard work. He is now finally acknowledged not only for his cute looks but also his excellence in the sport of table tennis.


Fan Zhendong's Debut in the Adult Ping-Pong Competitions

Fan started playing in the adult competitions at the age of 16. This is definitely extremely young for Chinese players to debut in the international table tennis competitions. Known as Ping-Pong in China, table tennis is the national sport for the most populous country. There are tons of extremely talented Ping-Pong players in China. Being selected at 16 is a feat all in its own. Fan didn't disappoint. He immediately became one of the lead players in China's National Table Tennis Team before he turned 18. Nowadays, Fan is the new flag bearer for China's National Table Tennis Team.


Table Tennis World Cup Competitions

Fan Zhendong took the gold medal at the Table Tennis World Cup competitions in 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. That's five gold medals for the 24 years old athlete. He is showing how powerful and dominant he is at such a young age. In 2020, Fan took the gold medal by winning the finals against Ma Long, one of the best table tennis players in history. In 2021, he defended his title by beating the talented Japanese table tennis player, Harimoto Tomokazu.


World Table Tennis Championships

The World Table Tennis Championships are held every other year. Fan Zhendong has been very close to taking the gold medal at this event several times. He got the silver medal in 2017 by losing to senior teammate and the greatest table tennis player, Ma Long. In 2021, Ma Long did not participate in this competition. However, Fan still had lots of very strong competitors. It was with great skill and the nerve of steel that Fan finally took the gold medal at this event in 2021.


Table Tennis Olympics

In 2016, Fan Zhendong was selected as the backup player at the Rio Olympics for China. Unfortunately, he was not able to play. In 2021, Fan was finally picked by the Chinese National Team to play both the singles and team event. Again, Fan lost to the best table tennis player, Ma Long, in the finals. He was only able to get a silver medal in the men's singles event. However, Fan won his first gold medal in the men's team event. At only 24 years old, he still has at least one more Summer Olympics to get his singles gold medal. Let's hope the best for this talented young athlete.


Fan Zhendong's Playing Style

Fan Zhendong is known for his quick footwork and explosive attacks. One of the main advantages of Fan is his powerful body. Able to force his opponents to the backcourt with explosive forehand and backhand attacks, he wins the point through skill and power. However, Fan is still lacking in variability to confuse his opponents. He still needs to learn from his rival and teammate, Ma Long. Nevertheless, Fan is constantly improving his game through offense, defense, and mixing up his serves. Since his debut in the adult competitions, Fan has already won many gold medals. Fan's era of dominance in table tennis is just starting with the aging Ma Long going into retirement.

His Signature Reverse Pendulum Serve

If you watch Fan Zhendong's matches, you will notice his signature reverse pendulum serve. Fan's backhand is extremely lethal. He uses this advantage in many of his matches. With the reverse pendulum serve, he is able to generate lots of different spin depending on small differences in hand motion. This type of strong spin is very difficult for his opponents to return. With a weak return to Fan Zhendong, he quickly attacks with his backhand and wins the point. Lately, Fan has not utilized his signature reverse pendulum serve as much. He has drastically improved his forehand and continues to make his game even more lethal. However, Fan still uses his signature reverse pendulum serve in the most difficult matches.

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