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The Trend of Alabama vs Florida NFL 2021

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Second half: Florida's offense did an outstanding job of pulling the Gators back into the game in their first touchdown drive. The 99-yard touchdown drive, on the other hand, was incredible. The Gators were able to run the ball when they needed to.

For the game: Jones' Saturday showing drew a lot of new admirers. Richardson had the opportunity to make another huge play for Florida, but he did.

Alabama Vs Florida



The very same attack, though, ran for 245 yards against Alabama.

First half: It was almost humiliating at first. The defense looks as it did a year ago, and Alabama scores three quick touchdowns instead of getting out to a fast start and fighting from the behind. To remain in the game, the Gator cooled down and earned three consecutive three-and-outs.

Alabama maintained their run of reaching 30 or more in 29 straight games alive... but only just. The Gators played terrific defense after brushing off the nerves of the first quarter, but not very effectively.

First half: As a kicker, missing an extra point is the last thing you like doing.Especially when your team has just scored to begin building little momentum. Jeremy Crawshaw gets high marks for his 53-yard punt with no return at the half's end.

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Which side are you?

First half: Ja'markis Weston's error could have been costly, but Florida's attack saved him. Aside from just that, not much occurred other than Alabama's 30-yard kickoff return.

Again for game, there were two special teams errors and nothing particularly positive. It's almost as though the special teams are simply there to help and never try to do too much. Special teams, could you possibly make a difference?
At UF, however, there is no such thing as a good loss. Nonetheless, credit must be given to this squad for not allowing a poor start to turn into an ugly game. The two-point call was a flop that disappointed several supporters. We'll never know if Richardson's presence could have affected the outcome. You must, however, make do with what you have.

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