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Aaron Judge gets another raise to $10.175 million. What will he eventually earn long-term?


MLB will attempt to play a full season of 162 games beginning April 1st. Aaron Judge who turns 29 on April 26th agreed to play this season for 1-year for $10,175,000. The 6'7" Judge has one more year of arbitration then becomes a free agent.

You have to ask yourself what will the talented outfielder who not only hits for power, but can field and throw well above average be worth considering the Padres 22 year-old shortstop Fernando Tatis got a ridiculous 14 year, $340,000,000 deal.

Judge's best year was his rookie season when he then set a rookie HR record with 52, since broken by the Mets Pete Alonso with 53. That year he drove in 114 runs to go with a very respectable .284 average. Since that incredible rookie season, he's been injured often.

In 2019 he played in just 102 games and hit 27 HRs, drove in 55 runs and batted .272. In 2018 he played 112 games batting .278, hit 27 HRs and drove in 67 runs.

So what will the Yankees humble and likeable giant be worth considering Harper got $330 million and Trout $430 million both for 12 years a few years back?

It comes down to health and putting up the big numbers such as; 30+ HRs driving in 100+ runs and batting I'd say .275 or better. If so, I don't see the Yankees watching him go elsewhere. Good health provided, he's has to be an easy $100,000,000 player. The question will be; for how many years and how much over that $100 million plateau?


CJ Kelly from the PNW on March 18, 2018:

I read about his contract this week and was shocked. With the strongest union in sports, you would think the MLBPA would have a mechanism for first-time arbitration. I'm sure they will renegotiate this in the next bargaining sessions. But his payday will come soon.

Nice job.

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