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Judge is proving this season he's worth more than the $213.5 million, 7-deal he rejected from the Yankees.

The stock market may be down but not Aaron Judge's stock sort of speaking. He leads MLB with 14 HRS, has 30 RBIs and is batting .307

The stock market may be down but not Aaron Judge's stock sort of speaking. He leads MLB with 14 HRS, has 30 RBIs and is batting .307

Aaron Judge is proving thus far to the Yankees and the other 29 MLB teams he's worth more than the Yankees' contract extension offer prior to the season opener of $213.5 million over 7-years.

Judge who's 30, will make $17 million this season and will become a free agent at the season's end. This season Judge is off to a hot start batting .307 with 14 league-leading 14 HRs and 30 RBIs. Thursday afternoon (5/19) vs. Baltimore he went 1 for 3 with two walks.

Cashman had this to say after Judge rejected the Yankees' offer. "We were unsuccessful in concluding a multiyear pact," Cashman said Friday before the Yankees' season opener vs. Boston. "Obviously, our intent is to have Aaron Judge stay as a New York Yankee as we move forward, and I know that is his intent as well, which is a good thing. We're going to be entering those efforts in a new arena, which would be at the end of the season when free agency starts, and maybe that will determine what the real market value would be because we certainly couldn't agree at this stage on a contract extension."

Let's compare Judge this season to a selected handful of players that got $300 million contract extensions.

Aaron Judge, age 30, 14 HRs 30 RBIs .307

Mike Trout, age 30, 11 HRs 23 RBIs .320 (12-years $426.5 million)

Francisco Lindor, age 28 5 HRs 22 RBIs .242 (10-years, $341 million)

Manny Machado, age 29 7 HRs 23 RBIs .355 (10-years, $300 million)

Byrce Harper, age 29 9 HRs 27 RBIs .305 (13-years, $330 million)

Fernando Tatis, 23 On the 60-day IL (12-years, $340 million)

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Tatis' 2021 Stats: 42 HRs 97 RBIs .282

Aaron Judge is a homegrown Yankee player who has become a star. In 2017 the former 1st round draft pick was selected 32nd overall and won Rookie of the Year. That same year he led the league in homers with 52 while driving in 114 runs and batting .284.

In arbitration, the Yankees offered $17 million, Judge requested $21 million. Does Judge want Mike Trout money? Mike Trout of the Angels a few years back signed a whopping 12-year extension for $426.5 million. However, Trout has played twice as long; 5 years vs. 10 and has a higher lifetime batting average; 305 vs. Judge's .276. Judge has hit over 40 HRs once in 2017 he hit 52. Last season, he was just one short of 40. Trout has hit over 40 HRs twice; 41 in 2015 and 45 in 2019. Trout has had over 100 RBIs three times; '14 111, '16 100, and '19 104.

Trout also has hit 321-lifetime HRs and Judge 172 in half the time. Judge is on pace to hit more HRs after 10 years than Trout did. So, is Aaron Judge worth Mike Trout $?

Also Anthony Rendon, 31, who plays 3B, got a generous $245 million over years from the Angels at the end of 2019. Let's compare his #s to Judge; 154 HRs in 8 years to Aaron's 158 in 5 years. Lifetime batting average; Rendone .285 to Judge's .276

Rendon has had 100 or more RBIs twice; '19 126 and '17 100. His salary from 2023-2026 will be $38,571,428. Those comparisons are likely the problem.

Mets way overpaid for Lindor, 27 by giving him a head-scratching $341 million deal for 10-years and Tatis, who was 22 when he signed a $340 million 12-year deal from the Padres.

So what is Judge worth? Granted, he's well-liked and came across as humble, but is he? I thought the Yankees' offer for the most part was fair at $30.5 million per season for a talented OF who has a good arm.

At the season's end will Judge be worth more as he tests free agency? That's a maybe. Thus far it looks likely. If he again puts up good numbers and stays healthy, he likely will get a better offer. If so, I'm sure the Yankees will sweeten their offer some. There is such a thing still as Yankee pride. I don't envision them letting him walk.


CJ Kelly from the PNW on March 18, 2018:

I read about his contract this week and was shocked. With the strongest union in sports, you would think the MLBPA would have a mechanism for first-time arbitration. I'm sure they will renegotiate this in the next bargaining sessions. But his payday will come soon.

Nice job.

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