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AEW Revolution Review

What happened at AEW Revolution? Find out in my review and share your own opinions in the comments.


I’m not going to spend a long time on the “Buy-in,” but I do find it important to report that Don Callis had a live mic. Callis came out to Kenny Omega’s theme, making the fans believe it was Omega’s return, and stated that he could see Adam Cole being a good transitional champion until Omega comes back. I think this segment would have been better during the actual PPV. It didn’t fool me at all because it isn’t believable that a star of Kenny Omega’s caliber would return during the buy-in. Putting that aside though, Callis did a great job of putting more anticipation into Omega’s return.

Jericho vs. Kingston was a good match with a lot of back-and-forth action. In the end, Kingston pulled out the win, followed by Jericho refusing to shake his hand and say he respected Eddie. It was good to see a good clean fight between these two with no interruptions, though I also think Santana and Ortiz could have provided an exciting interruption as it would be questionable who they were coming down to help. I wonder if Jericho not showing Kingston respect will drive Proud & Powerful further away.

The tag team championship match was about what I would expect. The Young Bucks, Red Dragon, and Lucha Express faced off in a triple threat that would seem more like a 4 on 2 match before Adam Cole’s teammates couldn’t put aside their own greed. The Young Bucks and Red Dragon couldn’t allow each other to win and this turned out to be their downfall. As those 2 teams were fighting over who would win, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus stayed unified. This was a fun match and I was surprised Jurassic Express stayed champions. I feel like the only reason they are champions is that Rey Fenix got injured during their match, so I was surprised to see them allowed to retain their titles, especially against 2 high-profile teams.

The “Face of the Revolution” match was next and it was a match where I didn’t know what to expect. As usual with a ladder match, it was nonstop action, but of course with Orange Cassidy in the mix, there had to be some comedy added in. Realistically, Christian held the best odds of winning due to his experience in ladder matches, but it was unlikely he would win. However, with Christian entering through the heel tunnel on Rampage, I figure there are plans for him to do something big soon. The winner of the match will go for the TNT Championship on a future episode of Dynamite, so considering Ricky Starks went for the title on Rampage it was really doubtful he would win, but him and Hobbs being in the match together made it believable one of them could win. Keith Lee was who I thought would win, mostly because people who come from WWE have a habit of winning their first big match. I was pleasantly surprised when he didn’t win. I was also very happy with who did win. Wardlow finally won a big match that will set him up for a championship and he did it with no help from The Pinnacle. I’m going to do a little fantasy booking of Wardlow in a later post.

Jade Cargill vs Tay Conti was a good intermission. It was obvious Jade would win and continue her undefeated streak. This wasn’t a match I was excited for and at no point in watching it did I become excited. It was a good way to continue making Jade look strong, keep fans wondering who would be able to end her streak, and a good way to give fans a rest after 3 barn burners in a row.

The signing of Swerve got a huge pop from the crowd and I’m eager to see what he will do in AEW. It would’ve been better if Tony hadn’t shown the paper that said “Swerve” on it as he was introducing the segment, but in the end, it really didn’t take away from the excitement.

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The dog collar match between MJF and CM Punk was perfect. There was of course blood everywhere and Punk’s experience with the match showed. The most important part of the match though was when Wardlow came out, expected to give MJF his ring. MJF instead acted like he couldn’t find the ring, followed by giving the ring to Punk instead. Punk also entered to his Ring of Honor theme, which got a huge pop from the crowd.

Britt Baker then faced Thunder Rosa for the Women’s Championship in a long-running rivalry match. Britt won, but with a huge asterisk stating there was help from Rebel at ringside. I was somewhat disappointed in this because it will continue the feud between Baker and Rosa, while there are plenty of other women who deserve a spotlight. I’m a huge fan of Thunder Rosa but never expected her to win. Britt has way more personality and can carry the crowd better. I also question does AEW have any plans for Britt beyond Thunder Rosa. I’d really like to see her feud with Yuka Sakazaki based on their past. Let’s not forget Yuka holds a victory over Britt and their feud only ended because of the pandemic.

Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson were next. This feud hasn’t excited me, but both are great wrestlers. There was a lot of back-and-forth action and in the end Moxley won, though it seemed like an accident and Bryan didn’t seem to know he was being pinned. This made him angry, leading to a brawl after the match. Referees and security came out, not being able to stop them. Then a man who they both had to show respect to came out… William Regal. Regal had them shake hands and show each other some respect… or should I say some honor. It has been speculated that Ring of Honor will be a developmental brand for AEW and will be managed by William Regal. This might not happen, but I feel like this was foreshadowing.

Next was a 6-man tornado tag match. Darby Alin, Sting, and Sammy Guevarra teamed against the AHFO’s Matt Hardy, Andrade, and Isaiah Cassidy. This match was nothing but action with two big table spots, one of which included Sting jumping onto 3 tables. Almost the entire AHFO came out to help and yet they still lost. While this match was okay, I don’t think it belonged here and I feel it made the AHFO look weak against an unlikely trio without good reason.

Finally, it was time for the main event. Would Adam Cole win and form a championship power couple with Britt Baker? Would the Young Bucks turn on Cole and help Hangman? Would everyone help Cole and Hangman have to overcome the odds? Well… no. As Hangman was about to hit the buckshot lariat, Red Dragon came down and caused a distraction. These two caused a distraction several times and I was waiting for the Young Bucks to come down and turn to help Hangman. Instead, the Dark Order came down and reminded me that Hangman already has more friends than Adam Cole, which kind of takes away from the thought of him being the underdog. After winning, Hangman shook Cole’s hand out of respect to close out the show. I was slightly disappointed there wasn’t more to it, but it was a good match with a good ending. The Bucks turning will likely happen after Omega returns.

Overall, Revolution was a great show and definitely worth the money. I found the main event a bit lackluster, but maybe that was because the show had been so filled with excitement before it. What did you think of the show? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments. Please show respect to one another, realizing we all have an opinion and if you see someone who is obviously trolling, don’t play their game by replying to them.

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