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The Top Ten Candidates to Be the Next AAA Mega Champion

Just a week ago, I watched my Chicago Cubs fall to the New York Mets 4-0 in the NLCS. To say it was depressing would be the understatement of the millennium. Everything that could’ve gone wrong did; the Cubs were outplayed, out pitched; hell, even the breaks went against them. In short, it just wasn’t the Cubs series. Why do I bring this up? Because AAA is going through a stretch just like the Cubs went through, with one exception; the Cubs issues lasted just four games, where as AAA’s have lasted all year. First there was the tragic death of Perro Aguayo Jr. in March. Then in August, their annual Triplemania event (and AAA’s first North American PPV since 1994) was sabotaged by technical problems and a terrible undercard. Now, in the span of a few weeks, they’ve lost two of their biggest stars, starting with the Myzteziz (the former Mistico and Sin Cara…hell, let’s just call him Misticaraziz. Yeah, that works) bolting back to CMLL. Now, Alberto El Patron, AAA’s top star and holder of the AAA Mega Championship, has fled as well, heading back to WWE to win the United States Championship and become something called a MexAmerican. Even Uwe Boll couldn’t script something that bad…alright that’s a lie, he totally could.


As angering and sad it is to see El Patron move on from lucha libre, it does present a golden opportunity for AAA. At last word, El Patron will at least make one more appearance for AAA before leaving for good, and it’s expected he will drop the Mega Championship at their end of the year event, Guerra de Titanes. So while the Mexican Aristocrat may be out the door, AAA will at least have the chance to have him put someone over, get the title to someone else and start 2016 fresh. The question now becomes who, and luckily, I may have the answers. The way I see it, there are ten guys in AAA right now who are suitable candidates to become Mega Champion, and then hold it till a young guy is ready to take over as a top star or become top star upon winning it. Who are they? So glad you asked. Let’s break down the ten best candidates to be next AAA Mega Champion!


10. Aerostar

We’re kicking this bad boy off with a surprise entry here! And make no mistake, Aerostar becoming Mega Champion would be a shock to the system, seeing as I’m probably closer to winning the title than him right now. Think about it though; why not the Intergalactic Maniac? Like I said before, AAA could use an exciting jolt to follow up El Patron’s reign, as well as a fresh face. Seeing as he’s never come close to sniffing the Mega Championship and yesterday pulled off a combo that included a tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker and yet another insane over the rope dive, I’d say Aerostar fits the bill. Again, it won’t happen, but I’d consider it strongly if I were AAA. If nothing else, it be pretty damn exciting to see Aerostar diving from the lights to defend his title.

9. Johnny Mundo

Mundo’s name has been popping up for this spot due to a) his title match with El Patron at Heroes Immortales earlier this month and b) the fact that he seems to be staying put with AAA and Lucha Underground for the time being. Which is fine; the lone resident of the Palace of Wisdom may not be my first choice here (Bryan Danielson has wrestled in Mexico almost as many times as Mundo has currently), but he’s a name, he’s a safe bet to bring some fans in (especially from the US) and his work since going full blown lucha has been great. If AAA wants to take some time to find the next big star, they can do worse than letting Mundo carry the belt and put on exciting matches as a top rudo. Although, if AAA really wanted to sell me on it, they should add Melina to this package. Imagine those two in AAA? I’ll let Charlie Sheen spell out my thoughts.


8. El Mesias

You didn’t think that the man who is Immortan Mil Muertes in LU wouldn’t get on this list? Please. The ironic thing is that Mesias being a candidate has less to do with his glorious run through the Temple and more to do with the fact that he’s record holder for most Mega Championship reigns (4) and second only to Texano in longest combined days as champion (721 days). Translation; the guy knows how to be the top champion for this company. He may need a tad bit more build up right now to get back to title contention and AAA would have to be okay with Fenix challenging him (they’re feuding right now). Beyond that, Mesias is a safer, slightly more exciting option for a transitional champion than Mundo. Plus, Fenix vs. Mesias for the title is never a bad thing. Hell, Fenix vs. Mesias over anything is never a bad thing.

7. Texano Jr.

The underrated Texano gets on here because he’s both the youngest and longest reigning Mega Champion in AAA history. Well, that and the fact that El Patron beat him for the title, and you just can’t beat the poetic justice of Texano getting it back before Alberto walks off into the sunset with Zeb and his scooter. Why is Texano so low then? To borrow an idea suggested by cubsfan and Rob Viper on their podcast, it wouldn’t shock me if Texano was going to embark on a technico turn sooner than later (a great idea considering the most effective I’ve ever seen him was as a lone wolf technico in Lucha Underground). Unless that’s happening very soon and El Patron is turning rudo (which is possible), it makes more sense for a fellow La Sociedad member to take the title, Texano to turn and then chase the belt till around Triplemania time. Thus, he only gets seventh. Watch now as Texano defeats El Patron in a few weeks, and I look like the biggest dolt in the history of the western hemisphere. To be fair, I may have just accomplished that by using the word dolt.

6. Psycho Clown

As has been stated, there’s numerous things that AAA needs from whoever the next Mega Champion will be; consistency, reliability and excitement. Does Psycho Clown not fit the bill? The leader of Los Psychos Circus has proven to be a top tier talent in both the trios and singles division (he’s the current Latin American Champion for AAA), he’s the number two technico with El Patron now leaving, and he has a built in feud with Texano that can be reignited if he wins the title. I like this idea. A little out of the box, but I’d say AAA needs some out of the box ideas right now. Also, I like the idea of Los Psychos Circus taking up the power vacuum in AAA. Why go safe when you can have everyone trying to overthrow and army of killer clowns? Ron Swanson quoting Charlie Sheen approves!


5. Angelico

Let’s follow up an out of the box idea with another out of the box idea (and also another suggestion that cubsfan and Viper came up with)! Like Aerostar and to a lesser extent Psycho Clown, this isn’t happening; Angelico is too tied up with hero/rapscallion Jack Evans in the tag division to suddenly vault into title contention. That doesn’t mean AAA shouldn’t consider it. The fact of the matter is that Angelico is on a Daniel Murphy esq hot streak right now; his Lucha Underground dives have earned him a cult status among wrestling fans, he performed well in PWG during August, he and Evans are now AAA Tag Team Champions once again and, most importantly, he’s one of the several AAA guys WWE is apparently nuts over. That should tell you how special this dude is. Why not take the chance, give him a push and make him the man? It be fresh, it be exciting, it could potentially lead to a rudo Evans vs. technico Angelico match (that’s right, once wasn’t enough. I NEED MORE DRUNKEN MASTER EVANS DAMMIT!); I really don’t see the downside here. To quote Rage Against the Machine, what better place than here? What better time than now?!

4. Pentagon Jr.

Let’s be real; you can’t have this list without including the best all around performer AAA has right now. If you do that, you might as well go ahead and remake DuckTales without Scrooge McDuck. Alright, bad example; Duck Tales doesn’t need Scrooge. Swap him out for Huey, Dewey or Louie (whichever one was more likely to grow up a rich yuppie), keep Launchpad McQuack, and you’ll be fine. I should pitch that idea.

Swag. King.

Swag. King.

In any event, Pentagon Jr. certainly belongs in this discussion, especially if you’re going the rudo route for a champion. He’s young, he’s hungry, he’s the best performer they’ve got; the only reason I can think of for AAA not trying him out is because he’s teaming with Joe Lider right now. And, to be blunt, I must quote Orlando Bloom in saying that reason just isn’t good enough. Thankfully, I think AAA is starting to realize that. I don’t know if he’ll win the title here (probably not), but I think he’s at least a dark horse candidate.

3. Rey Mysterio Jr.

An obvious choice, a safe choice and to be honest, probably the right choice. In the wake of El Patron fleeing for WWE and Misticaraziz 2.0 going back to CMLL, Mysterio is pretty much all AAA has left as a massive draw. Why not use that to help bolster the title? Sure, the risk of Mysterio bolting is there as well, but unlike the other two, I think it’s pretty clear that Rey isn’t a backstage problem and won’t jump ship unless given strong reason. It may not be my favorite call, but it’s hard to argue that giving the Mega Championship to AAA’s top star isn’t the best move available. If they’re going the route of putting the belt on a technico, I’d bet a year’s supply of Surge Rey is the choice.

2. Brian Cage

You want to talk about intriguing; imagine for a second that El Patron, in his final AAA match, drops the title to a man who’s a) anti-lucha as it gets and b) is a walking reminder of the company El Patron is abandoning Mexico for. I don’t know about you, but that’s the sort of heat only felt by the crew of the Icarus II in Sunshine. I don’t see how you could really go wrong here with making Cage the champ, especially if you’re going the rudo route. The man is amazing in the ring, his rudo work has been amazing down in Mexico; frankly, he’s like a better version of Mundo at this point. Plus, the pop that would occur when Cage is eventually overthrown could be a star making moment. Man, why didn’t I put Cage at number one here?

1. El Hijo del Fantasma

Oh wait, that’s why. Sometimes, even where there’s more interesting/exciting/safer options, you just know when it’s going to be someone’s time. I think we’re looking at it being Fantasma’s now; he just spent a year doing some unbelievable work both in AAA and in Lucha Underground (where he was a certain Deer Antlers enthusiast), he’s become the new leader of La Sociedad and he’s an option for AAA that’s both a fresh idea and a safe idea. Yes, guys like Mundo, Mesias and Mysterio might be safer calls; guys like Cage, Angelico, Pentagon and Aerostar might be more exciting calls. All of them would work. But in a time where AAA needs to latch onto someone that will without question draw, deliver great matches and represent the company for the long term, Fantasma seems to be the best choice out of a lot of great choices. The only question is will AAA realize it too.

That’ll do it dudes and dudettes. I’m off till…sometime in the near distant future. The usual, as it were. Till next time, let AAA know that any of these guys should be Mega Champion. Let your voices be heard lucha fans, unless you want to face the wrath of Red Skull.

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