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A Look Back at Football (Soccer) in 2020

A passionate Football (Soccer) fan who is into the sport as both a player, a fan, and in the future, a coach.

Italian giants, Juventus and Inter Milan square off in an empty stadium.

Italian giants, Juventus and Inter Milan square off in an empty stadium.

Football in 2020 at the start

Liverpool Fc was top of the league table on Christmas 2019 and continued to stay on top into the New Year of 2020. In the beginning, Football around the world was still on-going, with the top 4 leagues in the world, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga continuing to provide us fans games, little did we know that something big will be on our way so early in the year. There were early scares from Managers around the leagues, talking about voiding the season. By the time March 13th came, Liverpool Fc was just 6 points from taking the league title from Manchester City, the world of Football, just like the rest of the world, went into quarantine.

The Premier League Project Restart

The Premier League Project Restart

Project Restart (Premier League)

In England, the Premier League aimed to restart the campaign when the cases in the country reduces. While most football leagues around the world decided to void the season all together and some lower tier football leagues voiding the season as well, the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga were keen to restart the season.

Project restart was a nickname given to the Premier League for it's efforts to restart the season. The aim from the English Football Association (FA) was to restart the league campaign on 13 June. Discussions were made throughout the months with club officials and the FA on how to restart the campaign. By 17 April 2020, a proposal was tabled where all 92 clubs in England will play over a 6 week period on approved stadiums. At the same time, players will be tested weekly so that no player will infect another player.

The postponement of Euro 2020

One of the huge cancellations in Association Football in 2020, was the Euro 2020. A tournament where all the countries of Europe will compete for their intercontinental prize. The tournament was originally supposed to take place in June 2020 to July 2020 but was postponed to June-July 2021 instead. The tournament was supposed to be held in 12 cities across the UEFA affiliated countries.

The end of a 30 year wait

Liverpool Fc were dominating all season and was only 6 points from winning the Premier League title before the suspension of the league. Although there were calls for the season to be voided, the Premier League was keen to continue with project restart and in the next few games, Liverpool Fc won the league title for the first time in 30 years. This Premier League title win is their 19th English league title and first in the form of the Premier League.

FC Minsk of Belarus during March - April 2020

FC Minsk of Belarus during March - April 2020

The Countries that still had league matches as of April 2020

To many football fans surprise, there were at least 4 countries still hosting league matches while world football was resting. These countries were, Belarus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Nicaragua.

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Turkmenistan's league was suspended on 23 March before resuming on 23 April before getting suspended again on August 17. While Tajikstan's football league started their season on 27th March behind closed doors which was then suspended on 26th April until 10th May, which was extended to 16th June and they continued behind closed doors.

Belarusian league on the other hand, was the only European league that was still contested during this period and was still available for fans to watch in the stadium and at home, it has a viewership increase during this period.

Diego Maradona (30 October 1960 - 25 November 2020)

Maradona's death came as a shock to the Football world as the legendary Argentine attacker passed away from a heart attack on 25th November 2020. His passing was mourned by football fans around the world and players. He was best known for his time at Napoli and the world cup win in 1986 with Argentina.

Ray Clemence (5 August 1948 - 15 November 2020)

Liverpool Fc legendary goalkeeper, Ray Clemence, passed away on 15th November 2020 while fighting prostate cancer for 15 years. He was 72 years old when he died. The former England goalkeeper was best known for his time in Liverpool Fc where he won the league title 5 times and boasts 3 European cups (Champions league) to his name.

Papa Bouba Diop (28 January 1978 - 29 November 2020)

Another shock that came in 2020 was the death of former Premier League center-back, Papa Bouba Diop, who played in the Premier League for Fulham, Portsmouth and West Ham. The Senegalese passed away due to a long illness on 29th November 2020. Papa was best known for his time in the Premier League as one of the hard tackling defenders that most forwards fear.

Gerard Houllier (3 September 1947-14th December 2020)

Gerard Houllier was best known for being the manager for Liverpool Fc from 1998 to the year 2004, during his time as manager, he brought Liverpool Fc 2 League cups, 1 FA Cup, 1 FA Charity Shield, 1 UEFA cup (Now Europa cup) and 1 UEFA Super Cup. He passed away on 14th December 2020 at a hospital in Paris due to a unsuccessful heart surgery.

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