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Sport-Vers: 8 Most Promising Young Midfielders In The 2019/2020 Premier League Season

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The Young Players in the Premier League


The English League is indeed the most popular League in all around of the World. The Premier League has always been able to present extraordinary games to its fans. And not just only that, the Premier League is also a producer of a Young Player around in the world. Every team in the Premier league is competing to be able to produce potential Young Player in each season.

Of the many promising young player currently in the Premier league this season, the position in midfield is at most. As the Midfield position is the most ideal position for Creative young player. This position requires high creativity and ability to be successful. And very suitable for Creative young players.

The Premier League has some of the most promising young players in midfield position this season. And here the name of the young midfielder Players in the Premier League that managed to steal the show.

1. Mason Mount (Chelsea)


Chelsea is already clever at producing talented young player, one example is Mason Mount. Under Frank Lampard's direction this season, Mount has performed brilliantly with 7 goals and 5 assist from 37 games in the Premier League.

And Mount is Expected to bring a bright future for Chelsea and the English National Team.

2. Christian Pulisic (Chelsea)


Pulisic has started this season with Fantastic form. He's managed to help Chelsea reach 4-season position at the Premier League. He managed to make a difference in Chelsea's midfield. Playing in an Attacking midfielder position, makes it more flexible to help his colleagues at Chelsea.

This season he has scored 9 goals and 4 assist in 25 games in the Premier League this season. And a good record for him in his first season in England.

3. Scott Mctominay (Manchester United)


He is the original player under the care of Manchester United is currently considered quite potential. Mctominay is managed to maintain balance in the Manchester United midfield. He was the most prominent player among the others in his squad, prior to the arrival of Bruno Fernandez. In this season he has a fairly high passes ratio, he has 67% of successful passes and 45% of key passes. That record is pretty good for a player in his age.

If he stays consistent with his currently form, he will probably have a great career at Manchester United. And he could be a great asset in the Manchester United future.

4. Phil Foden (Manchester City)


Playing under Guardiola Direction is the dream of every young player. The reason is, Guardiola can always guarantee a bright future for his young players. And because of that, Phil Foden is considered lucky enough to play with Guardiola.

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He was pretty much given the change by Pep. His attractive game is the main attraction, which makes Pep want to promote to the first team. In this season he has scored 6 Goals and 3 Assists in 41 games in Premier League.

And he is predicted to be the English National Team Best Player in the next era.

5. Todd Cantwell (Norwich City)


Despite Norwich's poor form this season in the Premier League, Cantwell remains the most promising young player in England this season. This season is his first season playing in the Premier League, but he has managed to steal the attention of Premier League clubs. His ability is very promising at a young age. He has scoring 6 goals and 2 Assist for Norwich this season.

with his current abilities, it would be a shame. If he only played for a club like Norwich City. Moreover, this season Norwich had to fall into division 2. If he want to continue his career towards success, he must immediately move to a bigger club to support his career.

6. Declan Rice (West Ham United)


Playing superbly with West Ham United this season, Rice should be on this list. Playing under the direction of David Moyes, he managed to play without a doubt in his mind. He even dared to be placed in any position such as Central defender, defensive midfielder, box-to-box midfielder. All of which he managed to play well. He has a good tackle record this season, he's done 250 tackles this season at the Premier League by a 58% ratio.

he is considered a future star candidate for the English National Team. And he is considered a great player of the future.

7. Tom Davies (Everton)


His name may rarely be exposed by the mass media, compared to his previous names. However, Davie's ability cannot be doubted. Playing under Ancelotti's direction, he is sure to have a fairly successful career in the future. This season he hhas been passing accuracy (77%), a good record for a defensive midfielder.

However, he is lacking in self-control, as he has received a total of 7 yellow cards in this season. He must be able to fix these shortcomings, if he want a long career in the future.

8. Curtis Jones (Liverpool)


His name is not as famous as other young players, that's because he is measly given the minute to play by Klopp. This season he only played 6 matches and only scored 1 goal in the Premier League.

However, it was only a matter of time before he showed his best form later. Klopp hopes that Jones can become Steven Gerrard's successor in the future. He and Trent Alexander Arnold are expected to become future stars at liverpool.

The Next Football Era

The increasing many of young players is a sign of the rapid developmemt of the times. Maybe in the past, we saw Messi when he was young with long hair or saw Ronaldo at Manchester United. And now they both have become 2 of The Players in the World. And it's a sign that time is constantly moving fast nowadays.

With so many great young players, they are expected to be able to make a bright future for the sport of football. And Football of the Future is in good hands. We just have to wait for the young players to prove it.

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