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6 Signs Show Lebron Never Made Players Better

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.

1. Poor Leadership

The Cleveland Cavs grew each season under lebron. They had a new owner. They had new personnel and a dynamic player. What lebron did before the nba was staggering. He came in and the hype surrounded him immediately. Hype that he never played up to.

If the hype did not immediately surround him, he would not have won rookie of the year. If you read a few of my last articles you'd know Syracuse star, Carmelo Anthony, had better numbers. Additionally, he performed better. That's the story of his career.

Not many talk about those teammates. The Irish had a team. Lebron hid behind them like he does in the nba. Its very insulting to players when they are considered trash. Lebron’s youth gives him a pass. It was a surprise they made the 2007 finals. They played a well disciplined spurs team. Them losing wasn't a shocker. The way they lost was tho. That 2007 team team was a good one. Sadly, they just didn't have a leader. He never was a leader.


He's Unreliable

With the surprise finals appearances came changes. The office wanted the roster built. The next season cavs looked fairly the same. Both seasons they went 50-32. They both were 2nd in the central division. So by the time the playoffs came, a finals was expected.

Sadly, people forgot the season record. Cavs only won forty-five games that year. That finals expectation wasn't met. They lost the second round of the playoffs. The potential was still there. The fact that they lacked leadership was too.

During the offseason, cavs office took a different approach. They acquired more veterans. Pistons star, Ben Wallace, was the first. Lebron won season mvp leading his team to number won. Can't were the best in the league. To see them end up losing in the post broke fans hearts. The next was just as good. They added, Shaq, who helped young stars get to the finals. Shaq helped only two win their first. With lebron winning mvp again, they just felt this was it. Sadly, they were received. Lebron never led cavs back to the finals after that 2007 season. He showed that he's the most unreliable superstar ever.


He Acts Narcissistic

Lebron had an hour long telecast to say he's leaving. He joined his fellow draft mates, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Wade is the first finals mvp of the draft class. Bosh was already a star in Toronto. It was a no brainer what theyd produce. They immediately became villains.

Heat president, Pat Riley, took things up a notch. He didn't say it but he surrounded lebron with more vets. They weren't too old but we're just right. As a response, heat went to the finals all four seasons. Lebron won his first and only two consecutive titles on the Miami heat.

In one of my articles I asked why would anyone think heat fans are mad. Lebron hasn't won two rings with a franchise since Miami. He has said that he regrets the televised event. Like myself, many don't buy it. Signs have shown us all that nothing changed. The narcissist behavior is still there.

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He’s Inconsistent

He campaigned that he was going home. Soon as he left, heat team fell apart. Cavsnation saw he changed. The office took notice of what Pat Riley did. Lebron was surrounded with vets. Vets that won championships on other team's. The first noticeable change was one of Israel's best coaches addition. David Blatt was the new coach.

Shawn Marion won on the Dallas Mavericks. Kendrick Perkins on the Boston Celtics. On the bench he had Mike Miller and James Jones. Including himself, that's five champions. All Star Kevin Love was acquired. Kyrie Irving was already there. An inexperienced warriors shocked the nation and won the finals vs them.

Despite love and kyrie injury, there was enough. The Cavs should've won. One thing was obvious was the leadership. Those vets weren't leaders. Wade was finals mvp. Marion, Perkins, Mike, not Jones was one. James was but he didn't put up mvp numbers that year. Cavs went to the next three finals and won one. For cavsation, it was Deja Vu.

He Feels Entitled

After slightly promising he won't leave again he left. Lebron joined the L.A Lakers. At this point, everyone knew. It wasn't hard to see what was ahead. His history guarantees what will happen. He does this on every team. The lakers started changing their roster before he came there.

Laker great, Irvin Johnson, was there. Pat Riley is in the same position. He too is a laker great. Lebron was in good hands. At least they thought they were. Magic saw where things were headed. Abruptly, he stepped down. Lakers season ended without a playoff birth. What magic saw was occurred the offseason.

Lakers head coach, Luke Walton, was gone after the season. Frank Vogel was brought in. That young talent was traded for Anthony Davis. During the season, the pandemic hit. There was no basketball a huge chunk of the year. When it restarted, it was at the Disney World bubble. That was where Lakers won their first championship in a while. That was also where they won their last. Lebron approaches team's and the game with an entitled mentality.


He’s a Businessman

Changing rosters is what happened on lebrons last two teams. Youth were traded to get Kevin Love to Cleveland. Love was a standout for the Minnesota timbereolves. Youth were traded to get Anthony Davis to lakers. Davis stood out on the New Orlean Pelicans.

Another fact that isn't talked about is the staff change. Frank Vogel was fired two years later. Under lebron Paul Silas was, Malone was, David Blatt was, Luke was now Frank Vogel. Folk say lebrons not the GM and that's true. It's just strange this happened on each team he went to.

Pat Riley stood his ground with Erik Spoelstra. I used to be a lebron fan. I said everything these fans say. I repeated the narratives. Now that I'm older, I see they aren't true. In fact, they never were. Lebron is surely a hall of famer. He's just not what he's made to be. He's turned the L.A lakers into the L.A Cavs. Lebron does all these things naturally. That’s because he is a businessman. Not a basketball player.

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