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6 Facts Prove his Legacy Is a Lie

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Awards He Didn't Deserve

Drafted in 2003, he was the chosen one. He actually still is but, does chosen mean better? My personal answer is no here. Lebron is not better than most of the greats that have played the game of basketball. He is great but, he is not what he is made out to be. In this article, these simple six things will show you why. The hype machine started as soon as he came. The 6 foot 8 Akron, Ohio native came in with the hype on his back. He started his career at small forward and the power forward positions. Despite his beginning seasons, he is loved. In addition, he was awarded four MVP's, four finals, four finals mvp's, plus many more.

The question often asked is "Does he deserve those awards?" When I was a fan, I thought that he did. It took me not being one to understand that alot of the awards LeBron James got he shouldn't have. Draft mate Carmelo Anthony should've won rookie of the year in the opener. His numbers were better, and his team was. He was robbed by friendly fire. Another draftmate, Dwayne Wade was robbed by friendly fire. Dwayne wade should have won season MVP in 2009.

When he went back home, all-star guard, Kyrie Irving, hit the shot for him to be credited. Kyrie says often "Sometimes, I wish I never hit that shot". Now he is a laker star. The lakers championship proved nothing has changed. Year one in L.A ended in failure, and he was there. Clutch Sports brother, Anthony Davis, joined the roster and saved him. Davis led the lakers in every category but, he got the finals mvp award. He did not deserve many of them.


His Stats Are Lying

Lebron first potential NBA championship approached him early. It approached him by surprise too. Cavs were growing each year he was on the roster but, that came too fast. It was 2007. He, and a few other stars played a team, Spurs, full of hall of fame players. The season hall of famers did not allow the Cleveland Cavs to win a game. Like many, he was in tears after the loss.

Those tears only made him stronger. Sadly, it was not strong enough to get the Cavs back. He won his first two season MVPS. During them both, cavs teams were stupendous. They got into the playoffs and crumbled. He ran to the miami heat where he won two more season MVPS. Both those seasons, he won the championship. After the championships, he made plans to go back home. His intentions were pure there.

The akron native made a promise and he wanted to keep it. Immediately, he remodeled cavs roster The cavs went to the NBA finals the first year of his return just like miami when he came. They went to the finals the three seasons after it too. Sadly, he only won cavs one title out of them. He's been there for eleven years. Getting them one title is not a good look on his legacy. I wish lebron fans stop thinking one historic win is two in the record books. If they stop manipulatiing his numbers on screen, they fans won't do it off of it.


His Finals Sweeps

Lebron saw his first finals in 2007. Many say the team sucked but, that is far from the truth. You do not get to the NBA finals alone. They may have not won a game but, he showed determination. At least we all thought he did. He was determined to get his hometown Cavs a championship.

If you have been reading my posts you'd know that it did not happen. He departed to miami. True Cleveland Cavs fans were disappointed. The disappointed did not last. Many just got over it and they were happy for the kid from akron. Lebron won his first two titles there. In addition, the Miami heat went to the NBA finals his final season.

Lebron came and immediately got to work. Unfortunately, the hometown hero did not give them what he gave heat. He took them to the four consecutive finals but, he only won one. It was historic but, it was still one in the record books. One of those losses was a repeat of his first championship attempt. Lebron is the only player to be swept in two decades. On these networks, this is not mentioned. Since his numbers matter, tell them all.

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He Humiliated Cavs

After being drafted there were immediate changes. The franchise got an entirely new look. They had the chosen one and another allstar so, why not change things up? At that time, the changes were not completed. The vision Dan Gilbert had for the team was not hard to see, He brought in the correct staff needed for the job to win the franchise their first NBA championship.

In 2010, lebron did something that he admitted still haunts him. The kid from akron was plotting his exit after his first season MVP. He tasted the finals in 2007. He saw his draftmate, Dwayne Wade, win the 2006 championship the year before. Like any human being, he may have been frustrated

The superstar big man, Shaq, the next season eased the pain a little. Shaq almost helped Penny Hardaway in Orlando. He went to L.A and helped a young Kobe Bryant. He went to Miami and helped a young Dwayne Wade. So, why not think it? After the failure, lebron humiliated his hometown cavs. He humiliated them during in an hour long telecast called "The Decision"


He's Always Crying

When Lebron was in Cleveland he made one think clear. He does not care what anyone thinks. When he teamed up, he didn't care. The signs were evident since 2003. Another sign that was is the fact that he cries too much. He does that on the court and off of it consistently. Lebron cried his way in Cleveland record books and the NBA's.

Lets be honest here, Cleveland would not have a championship without it. The fact that the seventy two win bulls won in six I don't think is mentioned enough. I think the reason is because people would think differently. Warriors won 73 games the year Cavs defeated them. Warrior's star, Draymond Green, was suspended game five. They already more than bulls in the season. In just five games, a healthy warriors win the finals.

Lebron cried for that, and he cried for more. After a Cleveland meltdown vs a Dallas Mavs team it happened. Lebron made some comments about front office moves and his teammates. That rubbed former star, Charles Barkley, the wrong way. Barkley acknowledged him as a great player. He also called out his wrong. Lebron responded calling him a hater. On numerous occasions, it is proved Lebron cries when he does not get what he wants. His fans follow right in those footsteps. His crying is an historic monument for his legacy.

He's a Narcissist

The fact that they keep asking "Who is your G.O.A.T plays a role here. The letters in the word stand for greatest of all time. Lebron already self-proclaimed himself as the greatest. He did that after his 2016 championship. They are not helping to end the disrespect.

At least jordan went undefeated in the finals. He has repeatedly said that he does not want the title. He said it is disrespectful to the greats before him. If he could say it why can't they or even him say the same? There is no reason to call lebron the greatest to ever play. Sadly, his fans do it.

The media is doing their jobs. They all know the truth. This G.O.A.T debate needs not be entertained. I along with many fans of the sport sometimes wish more is said. Perhaps if it is, these lebron fans will not be so delusional. Lebron is a great player but, he is far from the greatest. If it's anything, he's a narcissist. Sadly, it's not talked about much.

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