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6 Facts Prove His Legacy Is a Lie

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Is His Legacy A Lie?

This is a great question often. The answer to it is Yes. It is a lie and this article will prove it. When I was a fan, I didn't think it will be. He was great in high school. His first potential NBA championship approached him early. It approached him by surprise too. Cavs were growing each year he was on the roster but, that came too fast. It was 2007. He, and a few other stars played a team, Spurs, full of hall of fame players. The season hall of famers did not allow the Cleveland Cavs to win a game. Like many, he was in tears after the loss. Despite the loss, there were hopes. His hometown had the faith that lebron will be the star. He will remodel that franchise and win them their first title. Sadly, his future wasn't bright enough. Now that his career is likely to be over with the Los Angeles Lakers, it's out. It was more hype than anything. 6 things prove it.



Drafted in 2003, he was the chosen one. He actually still is but, does chosen mean better? My personal answer is no here. Lebron is not better than most of the greats that have played the game of basketball. He is great but, he is not what he is made out to be. In this article, these simple six things will show you why. The hype machine started as soon as he came. The 6 foot 8 Akron, Ohio native came in with the hype on his back. He started his career at small forward and the power forward positions. Despite his beginning seasons, he is loved. In addition, he was awarded four MVP's, four finals, four finals mvp's, plus many more. One of them awards was his ROTY award. Syracuse star Carmelo Anthony deserved the award not lebron. His numbers were better, and his team was. He was robbed by friendly fire.

2. The Great Seasons

Those tears only made him stronger. Cavs already had the best assistant coach, Mike Brown, courtside. After the 2007 finals they took a break. Behind the scenes they worked on something big. During the offseason, they acquired big man, Ben Wallace. Wallace won a championship with pistons. His immediate impact helped cavs start things great. Lebron putting up MVP numbers just made things better. By the seasons end, he won the award. In addition, cavs won 66 games. Sadly, they fell in the second round to the celtics. They failed to a great team. The offseason was spent with them upgrading the roster. They added lakers legend Shaquille Oneal. Oneal helped Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade reach the nba finals. Sadly, he only won with Bryant and wade. His history of working well with stars. It speaks and lebron was next. The season was great as expected. Lebron finished where he left off. He won his second mvp. They went further in the post. A thriving young Orlando Magic team beat them in the Eastern Conference Finals. These great seasons are hidden. These epic failures on broadway are too.

3. Finals Sweeps

Spurs are a great team. That's not a doubt. Tim Duncan is a hall of famer. The head coach is too along with a few other players. Many say the team sucked but, that is far from the truth. You do not get to the NBA finals alone. Spurs were just more superior. Just like spurs, the 2017-2018 warriors were too. They handed lebron the second finals sweep of his career. Lebron is the first player to be swept twice in two decades.


4. Black Privilege

This has proven to be real. White's don't have a WLM but blacks do. Whites don't have a white history month but we do. With all do respect, most of us are the legends. A few include Tiger Woods, Sirena Williams or the Late Bill Russel. It's a long list and lebrons on it. He's in goat talks year after year and he lost what Jordan won. He's still celebrated after humiliating cavs on live T.V to say he's leaving. The franchised made immediate changes when he arrived. They got an entirely new look. They fired the coaches and gave him all he wanted. The vision Dan Gilbert had for the team was not hard to see. He brought in the correct staff needed for the job to win the franchise their first NBA championship. Unfortunately, in 2010, lebron did something that he admitted still haunts him. He humiliated them during in an hour long telecast called "The Decision.” He and a few of his draft buddies formed Team USA. They were one of the most unfair team's in history. The heat won the same season games in 2012-2013 as the 2008-2009 cavs. Lebron also won season mvp. Unfortunately, only heat won the title. He went back to Cleveland, won them a title but left to L.A. Numerous times, he has humiliated the Cleveland Cavs. To see it not included in the Goat debates is Black Privilege.

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5. He's a Whiner

When Lebron was in Cleveland he made one thing clear. He does not care what anyone thinks. When he teamed up, he didn't care. The signs were evident since 2003. Another sign that was is the fact that he cries too much. He does that on the court and off of it consistently. Lebron cried his way into record books. Cleveland would not have a championship without it. The fact that the seventy two win bulls won in six I don't think is mentioned enough. I think the reason is because people would think differently. Warriors won 73 games the year Cavs defeated them. Lebron made some comments about front office moves and his teammates. That rubbed former star, Charles Barkley, the wrong way. Barkley acknowledged him as a great player. He also called out his wrong. Lebron responded calling him a hater. On numerous occasions, it is proved Lebron cries when he does not get what he wants. His fans follow right in those footsteps. His whining is an historic monument for his legacy.

6. He's a Narcissist

If you keep asking me year after year "Who is your G.O.A.T? After I clearly said is not Lebron that's an issue. An issue not helping him nor his fans. In fact, Lebron may not want it. He loves the privilege. The letters in the word stand for greatest of all time. Lebron already self-proclaimed himself as the greatest. He did that after his 2016 championship. They are not helping to end the disrespect.The media is doing their jobs. They all know the truth. This G.O.A.T debate needs not be entertained. I along with many fans of the sport sometimes wish more is said. Perhaps if it is, these lebron fans will not be so delusional. Lebron is a great player but, he is far from the greatest. If it's anything, he's a narcissist. Sadly, it's not talked about much. Numerous people have said you don't say that about you. Let others do it. He's shown signs of a naracisst all of his career.


His Legacy is a Lie

Lebron is a great player. I say it all the time. I'm surely not the only one. I'm also not the only one that knows hid legacy is filled with lies. The entire story isnt told. Many just got over it and they were happy for the kid from akron. Lebron won his first two titles there. The Miami heat went to the NBA finals each season of his contract. He saw his first finals with cavs. He won his first game in the finals with heat. He went home and won Cleveland their first title. Now he's in L A getting coaches fired and trading the future. I know he's not the GM but surely acts like it. Things were so bad the legend Irving “Magic” Johnson walked away. He”a creatively controlled lakers franchise and his entire career. This is not written to degrade the athlete. It's written to reveal what is hidden.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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