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6 Reasons It's Not a Fair Debate

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I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

The Championships for Draft Teams

King fraud is a great player. Many of his current haters were fans. I used to be one of them. The potential this athlete had in high school was off the charts. We all knew he was coming. Once he entered, he went through what most coming out of high school do. His team, Cavs, were not good but, he did let his presence be known. The Cavs were getting better by the year.

He would be the one to change the franchise. Once he saw his draft mate (Dwayne Wade) win, he wanted his. In 2007, he got his chance. The king and his Cavs did not win a game but, the future bloomed right before us. Sadly, James did not see another in a Cavs uniform. That pinnacle, he never seemed to reach again. When he went to Miami, he won his first game in a finals series alongside his buddy. The result was another loss but, they went on to three more. He lost the first finals and lost the last.

King Fraud chose to go back where it all started. He took the Cavs to four straight finals. Cavs only won 1 out of them. Now, he's an L.A laker. He's been there four years and has not done what he was able to do. On Heat, he took them all four years. On Cavs, he did too but, on lakers, he could not. King fraud only won his draft team 1 title. Jordan won his 6.

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

The Season MVP's

One difference between him and Jordan is the MVPs. King fraud won season MVP four times. He won two with Cavs and two with Miami. Jordan won 5 awards. These are key states in the goat debate. These are also stats that his fans continue to ignore. A lot of them are blind by his overrated dunks. His stats play a role in them being delusional as well. Another significant difference is what he did with his draft team. Jordan took his draft team to the finals the year he won the award. Lebron never took the Cavs to the finals the year he won MVP. He went back and fulfilled his promise but, there was controversy. Cavs would not beat a healthy Warriors team.

If the 72 win bulls won in six, imagine what 73 win warriors were going to do? The Series was over in five if that did not happen. Let's get back on track here. Cavs won but, he did not win MVP that year. That is what is the difference. Lebron could not do what Jordan did with his draft team. The season MVPs make a big difference in the goat debate.

The Game 7's

King Fraud has been to the NBA finals ten times. 2007 was his first. For eight straight years, he was in the finals. He won three out of eight finals. He won another in L.A. King Fraud played game 7 for one historic championship.

The most consecutive finals Jordan was in is 3. The fact that he abruptly retired played a significant difference there. Jordan came back and went to 3 again. If Jordan would not have abruptly retired, he may have won eight. Jordan was dominant. Despite it, he wouldn't have done that. He believes it himself. Realistically, that is true.

The difference between the two is the number of games. Jordan played six in every finals series. He never played a game 7. Despite Lebron's dominance, he did. This fact is another thing left out in the goat debate.

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The Finals Visits

King fraud has been to eight consecutive finals. For a decade, that's all this era saw. The outlets don't talk about how he lost them. The fans follow what they say.

His fans do not care that he lost half of them. They don't say team until he fails to get the job done. Jordan was a king that protected his throne. Lebron is not. The losses on his home court show it.

The question here is simple. Why couldn't king fraud threepeat? Jordan did it twice. Lebron went to more finals & did not do it at all. Not only did he earn the right to be called King Fraud. Additionally, he is the show-up kid. Lebronation likes it just that way.

The Help

The epic meltdown in Cleveland hurt the fraud. His contract was up, so he knew his plans. In an hour-long telecast, LeBron informed the world. He joined his draft mate and good friend Dwayne Wade in Miami.

Wade was the first finals MVP of the draft class. He was the franchise player for the Miami Heat. Unfortunately, he was not enough for the fraud. Another draft mate, Chris bosh, came along.

Lebron had 2 All-Stars and a stacked roster to help him win his first title. Jordan had 1 All-Stars and a decent roster for his first. Lebron needed too much help for his first title.

I Don't Own The Rights to This Picture

I Don't Own The Rights to This Picture

The Leadership

King Fraud failed to be on Jordan's level in just two seasons. He had a chance to do something special with that franchise. Those first 2 MVP years would've been great for his legacy if he led the Cavs to the finals.

He had a chance to face off with the lakers' phenom, Kobe Bryant. Like him, Kobe came out of high school. Sadly, lack of leadership didn't allow us to see it.

Jordan made demands without saying it. The teammates knew what he expected from them all. Lebron does not have that perseverance. If he did he'd have more titles for himself.

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