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6 Reasons He Should Thank Miami

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For His First Finals Game

Anyone that knows Cleveland sports knows that it is not that great. The Indians have been low for some time. The Browns have been for some time. The legend Jim Brown was exciting despite him not taking browns no place. He is one of the best in Cleveland history. So is Lebron James. The Cleveland Cavaliers were at a low point for some years. He was the chosen one to change that.

New owner Dan Gilbert knew that a young James would turn it around. Instantly, he won the city over. There was already an all-star in place on the team. He just added to the excitement and revitalized the franchise. Each year they were improving. In his first few seasons, the Cavs did not make the finals. They did not even make the playoffs

Surprisingly, in 2007 they exceeded expectations. The Cavs were in the NBA finals facing a well-seasoned Spurs team. As a fan at the time, I was excited despite the loss. Many like me suspected that the Cavs will get back to the NBA finals. The next few seasons did look that way. In each playoffs it didn't. Lebron did not go back until Miami. That first season, he won his first game in an NBA finals series. He should thank Miami for that.


For His First Championship

Despite the loss, it was a sign for the team. The heat became league villains. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh teamed up. The addition of former stars made it no better. Secretly, it was because of champion Dwayne Wade. For the last three seasons, LeBron had championship teammates.

In the 2008 -2009 season, he had a former rival, Ben Wallace. He and Wallace were competitors on the Pistons. Wallace won the 2004 pistons. The season after, he had finals MVP and big man Shaquille O'Neal. Pippen was not a championship teammate when he joined Jordan.

During the 2011-2012 season, the Miami heat upgraded their roster. James' numbers upgraded as well. They finished the 24th season of the franchise with a 46-20 record. That was due to the NBA lockout. The heat played 66 games that season. James led the Miami Heat to win the championship. He should thank Miami for his first championship.


For Going The Same Year

The heat won the finals last season. Lebron came to Miami and turned the heat franchise into villains. His teammates had his back. Dwayne Wade put him the leader of the pack. He led Miami to not only two consecutive titles. That was great but what is also great is what James accomplished before it. He won the season MVP. In addition, he won his first NBA championship.

Lebron already won MVP twice with his former teams. Both times, the Cavs looked great. I was a fan that time. The NBA was buzzing. A young prodigy, Kobe Bryant, was already doing great things out west. Like Lebron, he too came out of high school. The possibility of them meeting for an NBA final was a great one. I wanted to see it along with many fans of basketball.

Sadly, we did not get the chance. Both the championships in Miami, he won the MVP award. He should thank heatnation for helping him get to the nba finals the same year he won season mvp.

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For his 66-16 Championship

Finals MVP is another award. Lebron won finals MVP all four of his championships. You cannot ignore the fact that with no help, he could not sniff confetti. That included two Allstars.

As mentioned, the Miami heat had a great season both years he won the award. He won it the lockout season and the season after it. The season after it, the heat went 66-16 (.805). They won the title too. It was the second MVP that may have rocked the Cavs nation. The 2008-2009 Cavs won the same number of games. Lebron also won MVP that year.

So why couldn't he give his draft team the same? I am sure that the reporters are aware of this fact. Jordan took his draft team to the NBA finals for six seasons. In the midst, he won the season MVP award doing it. He should thank Miami for winning a championship after going 66-16 again.

For Championship Pedigree

Lebron led the heat to the finals again. Despite not putting up MVP numbers, it was an epic one. He was also planning his triumphant exit back home. He ran there after a loss. After a loss, he ran again.

Rumor has it Lebron met with Dan Gilbert and apologized. Many of the loyal fans of the franchise were happy. As a fan myself, I was too. I followed James to Miami. Wherever he went, I went.

He's an Akron native that made a promise. In addition, he won his first NBA championships. Like any fan, we all expected him to get Cleveland over the hump. We knew that the championship pedigree was there. In the 2016 finals, we all saw it. Lebron led the Cavs to their first NBA championship. That pedigree, he should thank heat for it.


For His Legacy

LeBron hasn't won two rings on a team since Miami. Miami got the best out of him. Why should heat fans be angry? The only thing he could offer Miami is an attraction.

As you see, I'm no longer a fan. I think the guy is overrated. It's no reason for me nor anyone to think otherwise. I don't care to entertain these debates. He's not worthy of any of them.

Lebron is a great player. Many of these platforms get carried away. He lost the lakers the game the night he passed Kareem. Why is he steadily in g.o.a.t talks? His legacy started and ended in Miami.

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