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5 Tips to Fix Golf Slice

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Golf Slice Problem

Like any other golf technique, fixing golf slice is a procedure. By finding the possible causes, you will eventually find the root cause of your slice. Here in this article, I'll provide you with some guidelines and tips on how to fix your golf slice

How to Fix Golf Slice: Tip 1

Though there are many causes for the slicing of golf ball, the most common one is an inappropriate set up. While addressing the ball, you must see to that your body is well aligned with the target line. Aim your left shoulder directly at the target. Even a slight deviation in this can cause the ball slice.

How to Fix Golf Slice: Tip 2

Before swinging any of your clubs, spare a moment to check at your grip. Experts advise that you must be able to see two or three of your left hand knuckles if you look down. More or less than this could mean something has gone wrong with your grip. If this is the case, then adjust your grip before you proceed.

It is not advisable to hold the club tightly. If this happens, you cannot release easily on impact. If you hold the club too lightly, the club head might wiggle on contact and will cause the ball fly off the course.

Useful Books to Fix Your Golf Slice

How to Fix Golf Slice: Tip 3

Players often end up hitting the ball to their far right if they do not make a full turn of their hip while coming to the strike zone. If the ball must fly straight, the club face must hit it squarely. If the hip does not turn completely through impact, this is rather impossible. Train yourself to finish high. This will make your hip make a full turn and help you overcome the problem of slicing the ball.

How to Fix Golf Slice: Tip 4

One another key tip to drive the ball straight is to slow down your motions. Quite often, golf players yield to the urge of speeding up their swing in order to drive the ball over more yards. In this process, the hands lead the motion overtaking the other body parts. The end result opens up the club face letting the ball veer to the right.

How to Fix Golf Slice: Tip 5

This is an often said tip. Players need to keep their head down till they complete their swing. Pushed by their eagerness to see where the ball goes the players often lift their heads resulting in a fraction of second deviation that might end up in a poor shot. Most players do not even realize that they are doing this. If you feel you are hitting the ball to the right many times, then let someone watch your head as you make a few shots.

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