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Most Underrated Players in Madden 19

Honorable Mention: Tyrod Taylor, 81 Overall

Tyrod Taylor is far from being the leagues best QB, but that does not change the fact that he is an incredibly solid player to have under center. He helped improve a struggling Bills offense after being released by the Ravens, becoming an incredibly consistent quarterback for the Bills over three seasons.

With several solid tools at wide receiver this year, and Tyrod Taylor throwing the ball, the browns should have a very interesting offense. An 81 rating simply does not due Tyrod's diverse skill set and consistent performance justice, but it certainly isn't Madden's most egregious mistake which is why Tyrod doesn't quite crack the top 5.

Honorable Mention: Jadeveon Clowney, 91 Overall

Jadeveon Clowney is incredibly under rated this year, if not out right, than at least by comparison. His stats speak for themselves and when compared to other higher rated players, namely J.J Watt, Clowney was downright robbed.

Even when averaging out their stats to account for Watt's injuries, Clowney is clearly putting out better performances than the man on the other side of the line, who is rated at a whopping 98 overall. He even has 9 more tackles and only 1.5 less sacks than the highest rated D-lineman in the game Aaron Donald

#5: Justin Tucker, 87 Overall

Justin Tucker starts out my top 5. A bit of an odd choice I know, considering he is the highest rated kicker in the game. However, for a guy who is nearly automatic every time he goes up to the tee, and has blasted in a 61 yard field goal, it feels surprisingly low.

It is somewhat forgivable seeing as no kicker broke in to the 90s this year, but that also paints the picture that their currently aren't any elite kickers in the league which is 100% untrue. Tucker is the elite of the elite at his position and I think a mid 90s rating would reflect that much better.

#4: Joe Haden, 85 Overall

Joe Haden is undoubtedly an elite corner in the NFL. While many players have stepped up at the position in recent years, Haden certainly hasn't stepped down. It was certainly a bummer that he has been injury prone these last few seasons, but the fact is, when he is on the field he is a force.

I am not trying to make the case that he is the best corner in the game, that would be crazy while corners like Jalen Ramsey, A.J Bouye, and Xavier Rhodes are playing at the level that they are, but Haden is still playing the best receivers in the NFL at a high level. An 88-90 rating would be more fitting for one of the best veteran corners in the league.

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#3: Chandler Jones, 89 Overall

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Chandler Jones' stats simply cannot be argued with. Well, actually they can because EA is certainly doing some arguing with their current ratings. The player with the most sacks in the NFL last year with an impressive 17, doesn't even break a 90. Keep in mind, the highest rated defensive lineman in the game has only 11 sacks and also has 19 less tackles than Chandler Jones.

Unlike Joe Haden who is injury prone, or Justin Tucker who is playing a position that is low rated overall this year, I simply can't see any reason Chandler Jones would be rated this low. It is pretty baffling. If anyone knows, feel free to fill me in, because I just don't get it.

#2: Nick Foles, 80 Overall

Just let it sink in that the Super Bowl MVP is an 80 overall. That already is pretty crazy, but it isn't like he racked up yards and touchdowns by playing it safe and dumping the ball to receivers who were picking up massive yards after the catch. He was dropping dime after dime in one of the most impressive performances I have seen all year. People were raving about Carson Wentz all season long but I would dare to say that Nick Foles had the most impressive performance by an Eagles' quarterback all year.

Wentz is undoubtedly a hell of a talent but Foles was looking Aaron Rodgers-esque last year and an 80 overall is simply insulting. Imagine Joe Flacco or Tom Brady being rated 80 overall after their Super Bowl MVP seasons. That is absolutely unreal, and the most unfortunate part is, as a backup, Foles likely won't have a chance to change his rating mid season with more impressive play.

#1 Juju Smith-Schuster

Juju Smith-Schuster had an absolutely incredible rookie year. He put up 917 yards on 58 receptions which are near identical numbers the the 89 overall T.Y Hilton. Now if that isn't enough of a reason for Juju to be a few points higher, keep in mind the fact that he plays on the same team as the best receiver in the NFL in Antonio Brown and another tremendous receiver in Martavis Bryant, so it isn't like Ben is forcing Schuster the ball. Quite the opposite. With Antonio Brown on the other side of the field, it takes a special receiver to creep up on 1,000 yards.

I understand that one season isn't a huge sample size, but docking a player simply because he doesn't have much time in is absurd. At the very least, I am glad I can pick up Schuster in my fantasy draft in the later rounds thanks to his low rating, but an 89 overall would be much more fitting.

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Eddie Mekolon (author) from Maryland on September 04, 2018:

I absolutely agree

Matthew Stewart from Hoboken on September 01, 2018:

Madden messed up again this year, the overalls need to go by stats and accomplishments not bigger names in the league

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