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5 Less Known Places in Uk That Only Pro Campers Should Camp

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If you are tired of the stressful and tiring life of the city, camping is something that will bring you to yourself. Finding suitable places for free camping UK is the first step.

While there are many choices you can make for this, there are some places especially recommended for professionals. If you want to make a more efficient camp, some of your choices are as follows;

  1. Dartmoor
  2. Devon Beaches
  3. Gaddings Dam, Todmorden1
  4. Gunnerside Gill, North Yorkshire
  5. Malham Cove and Tarn

These are suitable for both tent and car camping UK. If you examine them one by one, you can find the most suitable ones for you.



If you are seeking a suitable place for free camping UK, Dartmoor is one of them. But before you set up your tent, there is one thing you should know some places are unallowed to camp in the wild. Therefore first you have to find a suitable area. You should also keep in mind that the rivers of the region rise very quickly for your safety.

Dartmoor, which contains every shade of green, helps you enjoy a better holiday with your loved ones. If you do not want to have problems after you leave, it is recommended that you complete all your preparations.

2-Devon Beaches


If you are browsing the wild camping lake district options, Devon Beaches is among the choices you can make with its unique sea. Thanks to its clean water, it allows you to relieve all your stress at the weekend.

In addition, since it is unknown by many people, it allows you to spend more good time with your loved ones. Located in the southwest of England, the region is a complete hidden paradise

3-Gaddings Dam, Todmorden

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If you enjoy camping somewhere near the water, Gaddings Dam, Todmorden is one of the choices you can make. Within the scope of wild camping lake district, there is a vast sea at this location. Thus, you can relieve all the stress of city life and relief. You can swim as you wish, day or night.

Gaddings Dam has a perfect beach like a hidden gem. Therefore, it is a perfect holiday area, especially in the summer months. There are hills that you can visit in the region. Thus, after setting up your camp, you can go for a nice, long walk.

However, the region is especially crowded in August. If you want to stay away from people, you have to pay attention to this

4-Gunnerside Gill, North Yorkshire


If you are seeking alternative options for car camping UK, Gunnerside Gill is among the choices you can make. The district is a small village in North Yorkshire. Also, there are many abandoned mines in the area, so you have to be careful. The areas where you can camp are quite large. Therefore, there are many areas where you can walk.

5-Malham Cove and Tarn


If you like Harry Potter, Malham Cove is definitely one of the choices you can make for nearly wild camping. Because this location is one of the places where Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows were filmed.

The region is particularly notable for its limestone pavements. It is one of Yorkshire's natural wonders and attracts many visitors. If you are seeking options like wild camping lake district, the region offers you the solutions you are looking for. You can swim in Janets Foss, a small waterfall.

If you're looking for bigger waterfalls, you can climb the Gordale Scar. You can also explore the Malham Tarn lake. Therefore, it has limitless offers.

Since the region is loved by campers, it receives many visits. However, it is one of the places you should go even if you are a professional. The UK also has many locations. If you study them all, you can discover the one that works best for you.


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