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5 Facts About WWE Superstar Paige

Look at the Entrance Of Paige

The Anti-Diva, The Diva Of Tomorrow, Paige has brought a completely different style of wrestling and unique character to the women's division of WWE. The Norwich, England representative has quickly gotten huge success in the wrestling business especially considering she is only 24 years of age and has been a champion in NXT and also the WWE. Her charisma is unlike no other women's wrestler and has made the WWE Universe a big fan of her work. As a two time WWE Divas Champion and the inaugural NXT Women's Champion and long travelled wrestler in several different companies she has been one of the women that has helped the women's revolution in WWE especially considering her big match in NXT where she became the first NXT Women's Champion against fellow WWE women's wrestler, Emma. She has definitely become one of WWE's top women wrestling talents.

1) Her Heritage In The Wrestling Business

As mentioned before, Paige is from Norwich, England in August of 1992. Paige's involvement in the wrestling business has been a bit natural as she actually had first wrestling match inside the womb of her mother. Her mother, Sweet Saraya is a very experienced professional wrestler in England winning multiple titles around the globe. Paige's mother, Sweet Saraya only found out after the match that she was seven months pregnant with her beloved child, Paige. Therefore, technically Paige was a wrestler for her entire life which many people cannot say for themselves. There are even other members of her family that are also members of the wrestling business as well. In fact, her family actually owns a wrestling promotion in Norwich, England known as the World Association of Wrestling with her father, her brothers and her mother. Several wrestlers that are now in WWE have been in that very promotion. Her father, Ricky Knight is also a professional wrestler and multiple time champion around the globe, along with her brothers, Zak Zodiac and Roy Knight have also had big success in their respective careers. All of this has helped Paige become the mega women wrestling star that she is today.

2) Her Extremely Young Wrestling Debut

Paige, as mentioned before, has technically been a wrestler for her entire existence with her first match taking place inside the womb of her mother, Sweet Saraya. However, at the age of 10 years old, Paige decided that she wanted to go full in and become a professional wrestler and she began training to become a wrestler with her brother, Zak and Roy. At the age of 13, in 2005 Paige made her official wrestling debut as Britani Knight at one of her father's wrestling shows as someone who was supposed to wrestle did not show up. Paige even said that her father came up with the name Britani as he said that she reminded him of Britney Spears with the blonde hair that she had back then. Her first recorded match actually occured in 2006 when she teamed with her own mother, Sweet Saraya in a triple threat tag team match on of the World Association of Wrestling shows.

3) Making History on her first main roster appearance

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Paige made history becoming the first ever NXT women's champion by defeating Emma on the 24th of July, 2013. Many fans knew from that point a debut on the main roster for Paige was bound to happen. On the 7th of April in 2014, while Vickie Guerrero was General Manager trying to give the then Divas Champion, AJ Lee a hard time after their storyline hatred over Dolph Ziggler, Paige her unannounced and shocking debut on the main roster with a huge reaction from the post-Wrestlemania crowd interrupting AJ Lee on Monday Night Raw. Paige came out to congratulate AJ on her big win at Wrestlemania the night before which AJ didn't take too likely. She proceeded to slap Paige and challenge her for a match for her Divas Championship. Paige went on to win the match after hitting her Paige-Turner finishing move becoming the Divas Champion on her first night on the main roster making her the youngest Divas Champion ever at only 21 years old and also becoming the first woman to hold both the Divas Championship and the NXT Women's Championship at the same time.

4) Her Wrestling Title History

As mentioned before Paige had a very lustrous career before she even came to WWE. She has won titles in her family's promotion, World Association of Wrestling as a 1 time WAWW British Ladies Champion, WAWW British Tag Team Champion and WAWW Ladies Hardcore Champion. She has wrestled in Germany, Norway, Denmark, France, Belgium, Scotland, Wales and much more. In Germany she for German Stampede Wrestling she won the GSW Ladies Championship, she also went to Swiss Championship Wrestling and won the SCW Ladies Championship, the HEW Women's Championship at Herts and Essex Wrestling on two occasions, the RDW Women's Championship at Real Deal Wrestling, the RQW Women's Champion at Real Quality Wrestling and many more titles. In the year of 2014, she was also ranked by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as the Number 1 Female Wrestling talent in all of the wrestling industry. Paige is currently sidelined from WWE due to injury but if she makes her return in the future she will definitely become one of the best overall women wrestling talents in the industry.

5) Her Spouse

Many wrestling fans may already know this fact as the news that has been stirring about Paige and her spouse that Paige is currently engaged to former multiple time WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, now known as Alberto El Patron in the Global Force Wrestling and on the independent wrestling scene. The two started dating in 2016 around the time of Wrestlemania. There was actually real-life tension between Charlotte Flair and Paige as Charlotte Flair was dating Alberto Del Rio before Paige and Alberto got together. Paige was dating before this relationship, Kevin Skaff, a guitarist from the band, A Day to Remember which the relationship was actually featured on the WWE Reality Show on E!, Total Divas. The two wrestling talents had a bit of controversy recently as many reports have been released that they have broken up many times, along with the two being involved in a domestic dispute at an airport where Alberto reportedly was detained by police and was also suspended by Global Force Wrestling as their champion after the news broke out about his detention by the police.

There were your 5 Facts About WWE Superstar, Paige. Paige has definitely shown that being different does not stop you from achieving your goals. She has gained a lot of success in such a short time especially considering her young age currently only 24 years of age. It is only a matter of time before she is recognised as one of the best women wrestling talents of all time.


Jayakrishna Dasappan from India on January 18, 2020:

Honestly one of the best female wrestlers of all time, it just sucks that her career was cut short due to an unexpected injury

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