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5 Facts About WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss

The Entrance Of Alexa Bliss

The Goddess of WWE, Little Miss Bliss, Five Feet of Fury, Alexa Bliss has taken the WWE by storm with her amazing skills whether in the ring or on the microphone. Alexa has evolved tremendously since her NXT days where she was portraying a fairy, Disney character into the Alexa Bliss we know today as the Wicked Witch of WWE. In her time at NXT, Alexa, unfortunately, did not capture the NXT Women's Championship, however, clearly, she proved that being a success on the main roster is not guaranteed by winning an NXT Championship. Alexa has gotten quick success thus far on the main roster as a 2 time Smackdown Women's Champion as well as a 1 time RAW Women's Champion making her the first ever woman to hold both the RAW and Smackdown Women's Championships. Whether it's a twisted bliss or a dangerous snap DDT Alexa proved to the WWE Universe and Management that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Here are 5 Facts About The Goddess herself, Alexa Bliss:

1) Sporting Background

A young Alexis Kaufman (Alexa Bliss) was born in Columbus, Ohio which is a city known for sporting activities such as the Arnold Classic (which she has competed in before) and more. Alexa grew up playing and having major success in sports such as track, softball, competitive gymnastics, competitive bodybuilding and cheerleading. She is a former member of the StepOne All Stars in Ohio which is a very high achievement as the team is very highly regarded in the area and also a Division I cheerleader. Her cheerleading background and gymnastics background shows how she is so agile in the ring as she performs several manoeuvres that require a lot of agility such as her twisted bliss and the insult to injury (jumping double knee drop followed by a moon sault into another jumping double knee drop). Bliss also has a background in kickboxing in addition to her long list of sporting achievements.

2) Her Wrestling Idols

Just like many superstars or professional wrestlers, Alexa Bliss also has her list of wrestling superstars or idols that she has gained inspiration from. One of these wrestling legends is none other than Rey Mysterio. Alexa stated that she was always impressed at his amazing agility, in-ring style and Mexican style that he showcased in the ring given that he was so small compared to others. It's not shocking that Rey is one of her idols as they are very similar in size, high-flying ability and given her gymnastics background it is easy to tell why she was a big fan of Rey. Alexa also cited Sin Cara as another one of her favourite superstars to watch. She stated that Trish Stratus was another role model for her when growing up as she was very impressed with Trish's skills in the ring and how beautiful she was and also said her family along with herself were also fans of the Texas RattleSnake Stone Cold Steve Austin.

3) Engaged?

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A truly sad fact that I have to reveal to all of the male wrestling fans out there is the fact that yes Alexa is unfortunately off the market. The beautiful superstar is taken by none other than NXT developmental talent Buddy Murphy otherwise known as the Luckiest Man Alive. Many fans who watched NXT and have been following her career would have probably known this fact by now as the two have not been secretive about their relationship. The two met while in NXT around 2015, when the duo was linked together as a part of the stable BAMF (Blake Alexa Murphy Factor) where Blake and Murphy were once NXT tag team champions. Another painful detail I have to tell you guys is that she is actually engaged to be married. I am sorry I know I am hurting a lot of your hearts right now. The duo was engaged to each other back in January of 2017. How sad for all of us male wrestling fans.

4) Childhood Problems

Little Miss Bliss, the gorgeous specimen that she is unfortunately had a rough time growing up due to some health factors. During her adolescent years where she had a very dark time in her life, At the age of 15, Bliss suffered from a serious eating disorder. Alexa revealed that at one point she was so sick that she dropped to a dangerously low body weight and at one point had a heart beat of 28 beats per minute which is very dangerous as a normal heart beat rate is from 60 to 100 beats per minute. She had to be taken to a hospital at one point for immediate care where she credited the doctors at the hospital for saving her life and said the experience was very shocking and eye-opening and made her learn to love and take care of her body. She also credited her bodybuilding career for helping her overcome the situation by helping her to transform her body. As a result of suffering from that painful problem in her life, Alexa currently offers helps and support for women around the world who suffer from eating disorders in their lives.

5) Alexa The Singer?

The Wicked Witch of WWE certainly dazzles fans whenever she picks up a microphone in the ring, with her unbeatable and unique mic skills as she controls the crowd and puts them on the edges of their seats. Alexa grew up around her grandfather who was a singer and performer on stages. She also grew up listening to country music as well which would support her being a singer. Although we don't get to see the pipes of Alexa in action on RAW or Smackdown LIVE with her singing, hopefully in the future we get to see Alexa actually show her talented pipes off for our enjoyment.

There were your 5 Facts About WWE Superstar, The Goddess Alexa Bliss. Alexa has shown that no matter the inconvenience, no matter your size you can always succeed to your fullest with determination. She has made history thus far in her short main roster tenure and without a doubt will go down as one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time.


notorious9912 (author) from Chicago, IL USA on June 30, 2017:

She is awesome at it

Mamerto Adan from Cabuyao on June 29, 2017:

I love her Harlequin gimmick.

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